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The Cost Of McDonald’s Fries Are Outrageous – ‘Three Dollars For One Potato?!’

Source: jtressle/TikTok, Nik/Unsplash

Recent concerns surrounding the price of McDonald’s products have resurfaced, particularly regarding the cost of a small french fry. A video circulating on social media, posted by user Jacquelyn (@jtressle), has highlighted the issue and initiated a broader conversation about pricing and value in the fast-food industry.

In the video, Jacquelyn can be seen sitting in her car, moments after retrieving her order from McDonald’s. Holding up a small bag of fries that appears less than fully packed, she poses a question to her viewers: “Do you know how much a small french fry from McDonald’s costs?” A brief pause ensues before she discloses, “After tax, it’s $2.96.” Her statement implies that customers might be paying a seemingly high price for the quantity received.

This incident is suggestive of a larger economic trend known as “shrinkflation.” Shrinkflation is a phenomenon where products reduce in size or quantity, but prices remain the same or even increase. The strategy is frequently adopted by businesses to manage rising production costs without overtly hiking prices, which could deter customers. However, the result is often that consumers end up paying more for less.

A recent report by The Daily Dot delves deeper into the shrinkflation trend, indicating that it’s not restricted to McDonald’s alone. The investigation found evidence suggesting that the thickness of McDonald’s burger patties might be reducing. Similarly, Chipotle’s catering portions appear to have shrunk, and Pringles cans seem to contain fewer chips than before.

Jacquelyn’s video has gained significant traction, nearing half a million views and attracting close to 1,000 comments. The caption accompanying the video reads, “We’re all in our Great Depression Era.” This statement, albeit dramatic, underscores the sentiments of many viewers who feel they are getting less value for their money.

Many of those commenting on the video expressed their growing reservations about McDonald’s pricing. One individual noted, “McDonald’s isn’t worth the price anymore.” Another echoed similar sentiments, saying, “I can spend the same amount of money at a local place. It’s not good food for the price.”

Some even indicated they had stopped frequenting McDonald’s altogether due to cost concerns. “I don’t go to McDonald’s anymore. I can go to a real sit-down restaurant for the same price,” remarked a commenter.

Yet, amidst the plethora of opinions, there were also solutions. One commenter offered a pragmatic approach, suggesting patrons could opt for local establishments when hit with a fry craving. “When I get a craving, I go to a local place for fresh cut fries. about the same price however I get two big potatoes, hot and fresh” they shared.

Rising costs and potential changes in product sizes at popular fast-food chains like McDonald’s are causing concerns and discussions among consumers. The term “shrinkflation” captures the essence of this issue, highlighting an ongoing trend in various industries.


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