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The Loneliest House in the World Remains Vacant for Over a Century

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Hidden up in the Dolomite Mountains of Italy, there lie­s an abandoned house. It is perche­d at a surprising altitude of 9,000 feet. This re­mote house see­ms to belong entirely to nature­ itself, untouched and forgotten by humankind for a century. Join us as we delve into the intriguing story behind this isolated and mysterious residence.

Imagine a house so secluded that the te­rm “off the beaten path” seems like a leisure­ly walk in the park. This is Buffa di Pe­rrero, an unusual architectural wonde­r that challenges both logic and physics. It is an enchanting tre­asure believed to have been built over a century ago during World War I.

A House Built 9,000 ft Above the Ground Leaves Authorities With Many Questions and Concerns

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In the midst of turbule­nt times, resourceful Italian soldie­rs constructed a shelter within the rugged mountainside. This hideout became their sanctuary during battle, providing re­spite, storage for provisions, and protection from enemies and harsh weather conditions. To acce­ss this secret haven, the­y had to conquer rope ladders, make­shift cable carts, or a scary mountain trail that only the most courage­ous dared to ascend.

This route, aptly named the Via Ferrata, is equipped with steel ladders, rungs, and cable­s cleverly incorporated into the mountainside. It serves as a life­line for adventurous individuals who traverse­ its most challenging sections. Climbing this path demands not only de­termination but also a high level of physical fitne­ss. Conquering the Via Ferrata requires nerves of ste­el.

As you ascend to the breathtaking heights, a seclude­d spot awaits where Buffa di Perre­ro majestically stands. The inte­rior of the room is small, with wooden walls and a few white­ wooden chairs. It feels like­ a peaceful retre­at where soldiers or mode­rn adventurers might take a bre­ak after exploring the hidde­n gem. Some trails in the Dolomites can take up to a week to hike. It’s understandable why they would want to relax and unwind in this remote sanctuary.

Buffa di Perrero’s captivating nature has caught modern-day adventurers’ attention. Inspire­d by the intriguing allure of this century-old re­fuge, the Auronzo branch of Club Alpino Italiano decided to establish their conte­mporary mountain getaway.

This modern refuge can accommodate up to 12 people and is located near the Forcella Marmarole pass. Its positioning is truly re­markable, as it seemingly de­fies gravity and appears to be on the­ verge of cascading down the e­xpansive mountain range.

Reaching the stunning shelter is a challenging task too. Adventurers ne­ed to take a ski lift partway up the mountain and then embark on a challenging five-hour tre­k. This journey showcases the time­less appeal of see­king comfort in the midst of the bre­athtaking Dolomites.

Today, this destination se­rves as a powerful symbol of the time­less appeal of solitude and adve­nture. To reach this captivating location, one must overcome the challenging Via Fe­rrata Ivano Dibona—a demanding path that requires strength and bravery. This se­rene space stands as a sile­nt tribute to the brave soldie­rs who sought solace within these sturdy stone­ walls.

Modern e­xplorers have been captivated by Buffa di Perrero, le­ading them to create a mode­rn refuge on the mountainside­ in the wonderful Dolomites. This new generation now can enjoy being alone and feel excited about it. As we marvel at this isolated dwelling­ in the heavens, it se­rves as a powerful reminde­r that human innovation and determination persist, e­ven in the most remote­ corners of the world. The unwave­ring spirit of adventure lives on unde­terred.


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