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Madonna Accused of Faking Her Health Scare to Cover Up Low Tour Ticket Sales

Source: ShowBiz411

Madonna’s most recent stint at the hospital may have been a complete and utter lie.

Just this past weekend, the Queen of Pop’s highly anticipated tour was sent to kick off in Vancouver, Canada. However, she had to postpone the tour because of a recent health crisis. Now, people are saying that the 64-year-old pop star faked her health issues to cover up for low ticket sales. 

On Thursday, July 13, an insider source in the music industry noted that her health issues were a lie and that the real reason that she decided to cancel her tour was because of abysmal ticket sales.

The same source noted that Madonna and her manager, Guy Oseary, made completely contradictory statements about her health. 

The “Material Girl” singer was found unconscious at the Long Island Nassau Coliseum a few weeks back, and her manager was the very first one to speak out about it. According to Oseary, she had been on a strenuous rehearsal regiment for the past few months, rehearsing 12 hours a day for her upcoming world tour.

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He then revealed in an Instagram post on Wednesday, June 28, that she had been hospitalized due to a severe bacterial infection and would be staying in the ICU for several days. In the same post, he announced the postponement of her world tour, noting that “while her health was improving, she still needed to be under supervised medical care.”

Eventually, Madonna made it out of the ICU and back home to recover more, sharing her journey on social media.

In an Instagram post on Monday, July 10, she thanked her fans for their prayers and positive energy, saying, “I am very grateful for all my life’s blessings and am on the road to recovery.”

She also wrote, “The very first thing I thought about when I woke up in the hospital was my children.” Madonna is a mother of six, including Rocco Ritchie, Lourdes Leon, Mercy James, David Banda, Stelle Ciccone, and Estere Ciccone. “The second thought I had was that I hated having to disappoint fans that purchased tickets to see me on tour.”

“I hate disappointing people, and I definitely didn’t want to let down the people who worked day in and day out with me over the past few months to prepare for this fantastic show,” she said. “However, my main focus now is my own health, and I can feel myself getting stronger. I promise I’ll be back out there as soon as I can. Our plan, as of now, is to reschedule the North American dates and head out to Europe at the beginning of October.”

Whether or not Madonna was actually being truthful about her sickness is still in question, though one thing we do know is that fans will not get to see her perform on the dates they booked.

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