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Tips for Being Top of the New Remote Sales World

Good tips for remote sales include virtual meetings

Making sales from home and afar requires a separate set of tools and skills. Covid-19 changed the realm of business without a warning or chance for preparation. Here are some tips to help you become just as effective in remote sales as you were in regular sales.

1. Technological Tools for Remote Sales

While you work from your office, having a slow internet connection at home or a phone plan that does not allow international phone calls wasn’t an issue. However, as soon as you start working from home, these things cannot be compromised as if you do, they will affect your work in return. A fast internet connection to keep your operations flawless and a master phone plan to allow you to make instant calls are essential.

CRM solutions, electronic signature software, lead generation, and email automation are some tools that have been around for a while. But the possibility of in-person meetings in pre-Covid times made most of us skip investing in and mastering video conferencing tools, which are a staple today. Phone calls and emails do not allow you to build trust with potential customers. However, through video you can demonstrate your products live. Getting comfortable in showing your face is key to making confident pitches.

2. Internal Communication

While working under the same roof, lack of communication is seldom a problem within a sales team. But working from home can incite this problem. To stay ahead of it, proper and regular communication is key. In order to work as a team and stay up-to-date on information and data, make sure to constantly communicate with your team and ask any questions that you may have as soon as they arise. The element of teamwork is easy to slip out of a sales team’s hands while working from home. To actively prevent these issues, communicate with your team often.

3. Workspace

Trying to close a deal on a call with a prospective buyer gets immensely difficult if your children are jumping up and down on the sofa you are sitting on. Try to dedicate an isolated workspace for yourself so that your work operations stay clear of distractions and your mind can enter work mode.

4. Comfort

It is important to be comfortable while working for optimum productivity. Not having a designated workspace and working while walking or sitting on a kitchen slab can very quickly start hurting your legs and back. A tired body leads to a tired mind. The discomfort might not be one of your worries in the earlier work from home days, but it starts taking its toll. This situation could in turn affect your work. It is essential to have comfortable furniture to sit and place your laptop on. Furthermore, fresh air and natural light are equally important for a proper and comfortable workspace.

Mastering Your Remote Sales

It can be a bit difficult to adapt to a new work routine straight away, but a systematic approach can get you on track fairly quickly. Remember, thinking long term and building relationships with the prospects is key. Re-approaching the lost potential buyers are even more important in these times as your short term targets can be difficult to achieve. Thus, your steps towards your long-term goals can help you minimize the damage as you work on acing your remote sales pitches.


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