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When Fashion Speaks Louder Than Words: The Tale of the “You Can’t Afford Me” T-Shirt

Source: hogfishtees/ Instagram

All of us have our moments of wardrobe malfunctions and bad fashion, but this one? This one is legendary. Imagine a mum comes into the room wearing a loud t-shirt that says, “You can’t afford me.” This is not about cropped tops or slogan t-shirts promoting the girl’s power. Instead, it’s more like a high-maintenance t-shirt that can be seen from miles away.

Saying something with fashion is old news. We have seen people with shirts that say, “This is what a feminist looks like” or “Vaccinated and ready to party.” But declaring oneself a high-ticket item? That’s some serious balls right there. This is the audacity of Kanye-West-at-an-award-show.

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This leaves us thinking whether it is an epic t-shirt fail or a funny wrong singles ad. In fact, if you are looking for a mate, then nothing says ‘I am available, but it will cost you’ than this shirt. If you intend to give this mama a ride, you better come with deep pockets. She’s done with Applebee’s, going for Michelin-star dining and private islands for weekends. At least she is being honest about her high standards, isn’t she?

Applebee’s is the ultimate place for dinner and half-priced apps. Just think about the fact that a dinner date here would not even sweep her off her feet. Her t-shirt is like a walking advertisement about her high standards, meaning she won’t settle for any other ordinary Joe. She needs to spend a 2-for-$20 meal deal, not somebody ready to splurge on the finer things in life.

There’s a saying that you never have a second chance of making a first one, and this blouse sticks to this rule. With this shirt, she will look like the life of the party or a shy girl without having to say a word. She’s telling the world without saying a word that she is not just anybody; she’s a high-price mama who you won’t impress with only a sweet smile.

Let’s give her some credit. In a time when people are so cagey and subtle about what they are looking for, especially in relationships, she spells it out–literally. There’s no ambiguity about her shirt; she’s out in the open, putting it all on the line. You would have to be on your guard to play in her league.

Next time you think about reaching for that slogan tee, remember: that she is setting high standards, and there is someone doing it for her. Whether it’s a t-shirt fail or a brilliant marketing strategy, one thing’s for sure: it’s making people talk. And as it is in the fashion world, that’s a victory.

What do you think? Is the t-shirt an epic fail or a hilarious win? Either way, it’s got us talking – and laughing.


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