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Michael Jackson’s Son Blanket: Where Is He Now?

Blanket Jackson, who now goes by the name Bigi, posed with his siblings and a friend in an Instagram greeting from sister Paris.

After the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, passed away in 2009, the world was kept in the dark about new updates regarding his youngest son, Blanket. But the young man reinvented himself by changing his name and investing in a major California property.

Blanket, whose birth name was Prince Michael Jackson II, got his monicker due to a problematic incident on November 2, 2002, that literally threw him in the spotlight. During that time, his ultra-famous father presented him to the crowd of paparazzi below his balcony at Berlin’s Hotel Arlon by dangling him from the rails.

This bizarre act became one of the most controversial incidents in the pop superstar’s life. He later issued an apology and referred to it as a “terrible mistake.”

After the incident, the King of Pop exerted more effort to protect his son. He made sure that Blanket and his two older siblings Michael Joseph and Paris were rarely seen in public.

However, the kids were once again forced to embrace the limelight after their father’s controversial death. Their faces were seen during Jackson’s funeral and memorial, which major networks broadcasted around the world.

Jackson’s kids also endured plenty of challenges after his death. His only daughter Paris, particularly, had a long and well-publicized battle with mental health problems. She also admitted that she tried to commit suicide multiple times. Fortunately, Paris survived the ordeal and started using her popularity to raise awareness about mental health issues.

Meanwhile, Michael Joseph and Blanket tried to stay under the radar. But a report from People Magazine revealed that Blanket, who was only seven years old when his father died, felt lost and “extremely upset” after losing their father. Among the three, he had the most difficulty adjusting when their father died.

It was also previously reported that after attending The Buckley School in Sherman Oaks, the King of Pop’s youngest offspring decided to drop his infamous nickname.

A source reportedly told Radar Online in an interview in 2015 that he hated his nickname and even resented their dad for calling him that. He even endured bullying because of that nickname.

After a decade, the youngest Jackson son managed to turn his life around and make a new identity of his own. Now, the 19-year-old resurfaced due to the pictures that recently came out in public.

An Instagram fan account made to show photos of the young Jackson showcased his latest photos and snippets of his rare public appearances. He now goes by the name Bigi Jackson.

Big also recently purchased a $2.7 million six-bedroom mansion in California. It is located in the same neighborhood where other celebrities like Kim Kardashian reside. But his new home is also near the residence of his grandmother and legal guardian, Katherine Jackson, in another gated community.

While it remains unclear what Bigi does for a living, he previously shared in a 2012 interview that he wanted to become a movie director. More public sightings are expected from the young Jackson.


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