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Surprising DNA Test Reveals a 45-Year-Old Woman’s Connection to a Renowned TV Celebrity

Source: Phil Robertson/ YouTube

Have you ever spat into a tube, sent it, and thereafter forgot all about it? So, suppose you did that, then discovered it was the case that you were a long-lost kid to someone famous on TV. Phyllis is a 47-year-old mom whose casual DNA test shook her family tree and revealed that she was related to a celebrity.

In the past, DNA tests only appeared in films or television dramas, but now, they can be delivered to your doorstep. Phyllis’s son had a similar experience; he sought to surprise his fiancée by finding out some facts about his family. Cute, right? How come a few drops of saliva could create such a storm?

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He spent some days stalking the mailbox until the results were there. The genetic gems open up as Phyllis’ son and his fiancée rip open the envelope. However, what they discovered just left them more intrigued than a toddler with a Rubik’s cube. They had not expected that an entire ethnic they were expecting to find was missing. 

Thus, he became a confused millennial and called Mom. That’s different from a piece of information that Phyllis was likely expecting to hear, that she might be from a different planet or something such. She told stories, orally transmitted family tales she held as true. However, the DNA results told a different story.

If you think the lab may have made an error, go and think again. Her mother’s side was accurate in everything. The issue? The void, where her paternal lineage should have been. Phyllis and her siblings were now waist-deep in a family mystery, contemplating whether they were really full siblings or perhaps there was more to it.

They opt to have another test, and they double down. Who wouldn’t, right? Phyllis’ sister is now the one swabbing. The stakes? Higher than a skyscraper. As she waits, Phyllis thinks of all the strange comments and jokes about her.

Finally, the moment of truth. Results are in, and bam! Phyllis is half-sibling with her sister. Cue the dramatic gasps. Yep, Phyllis’s dad was not her biological father. And here’s where your jaws will hit the floor: Her biological father could be traced through a DNA test with that feature. It’s like something off a James Bond movie.

Hence, Phyllis begins to track down, and where does she land? She is the daughter of a popular TV personality. Come on! A plot twist? Imagine spending childhood watching this kind of a man on the television and not for a moment assuming that he could be your father. It would be equivalent to discovering that you are a forgotten Kardashian sibling.

Even the celebrity dad has yet to understand this crazy twist of fate that also involves Phyllis and her siblings. But one thing’s for sure: The next reunion in this family will have much more to be talked about.

Thus, the next time you think of a DNA test, know that you may discover you’re a member of royalty or, even a reality TV star’s secret child. And here I thought soap operas were dramatic.


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