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The Simpsons’ Foreshadowed The OceanGate Submarine Vanishing In An Episode From 17 Years Ago

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The FOX show The Simpsons is one of the longest-running adult animation shows on television. Over the course of more than 700 episodes starting in 1989, the show has explored many pop culture topics. The show is famous not only for its jokes and characters, but also for its uncanny ability to predict the future. 

Fans of the show have noticed some pretty strange instances over the years in which the show predicted major world events far before they actually happened. From Donald Trump’s presidency and the finale of Game of Thrones to Superbowl wins and Apple watches, it appears The Simpsons writers have always been ahead of the curve. 

Fans have recently pointed out that the legendary cartoon has done it once again with a 2006 episode where the show seemed to predict the missing OceanGate submersible. In the 10th episode of Season 17, ‘Homer’s Paternity Coot’, Homer reconnects with his long-lost father Mason Fairbanks. 

Mason brings Homer on an underwater adventure in a submarine to find treasure at the bottom of the ocean. In their hunt for treasure, they find a shipwreck split in half that closely resembles that of the Titanic wreck which the OceanGate submersible was exploring recently, in June of 2023. 

If that weren’t eerie enough, Homer’s submarine gets stuck in a reef at the bottom of the ocean and his submarine begins to flash low oxygen warnings. Of course, this was the concern with the OceanGate submersible. The rescue mission was a frantic attempt to save the lives of the 5 men on board before their oxygen ran out. 

Some fans have also drawn connections to the father/son dynamic in the show as well as the fact that two of the men on board the OceanGate sub were father and son. British Pakistani businessman Shahzada Dawood and his 19-year-old son Suleman were reportedly lovers of travel and science, which fueled their thirst for adventure and landed them seats on the submersible. 

In The Simpsons episode, Homer is saved and returns home to his family. Tragically, the same cannot be said for the men on the Titan as the Coast Guard recently discovered the submersible had imploded due to water pressure.

Fans are convinced that the show has made too many true predictions for it to be considered a coincidence. Others believe that the submersible episode along with the other ‘predictions’ is just another attempt to liken the cartoon to current events. They argue that in the course of 30 seasons, the creator Matt Groening was bound to accidentally replicate some real-life occurrences. Or perhaps he has some kind of insider knowledge of future events! You be the judge.

Recent updates on the submersible revealed that the rescue mission was not successful due to the submersible imploding. The coast guard located some debris which indicated to them the state of the vessel and notified them that there were no survivors. Our condolences go out to the families of those on board the submersible.


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