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Court Denies Britney Spears’ Request To Oust Dad as Head Guardian of Her Conservatorship

After a long and tedious legal debacle, pop superstar Britney Spears recently lost her legal appeal to dismiss her father, James Spears, as her conservatorship’s legal guardian. The turnout of events is expected to have several implications on her career as a stage performer.

Here are the events transpired as of the moment…

In the last ten years, all aspects of Britney’s life was under the control of her father…

Today, that control will still be out of her hands.

James was initially appointed as Britney’s conservator in 2008 after her much talked about breakdown…

He was given the full authority to control everything that his popular daughter does, including the things she purchases and the people she will interact with.

But in early 2020, reports started to emerge, saying that Britney started to regain full control of her life.

It has since been a long and chaotic journey for the singer and the rest of her family.

It began in 1998.

After appearing in “The All-New Mickey Mouse Club” when she was 11, Britney moved on to superstardom when she released her first hit single “Baby One More Time” in 1999.

The song helped her become one of the most popular pop superstars of the decade.

Her popularity soared higher after releasing her follow-up singles, including “Oops. I did it Again” and “Slave 4 U.” All her hits reached the top of the charts.

Her success paved the way for the fans to call her the princess of pop.

The singer appeared to be enjoying the best years of her career as she releases one hit after another.

But after a while, Britney’s life rapidly took an unexpected turn.

The negative press started after her breakup with her Mickey Mouse Club co-star and N Sync singer Justin Timberlake. The separation of the two pop royalties became very public.

Then, the state of the singer’s mental state started to deteriorate dramatically. The strong clamour and attention from the press and her fans seemed to take a toll on her.

In 2007, the world saw how Britney publicly snapped.

She dealt with a very publicized breakdown while her fans and critics all over the world looked on.

A variety of factors ignited the breakdown…

The singer spent years managing her mental health issues. After her separation from husband and father of her two kids Kevin Federline, she checked into a rehab located in Antigua.

But she did not last long.

Britney decided to check out only after spending a day in the rehab and went back to Los Angeles.

The world was also shocked when she shaved her hair.

She walked into a hair salon in the chic Los Angeles neighborhood called Tarzana and immediately asked the owner to shave her head. According to the reports, she claimed that her hair extensions were placed too tight.

However, the hairdresser refused. So the singer opted to snatch the clippers and started to shave off all her hair by herself.

She was also hospitalized in 2008 after the paramedics carried her outside her home when she reportedly overdosed from prescription medicines and locked herself and her youngest son Jayden inside the bathroom. According to reports, she did that on purpose because she refused to give her son back to Federline.

It was a long journey to recovery for Britney, but she was slowly recovering her relationship with her two sons shortly after she got some custody rights back. She also showed signs of regaining her health and concentrating again on her return to her music career.

She managed to have repeated success during her comeback, making critically-acclaimed albums like “Circus,” “Femme Fatale,” and “Britney Jean.” She also had a successful Las Vegas residency titled “Britney: Piece of Me,” from 2013 to 2015.

Her personal life is also blossoming. At the moment, she is enjoying a long-term relationship with her boyfriend, actor Sam Asghari.

But she must still deal with one of the major consequences, which is her father’s major involvement in her life.

Most of her fans believe that James is still dictating every move of her daughter. They claimed that it is very problematic and can harm her mental state.

Some fans got worried due to her recent Instagram posts, including several weird and seemingly cryptic clips. It prompted them to relaunch the #FreeBritney campaign.

Britney already talked about her fans’ concern through an Instagram post, saying that she is strong and knows how to stand up for her rights. She also asked for some privacy so she can deal with her problems.

But early this year, her legal team filed the paperwork to strongly oppose her father’s control of her finances and estate. According to an article from TMZ, she wanted her temporary conservator Jodi Montgomery to become her permanent conservator instead of James.

But after months of discrete legal battles…

The court denied her request and let her dad remain as the head conservator of all her affairs.

Judge Brenda Penny claimed that there should be more evidence before letting Britney remove James in her conservatorship. It means that she is still open to future appeals.

After the court’s decision, Britney’s legal counsel Samuel D. Ingham III released a statement saying that the singer is afraid of her dad and refused to perform again if he remains in charge of her musical career.

More updates are expected to come out regarding this developing story.


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