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Son Gives Conservative Father a Hat (He Has No Idea That Grindr is a Dating App for Men)

Source - @jake_amazinng / TikTok

Who doesn’t love a good dad joke?

Well, we suppose a dad doesn’t when the joke is being played on them. In a recent TikTok that went viral, a man’s son, who was doing a summer internship with Grindr, gave his dad a free hat from his company to rock on their day to the beach. Of course, the funny part was that his dad, who his son pegged as an ultra-conservative, had no idea what Grindr was or what the company stood for.

For those who don’t know, Grindr is a popular location-based social networking and online dating platform, very similar to Tinder. However, it is primarily designed for gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer people. 

As you can imagine, any super-conservative dad would probably not be into the idea of wearing swag to rep a platform commonly used for casual hookups.

The video was posted by @jake_amazinng on TikTok this past week. In it, you can see his dad rocking the black baseball cap with a clear Grindr logo in white on the front. Anyone that knows the signature company logo would certainly know what it is from a mile away. 

According to Jake’s TikTok, he told his conservative dad that the company he was interning for was a cutting-edge software company. However, he also made it clear that there’s no way his dad looked up what the company represents or what it does.

Two days later, the TikTok had more than two million views.

The second video shows his dad sitting on a lawn chair on the beach reading a Vanity Fair magazine with his Grindr hat on, totally unknowing. Jake noted that it’s now his dad’s very favorite hat, though he also noted in the overlay text that he still doesn’t think he gets it or has looked it up at all.”

Many TikTok users were really excited about the whole ordeal and were into Jake’s little prank. 

One user commented, “Total icon,” and another wrote, “Slayer.”

Another TikToker commented, “Wow. This is so on point. It’s so funny that so much of the time, they have no idea what it is that they’re fighting against.”

Of course, most of the users wanted Jake to post a follow-up video for when his dad actually finds out what the hat represents — if he doesn’t already know, that is. One user said, “You’d be surprised as to how sneaky some parents can be. I’m pretty sure he knows exactly what kind of hat he’s repping.”

This isn’t the most shocking story about conservative dads and Grindr that we’ve heard in recent times. Back in August of 2022, one young man was absolutely horrified when he found out that his dad, who was “homophobic,” was on the Grindr app. Apparently, this was the very same dad who disowned him for coming out when he was younger. 

Jacob, the kid who said he found his dad on Grindr, said that he was cruising through it one day when he clicked on a headless Tinder profile. He noted that there was something a bit familiar about the torso that he was looking at, though he didn’t know exactly why. He also saw a familiar-looking ensuite in the photo that he felt sort of looked like the one that was at his parents’ house. 

It was then that he clicked on the profile to see if it actually was his dad.

Apparently, Jacob said that his parents always seemed happy. In fact, they had been married for nearly 27 years, and he can’t recall ever seeing them argue at all. This was when he decided to engage with this unusual profile to see if it actually was his dad or an impersonating profile with a home eerily similar to his. 

Jacob was pretty torn once they started talking, and he got a picture of his dad’s face in the messages. 

After talking to Kyle and Jackie O about it, and hearing chime-ins from other users telling him how all-too-common these stories are, he felt it might be time to discuss with his parents. 



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