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Kelly Ripa Celebrates Her 25th Wedding Anniversary and Shares Mark Consuelos’ ‘Best Gift Ever’

Wedding anniversaries are a special event in a couple’s life, and they deserve to be celebrated in the best manner possible!

Some people go all out and create a huge spectacle, while others prefer keeping it low-key and focus more on the sentimental value of it.

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos, the ever-gorgeous couple, recently celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary on May 1st, and they made it such a loving, special event for themselves. Kelly took to her Instagram story where she shared her husband’s ‘Best Gift Ever,’ which was basically snapshots of all the memorable times and events that they have spent together. Mark seemed to have created this to honor and cherish the amazing time they’ve shared so far in life as well as for the many years to come.

She captioned the beautiful photos by saying the sweetest things like “Best gift ever…” and “This beautiful life…”

One of the pictures was of the day when Kelly and Mark got married in Las Vegas back in the year 1996. In the photo, the happy couple was so much in love as they stood gazing into each other’s eyes, their arms wrapped around each other and the both of them smiling wide.

Many of the photos were of their three adorable children as newborns, where one photo had a message that was typed out by Mark, and it said, “Happy 25th Anniversary. If I were to write a book of our story, these are the 25 places that could have their own chapter. All of these places mean so much to me – and hopefully to you too. Love, Mark.”

While Kelly shared these amazing throwbacks on her Instagram, she made sure to caption it with some heartwarming words, too. She wrote on Instagram, “Happy 25th Anniversary to the love of my life @instasuelos in the blink of an eye. Because when you know, you know. Thank you for all of the dreams you made reality. (wedding, 5,10,15,20……..#25) #silver.”

Kelly Ripa's Instagram Post

Fans were left absolutely ecstatic and possibly with tears of happiness and joy, but this romantic and sweet gesture on the couple’s part certainly didn’t cause any shock or surprise given how these two have given us the ultimate relationship goals ever since they got married.

Kelly and Mark’s 25th anniversary is testament to how far they’ve come, the vows that they took many years ago, and particularly how strong their commitment is to each other. It’s simply surreal to see two people so much in love and then going the extra mile to make their anniversary special for each other.

The couple played the characters Hayley and Mateo soap opera All My Children in the 1970s, and a few years later, they decided to bring the romance of the characters to real life.

We absolutely love this power couple and their cute little children. We wish them nothing but the best in life and that they get to celebrate many such incredible birthdays full of love, laughter, and happiness.


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