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The Essence of Setting Expectations When Hiring New Employees

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Peter Voogd, the millionaire media entrepreneur and bestselling author, speaks up about the significance of allowing potential employees to learn what to expect once they get hired in a new job. In a video that lasted over four minutes, the author of “The Entrepreneur’s Blueprint to Massive Success” and “6 Months to 6 Figures” told the new employees what to expect as soon as you hire them in your company for both the short-term and the long-term scenarios. He also discussed how their first month in your company would look for them financially, physically, and emotionally. According to the leading authority for millennials and entrepreneurs, the contradictory expectations might prompt your employees to lose their trust in you. 

Voogd also talked about a situation in network marketing where a company promised a new hire about easy sales and opportunities. But the employee struggled and decided to quit after spending the first month at work. It normally happens after the new employee experiences an expectation that they felt different from what you told them when they got hired. It will result in the loss of confidence and trust of your new employees. This is why new employees would choose to give up and move on to find a new job. 

Using this example, the online influencer for young entrepreneurs suggested setting proper expectations for the new hires, explaining how the initial 30 days at work can become an emotional roller coaster that challenges the new staff. The struggles may prompt them to quit. 

He also said that by being honest about their efforts to succeed and offering help whenever they need it. You need to tell the new hires right from the beginning that the first 30 days will be a challenge, and it will push them to do their best. It would make them want to give up multiple times. He said that you must keep their minds open about not seeing their friends for some time or struggling to make multiple calls if they want to reach a certain amount of sales during their first month. But you must also assure them that you will guide them to reach their expectations. 

Voogd, the creator of the “The Young Entrepreneur Lifestyle” and “Young Entrepreneur Lifestyle 2.0” podcasts, also recommended to let your new employees know that they will never prosper in their jobs if they have a very high target and expectations yet chose to exert minimum efforts to get it. If they want to make it big in your company, you can provide them with the right knowledge and skills needed to help them achieve their goals.  

The founder of Game Changer’s Academy also suggested that you must emphasize on the first 30 days could be tough, but assure them that the rewards would exponentially pay off and top the challenges for up to 10 times. By setting the right expectations and supporting them during their struggles, your new hires would most likely strive to work hard and stay with the company. 

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