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This Entitled Driver Tried to Cut in Line But the Other Motorists Weren’t Having It

Source: therealm0809/TikTok

Time and again, we come across entitled people who think that the world owes them everything and they deserve special privileges without earning them. These people make unrealistic demands, disregard boundaries, lack empathy and have no clue what accountability means. 

While we meet these sets of people anywhere, the highway is one of the surest places to find them. From distracted driving to refusal to yield the right of way and many more, they manifest their entitlement mentality in numerous ways. Sadly, they get away with this behavior so many times because many other drivers leave them be.

However, a recent video clip on TikTok is proof that motorists with an entitlement mentality will not always have their way if other road users intervene. In the video posted by Steph (@therealme0809), a black SUV could be seen attempting to bypass traffic by cutting into an exit lane between two vehicles. 

Many times, such drivers make it through by following another car closely by the side until they can poke their vehicles into the space in front of them and force the other driver to let them in. However, in this case, the two vehicles, a gray Toyota crossover and a blue Nissan Sedan, were determined to foil the SUV’s attempt to merge into the lane. 

To do this, they left just the right amount of space between them and coordinated their distance in a way that made it difficult for the SUV to enter the line. The other vehicles behind them followed suit, leaving the black SUV stranded in the other lane. 

As this continued, other motorists started losing their patience with the black SUV driver. They started honking aggressively to convey their anger even as the vehicles on the exit lane maintained their close pace. 

Many times, there’d always be that one person who will compassionately let the erring driver pass. However, this time, the drivers stood their ground, which was satisfying to watch. The unplanned and yet excellently executed effort was commendable.

Many of the commenters were excited after watching the clip and endorsed the drivers’ behavior. “Everyone understood the assignment. Beautiful,” someone wrote. Another commenter said, “I’ve never seen this level of petty and teamwork together before,” and a third person wrote, “Left after a concert in universal studios, someone tried to cut in the parking garage line, he was not successful.”

However, there were those who thought that it would have been better for everyone if they had just let him cut in line.”Just let him in, geezzz. Be kind out there,” one of them typed. Then some others tried to justify the errant driver’s behavior by saying that he may have missed his lane.

According to some commenters, the vehicles should have zipper-merged to avoid ruining the flow of traffic for everyone else. “Why can’t anyone do a proper zipper merge?” the person asked. “I would let him in so the traffic can flow behind him. Refusing to let him in contributes to the problem,” someone argued.

What are your thoughts? Were the drivers inconsiderate of other motorists by maintaining their ground, or are their actions justified?


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