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How to Keep Your Employees Motivated During the Pandemic

A signage with motivational quotes to keep your employees motivated during the pandemic

COVID-19 has changed the way in which we think about work. More and more companies are opting for a work-from-home or hybrid schedule after the pandemic forced many of us to stay home and continue work online.  As employers and employees still are navigating this new working schedule, leaders in the office may be searching for ways to boost the motivation of their employees amid a global pandemic.

Below, we reveal the top three tips to help you keep your employees motivated during these testing times of a pandemic:

1. Make Communication Flawless

The first and foremost step to take is to make communication across the hierarchy smooth. Ensure that communication down the channel is always transparent. Be mindful of the fact that long zoom meetings or virtual conferences tend to be a hassle while working from home. Instead, opt for crisp and concise meetings where you communicate effectively, and resolve the immediate concerns of your employees.

By catering to their needs, leaders can ignite a sense of belonging among employees. It makes employees realize that they are worthy for the company, and they then contribute efficiently to work towards the objectives of the company.

2. Prioritize the Mental Health of Your Employees

Let’s admit it; the pandemic has been the worst nightmare for all of us. Throughout the pandemic and episodes of lockdowns and quarantines, we all suffered through our fair share of mental breakdowns. In fact, many people lost their jobs, had to undergo financial strain, and began working for lower wages just to sustain their families. Therefore, it’s your responsibility as a leader to be considerate of your employees. After all, we all are in this mess together.

In order to push the downward spiraling motivation of your employees, offer counseling sessions. An online HIIT workout session for all the team members is also a spectacular idea to help your employees fight against pandemic-induced anxiety and stress. These sessions will also provide a virtual, social interaction for your employees, where they can banter together and foster a sense of collaboration. Through all these endeavors, you can empower your employees to work together as a team and help reduce their stress.

3. Appreciate Their Efforts

As an employer, you need to accept the fact that the transition to work-from-home was not easy for all of your employees. There may be some employees who aren’t that tech-savvy, but still managed to work online without the support of the IT team. Or, maybe your employees are adjusting to life with young kids running about as they try to manage helping them with their Zoom classes while also trying to get all their work accomplished.  Be appreciative and praise their efforts.

A simple gesture of gratitude alone can be enough to boost the morale of your employees and get them to work diligently with the utmost motivation.

Let your employees know that you appreciate their contributions to the company’s progress.

The Bottom Line

Everyone is under the influence of COVID-19; the same applies to your employees. But, with adequate approaches, you can seize this moment to reinforce your employees’ trust in the organization and improve their impressions based on how you motivate them in the face of crises and uncertainties.


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