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Unusual Creature with Wig Spotted on North Carolina Trail Camera

Source: North Carolina's Candid Critters/ Facebook

In the heart of North Carolina’s woods, a scene straight out of a sci-fi story unfolds. An interne­t sensation captures the attention of many as they witness a dee­r sporting an incredibly bizarre wig. But this is no avant-garde fashion state­ment or digital creation – it is a real-life phenomenon caused by an authe­ntic wildlife condition.

A collective of cameras known as the Tar Heel state’s N.C. Candid Critters captured and Facebooked the event. A buck with a pile of grapes on its head. It’s almost unbelievable!

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This peculiar image has ignited discussions from far and wide. People marvel at nature’s wackiness and are baffled by this freakish oddity. Mother nature can surprise you with this, even in an ordinary world. The viral sensation reminds us that there may be the most unimaginable wonders in store for us in the most ordinary places.

The NC Wildlife Resources Commission experts have opined that the deer is suffering from antleroma, something most people didn’t know could exist. Well, you’re not alone. Antleroma is a disease that leads to deformity of antlers. You have bad hair days, but in your case, it would be the bones growing in unusual shapes and sizes. Yeah, it’s that freaky!

So what is the worst that can happen? The American College of Veterinary Pathologists states that antleroma renders deer into scary flick. The antlers grow as horrendous knots on their heads. This is not only a disgusting sight, but it could also be deadly. In more extreme cases, the antlers can grow in a reversed fashion into the deer’s brain, as cited in a recent 2014 study by SAGE Journals.

Of course, the viral photo was a great opportunity for internet commenters. Some considered it a “King Buck” with headgear and wigs. Ditzler Greg joked with some coif comments. Debra Fortune also told her backyard tale, saying, “We always wondered if it affected his eyesight.”

Sometimes, it seems like the deer of North Carolina are trying to grab some attention from the media. In Nove­mber, N.C.’s Candid Critters shared a photo of a white­-tailed deer with a single antler pointing upward. They playfully captioned it, “Se­e? Unicorns do exist!”

However, this new ‘deer in wig’ is not the only weird occurrence of deer seen recently. A hunter shot a Cryptorchid buck in Tennessee at the beginning of the year. The state officials referred to Cryptorchids as freaks’ deer that do not completely qualify to be considered male or female.

So what, then? Some of them are even stranger than fiction in the woods. Deer are more than Bambi copies that could double as woodland monarchs.

Whether it is a bit scary or fascinating for you, the truth is that the deer in North Carolina are truly keeping us on our toes. It is the final twist of mother nature that you never knew was coming. Therefore, tune in; the last year has indicated that who knows what will be discovered next!


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