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This is Why We All Know and Remember the ‘Old Spice Guy’

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You may not know Isaiah Mustafa personally, but you definitely recognize him as “The Old Spice Guy.”

However, who is the man behind the sophisticated, muscular, and always-smelling nice character? Hang on to your saddles; this story is as fresh as a bottle of Old Spice!

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Isaiah Mustafa rode into our hearts and screens on a horse and motorcycle— no secret about it. We always used to wonder, “Who is this guy?”. And it is really hard to deny the power of it. Mustafa rejuvenated an aging brand better than any beauty blogger could have done. How did he turn fresh for a stale brand? He made it tongue-in-cheek by painting a picture of every man’s dream and every woman’s desire. He’s like the new Indiana Jones or James Bond—characters we don’t see much, but we would hope to see more.

It is hard to believe that Mustafa almost lost his life while filming one of these ads. Imagine a bathroom set hoisted by a crane. Mustafa chills underneath when the wires give way and the bathroom tumbles. Narrow miss? It’s more like a cinematic climax. Mustafa kept going back to that bathroom set for another three days of shooting, the hallmark of a true action hero. He laughed it off, but others had their mouths agape.

Therefore, does Isaiah Mustafa really use Old Spice? You bet he does. He picks “After Hours,” which he describes as” you just showered, and you are ready to go out.” It is a night’s scent. Also, if you’ve ever wondered how Old Spice feels about Mustafa, I wouldn’t be worried about deodorant running out anytime soon. While on a visit to their corporate office in Cincinnati, he walked out with a lifetime supply.

Remember ‘The Secret’? The famous self-help book about the law of attraction? Mustafa swears by it. In the year 2009, he set a list of goals; here he is; he has achieved every single one. Whether starring opposite Jason Bateman and Jason Sudeikis in Horrible Bosses or leading Tyler Perry’s next hit film, Big Happy Family, the guy’s star has been rising faster than a SpaceX rocket.

However, why do we find Isaiah Mustafa so appealing? Is this the reason he animates a figure who says everything that needs to be said, but that we wouldn’t dare to? Did he survive an apparent death experience on the set, which turns him into an invincible Old Spice warrior? Is it because he “walks the talk” using the power of good thought to materialize an ascending career? It could be anything to everything.

Next time you look at Mustafa and smile, know he is more than the Old Spice Guy. He is the guy who made a dead brand into a cultural thing with style, balls, and a bit of ‘After Hours.’

You suddenly have an edge-of-your-seat moment that makes you ask for more. This is a story that is far from over; tune in.


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