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Kevin Hart Lands in Wheelchair After a Race Gone Wrong With Former Steelers Player Stevan Ridley – ‘I Tried to do Some Young Stuff’

Source: KevinHart/Instagram

Popular American comedian and actor Kevin Hart took to social media on Wednesday, August 23, to tell everyone about a recent injury he sustained and how he sustained it. 

Kevin Hart is a well-known comedian, so it was no surprise that he dished out the news in a lighthearted and funny manner. In full detail, Kevin explained that he made a serious error trying to act like he was younger than he actually was. 

In the video he posted, he started by calming his fans down. He said, “This is just a public service announcement because some people may see me out in a wheelchair, and I do not want them to be worried.” He continued, saying, “If you’re wondering how I got into a wheelchair, well, it’s because I tried to jump out there and do young people’s stuff.” 

Kevin, who is 44 years old, said he tried to do things that people younger than him did, but he was quickly humbled.

At first, it was quite difficult to know where or what he was getting at, but just when we thought we would not be able to understand, he added the missing piece to the puzzle. He brought Stevan Ridley into the story. Stevan Ridley is a former Pittsburgh Steelers ball carrier, and according to Kevin Hart, Stevan seems to have prompted the actions that led to him being in a wheelchair.

Kevin gave a shout-out to Stevan, saying, “Shout out to Stevan Ridley. I am putting this story out there before you do.” He then continued by saying, “Stevan and I got into a little debate about who was faster.” Kevin narrated that everyone who knew him knew that he was quite fast, but Stevan said to him, “Kevin, ain’t no way you gonna beat me.” 

Fueled by strong will and determination, Kevin Hart accepted the challenge without thinking of the differences between his 44-year-old body and that of a former NFL running back who is just 34 years old. “We get out there, and we go run the 40-yard dash,” the comedian and actor said.

Then, the accident occurred. “Guys, I tore my lower abdomen. My abductors were also torn, and I don’t even know what that is. What I know is that I can’t walk,” Kevin said in his hilarious tone. He further stated in his comedic manner that, for a while, he might regret going up against a Super Bowl champion running back and trying to beat him at the age of 44.

He ended the tale by asking, “What are we competing for at this age? What am I doing? Why did I even race? Many commenters could relate to Kevin’s story as they also mentioned times when they acted in a similar way. 

However funny the comedian may have put the story, it’s sad to hear that he’s confined to a wheelchair. We hope his injury is not too bad and that he recovers as soon as possible.


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