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TikToker In Paris Accidentally Spent $100 On “The Most Disgusting Breakfast”

Source: @Dasiavu_/TikTok

Can you imagine spending $100 on breakfast and it turns out to be less than expected? A TikToker has shared how she had to part with a hundred bucks for what she described as “the most disgusting breakfast.”
It all began during a trip to France. Perhaps, this American lady had already begun to enjoy the charm that the city of Paris had to offer.
The City of Love is known for its art, music, architecture, an abundance of historical sights, and captivating night nightlife. But most importantly, it’s rich cuisine. A trip to Paris isn’t complete without a taste of its mouth-watering dishes.
Dasia Jacobs, whose social media accounts tell us that she lives in Los Angeles and Atlanta, was probably looking forward to the next meal, breakfast. To her surprise, she got quite the opposite of what she had expected. Plus, at some unbelievable cost.
She couldn’t help but share the ordeal on her social media. Her video, which soon went viral, stirred up some controversy in the end. Let’s find out why?
In the video, Jacobs queried her viewers on why she had to spend so much on breakfast. “Tell me why I have just spent $100 on the most disgusting breakfast I’ve ever had,” she asked.
The video showed Jacobs walking to a café and afterward, helping herself to a glass of orange juice. “It was actually tasty and I should have drank every little inch of it if I would have known what was gonna happen,” she later remarked.
She enjoyed the juice. But the problem was the French toast she had ordered which lay untouched on the table. She couldn’t understand what she was looking at. It wasn’t like anything she had seen before.
That it was strange wasn’t the problem. It looked disgusting. The French toast was a thick slice of bread overlaid with ice cream and surrounded with fruit.
“What the frick is that?” she wondered aloud, seeking her viewer’s opinion at the same time. She then began to analyze the meal detail by detail.
Interestingly, the bread was stale, as is the custom with the French version of French toast. This bread is sweetened and served as dessert instead of as a main meal.
Jacobs also showed another plate that had a side of bacon sitting on it. She later described it as “super fatty” and complained that her stomach hurt after she ate it. The breakfast also included some watermelon, pancakes, cheese, croissants, and a portion of salami.
On her plate of French toast was a little bunch of red berries, which she especially found annoying. These were likely redcurrants which are strange to the United States and are mostly grown in European nations.
“What the frick is that?” she queried. In the end, she gave a damning verdict on the food. “Disgusting. Zero out of 10.”
On the whole, she had spent about $100. The video garnered over 475,000 views, with her audience divided over why the food had to cost so much.
Some commenters thought she was making a fuss over nothing, just like other annoying American tourists. Her preferred answer to that would likely be a statement she made in the video. “Are you freaking joking? I was sick, y’all, I had to go to bed.”


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