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Woman Instructed To “Wear a Top” As “Nobody Wants To Witness THAT” In Trending Clip

Source: TikTok/ @kylensuttner

The gym is a sacred place for many people. It’s the place you go when you want to sculpt your beach body for summer and get that much-needed boost of confidence. It’s totally normal for gym-goers to rock minimalistic outfits that scream, “I’m here to work it out!” because who needs bulky clothes when you’re about to unleash your inner Hulk? 

However, it’s clear that not everyone feels that way.

In a TikTok video that has recently gained significant attention, a woman wearing a baby blue top to manage sweat during her gym workout encountered an unexpected confrontation. Another woman approached her and requested, in a stern manner, that she show consideration and behave “respectfully” in this shared space.

In the short TikTok video, accompanied by the remark, “I can’t believe I got this on video,” Kylen Suttner (@kylensuttner) captures a moment at the gym where she is taking a break and focusing on herself.

However, her rest was brought to an abrupt halt when she was interrupted by a woman who approached her with a disapproving tone and questions, “Do you honestly believe it’s acceptable to wear that outfit in the gym?”

Caught off guard by the woman’s question, Kylen expressed her total bewilderment, asking, “What?”

Of course, the woman persisted, remarking, “Your top. Do you genuinely believe it’s appropriate to roam the gym dressed like that? Your boobs are out.”

Continuing her outrageous explanation to Kylen, she asserted, “This is a public setting. It would be appreciated if you showed some respect.”

Kylen, surprised by the unexpected demand, expressed her disbelief, stating, “Are you joking?” 

The woman stood firm in her position and reiterated, “No. We are in a public space. Can’t you see the people around you? Nobody wants to see that.”

Politely, Kylen requests the woman to leave her alone, saying, “I appreciate your concern, but I’m doing fine, thank you.” Unfortunately, the woman had to give one final jab, “Well, I disagree. Make sure to wear a shirt next time.”

The incident left Kylen in a state of complete shock, to the point where she no longer feels comfortable returning to the gym. In the video’s caption, she humorously wrote, “Looks like it’s time to create a home gym.”

The encounter between Kylen and the woman at the gym regarding her attire sparked astonishment among TikTok viewers, who commended Kylen for her composed response and praised her for not retaliating strongly to the woman’s comments. Some viewers speculated that the woman’s behavior might stem from her personal “insecurities.”

One viewer speculated, “Maybe she caught her partner staring and got upset. Girl, you look absolutely fine.”

Curiously, another viewer questioned, “If she had a problem, why was she staring in the first place?”

A third commenter applauded Kylen’s handling of the situation, stating, “You dealt with that remarkably well. I would have lost my cool.”

Expressing their astonishment, a fourth commenter exclaimed, “I am genuinely shocked. How dare that girl say something like that?!? How could she even think it?!? You’re slaying it without any shame, queen!”

Offering insight into the situation, a sixth commenter suggested, “Girl, she’s projecting her own insecurities onto you. Just keep slaying and ignore the negativity.”

Irrespective of how you feel about whether the woman’s comment about Kylen’s top was warranted or not, it was Kylen’s composed attitude that prevented any unnecessary gym-related drama.

Perhaps this incident will serve as a lesson for the woman to reconsider making unsolicited remarks about women’s gym attire in the future. After all, fostering a more empathetic and less judgmental atmosphere can significantly contribute to a better workout environment. Those who go to the gym know that it is meant to be a place where individuals can focus on their health and well-being, free from unnecessary scrutiny or criticism.

When we judge someone based on their clothing choice, we undermine the inclusive and supportive environment that should be fostered at the gym. Everyone has their own reasons for selecting their workout attire, whether comfort, functionality, or personal style. 

And with that, Kylen, you do you, and don’t let others’ insecurities keep you from being your best self!


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