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This Woman Paid For Someone Else’s Tab; She Was Stunned When She Found Out Who It Was!

Source: Twitter

Ruth Reed, a cherished resident of Medford, New Jersey, expressed her disbelief upon learning the true identity of the person she assisted at Wawa, stating, “I was skeptical when he revealed his true self.” She recounted the incident of aiding Keith Urban in purchasing his snacks.

The retired elementary school teacher and current substitute teacher assisted the 50-year-old country star at a Wawa convenience store in Medford. Initially unaware of his celebrity status, Ruth generously aided him, engaging in a playful banter when he revealed his true identity.

According to a statement provided to local news outlet CBS3, Ruth Reed expressed her initial unawareness of Keith Urban’s identity during their encounter. She shared her genuine concern about his ability to afford his items, prompting her to offer to pay on his behalf. Even when Keith revealed who he was, Ruth found it difficult to believe that it was indeed him.

“He was such a kind man and even allowed me to take a picture with him,” Ruth added, referring to Urban’s graciousness. Later that evening, as part of his Graffiti U tour, Urban performed at the BB&T Pavilion in Camden.

Following its posting on the local page of the city, Reed’s photograph alongside Urban quickly gained viral attention on Facebook. Reed took to Twitter, expressing her gratitude to Keith Urban for the memorable photo opportunity at Wawa. She commended his graciousness and humorously mentioned that she had now become a celebrity among her Facebook friends thanks to the picture.

Of course, little do people know it is actually Ruth Reed who possesses an extraordinary level of generosity in her community. She disclosed that for the past three years, she had been actively assisting others in paying for their Wawa purchases.

In a post on her private Facebook account, which was later shared on Twitter by one of her former students, Ruth stated, “I have committed myself to treat someone at Wawa once a week. Sometimes, it even happens more frequently than that.” Her selfless initiative has touched the hearts of many and continues to inspire acts of kindness.

In fact, both she and her husband extend their hands to various people in need, with a particular focus on assisting military personnel. However, their generosity clearly knows no bounds!

Recalling the incident, Reed shared how she intervened when she noticed a man in line who was a few dollars short of payment. Seeing the predicament he was in, she quickly offered to cover the remaining amount and explained her reason for doing so.

Apparently, he was having difficulty processing his credit card transaction and, faced with the predicament, began asking if anyone had $5 to spare.

Gratefully, the man expressed his appreciation and asked her what her name was. Curious in return, she asked him for his name, and that’s when he revealed that he was Keith Urban.

Reed also noted that she did comment on the man’s resemblance to Keith Urban, to which he confirmed his identity. Still skeptical, however, she inquired about Nicole Kidman, where she was, and who the lady accompanying him was.

Urban informed her that the lady was his sister, and to dispel her doubts, he even suggested consulting his bodyguard. It was at that moment that Reed realized it was actually him and felt somewhat foolish for questioning him. As the kind man that he is, Urban graciously permitted her to take a photo together, adding yet another memorable Ruth Reed moment to her collection.

Ruth Reed’s unwavering kindness and genuine concern for others have established her as a beacon of goodwill in her community.

Whether it’s assisting a stranger in need, paying for someone’s purchases, or even playfully doubting the identity of the man, the myth, and the legend, Keith Urban, Ruth’s selfless actions shine a light on the power of compassion.

We’re glad that there’s someone like Ruth out there who is committed to spreading joy and making a positive difference in people’s lives, as it serves as an inspiring reminder of the impact a single act of kindness can have!

Ruth, you are a true gem!

Source: Twitter


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