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Do You Know Which of Elizabeth Taylor’s Granddaughters Look Exactly Like Her?

Elizabeth Taylor was well-loved by the public. She was an English-American actress, a humanitarian, and a businesswoman. She began acting in the 1940s and has made a name for herself since then. She was one of the most beautiful faces in Hollywood, and many referred to her as the most beautiful woman in the world. She had a highly publicized life. She, unfortunately, died of congestive heart failure in 2011.

Many say that although Taylor is already gone, she lives in one of her granddaughters. This certain granddaughter is said to look exactly like Taylor when she was younger. The granddaughter was identified as Naomi deLuce Wilding. Naomi is one of Michael Wilding Jr.’s children, one of the two children of Taylor with her second husband Michael Wilding.

According to Naomi, she did not get to see Taylor that much when she was growing up. Naomi and her family lived in the United Kingdom, so she only got to see her grandmother during the holidays. Taylor plays the hostess at her mansion in Bel Air whenever the family goes to visit her. Sometime in the 90s, Naomi wanted to get a green card, so she took a job as a fashion designer in Manhattan. However, her apartment got burglarized, and that was when Taylor helped Naomi out. Naomi started living with her grandmother after the unfortunate incident, and she said the experience was nothing short of amazing.

In the year 2014, Naomi gave an interview with Glamour magazine regarding her grandmother. It was during this interview that fans started to realize how much Naomi and Taylor looked alike. Out of all the ten grandchildren of Taylor, Naomi is the one who closely resembles how Taylor looked during her younger years in Hollywood. Photos of Taylor and Naomi got compared side by side and made their rounds through the internet. Their resemblance is indeed uncanny.

Elizabeth Taylor (L) and Naomi deLuce Wilding (R) in undated photos. The two are said to look alike.

More on Naomi’s interview, she said that Taylor was her biggest inspiration. Her grandmother reportedly encouraged her to set her goals and ambitions.

Today, Naomi remains an ambassador for the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation. In her interview, she said that she wanted to be an ambassador for her grandmother’s foundation because she got to spend time with Taylor when the actress “began to devote her time to activism and philanthropy in her fight against HIV/AIDS.” Naomi continued to share in her statement that she was inspired by Taylor’s commitment and dedication to her cause. Her grandmother always spoke of the importance of universal kindness and equal rights for humans. Because of this, Naomi knew everyone has a responsibility to do what they can, no matter how little their ways are, to help anyone in need.
Naomi is now married to her husband, Anthony Cran. Aside from being a fashion director and an ambassador, she also runs the Wilding Cran Gallery. This is a contemporary art gallery based in Los Angeles, California. It aims to support local and universal causes using art and education. It features both local and international artists’ works.


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