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Taylor Swift Fan Leaves Mid-Concert To Go To Bathroom, Venue Worker Prohibits Her From Returning

(Source: @aurdeyatienza / TikTok, Getty Images)

Taylor Swift’s immensely popular Eras Tour has been met with resounding success. Since its launch in March 2023, Swifties across the nation have been filling up sold-out arenas to watch the beloved pop star put on a 3-hour concert to the tune of her biggest hits. Fans have been excitedly sharing their experiences at the Eras tour to social media. While most are viewed gleefully singing along to Taylor’s tunes while decked out in sequins and colorful friendship bracelets, one concert-goer on TikTok shared a video of herself nearly being kicked out of the stadium.

Audrey Atienza, who goes by the handle @aurdeyatienza on TikTok, was prepared to have the night of her life as she attended Taylor’s show in Santa Clara, California. She was living out her dream of seeing Taylor Swift perform live when things took an unexpected turn. According to Audrey, she got up to go to the bathroom and when she tried to return to her seat she was stopped by security and denied re-entry. She explained that she didn’t take her phone with her, and that’s what had a screenshot of her tickets to prove that she paid for admission into the stadium. 

The security staff at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara was convinced that Audrey was lying about having a ticket and told her that 20 other people had been busted for sneaking in that night.

The panicked fan posted a pair of videos to TikTok, she can be seen frantically trying to call guest services on a landline phone because her cell did not have service. Audrey was visibly shaken by the prospect of being booted from the concert, as she cried and became increasingly distraught while waiting for someone from guest services to answer her call.

In the caption of one of her videos, Audrey called out the stadium employee who wrongfully assumed she had snuck in, saying, “To the lady at the top of section 146 last night… there was no reason to yell at me and be SO rude.” She also went on to praise the staff members who helped remedy the situation, saying, “But shoutout to the security guard and the guy at guest services for not being fazed by this state I was in.”

But this fan’s story does have a happy ending. Eventually, Audrey was able to contact her friends who showed digital screenshots of their tickets and guest services, proving once and for all that they were paying patrons for Taylor’s show. After all that unnecessary commotion, Audrey and her friends were able to return to their seats and enjoy the remainder of the concert. In a second video uploaded by Audrey, she admits that she still had a great time despite her situation, saying “at the end of the day I got to see Taylor and still had the best night ever.”

Surprisingly, many commenters said they could relate to Audrey’s experience and even had similar encounters during Taylor’s Eras tour. “The security WAS SO RUDE to us in Cinci,” one commenter revealed before adding, “told us to get in the upper bowl and that he never wanted to see our faces again. I’m so sorry.” A separate commenter seemingly backed up Audrey’s claims, saying, “I was in this section last night and she was so mean. I’m sorry you went through this.”


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