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How Much Money Does Flo From Progressive Make?

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One character stands out against the vast and sometimes bewildering world of advertising. She is a friendly and perky saleslady who has become a million hearts favorite.

This is none other than Flo from Progressive, played by the skillful actress and comic Stephanie Courtney. However, the burning question in all our minds is, how much money does Stephanie Courtney get for playing Flo?

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Let us begin with a woman who wore the iconic white apron.  How did Stephanie Courtney end up as Flo? She is an actor, actress, and comedian trained in New York’s Neighborhood Playhouse and the Groundlings comedy theatre for over 10 years.

Then how did Stephanie Courtney move from stage performance to face of Progressive Insurance? It all began with a Bud Light ad on the Super Bowl 1999. Courtney’s talent soon gave her roles in hit shows like “Mad Men,” “Blades of Glory,” and “Cavemen”. However, her audacious audition channeling her mother’s personality won her the role of Flo in 2008.

Courtney filled Flo’s shoes, and Progressive has been thriving ever since. When Courtney became Flo in 2008, the company’s value was at $11.93 billion. Although there was a drop in 2010 to $7.95 billion, Progressive has climbed the ladder. The reason behind this? Flo has simplified insurance and made it affordable and understandable for the average consumer.

So, how much is the check for living with the flesh of Flo? Courtney is said to pocket an annual $1 million as Flo. However, Celebrity Net Worth indicates that she could be earning more. Actors who play the same characters, in the long run, tend to negotiate high fees that exceed the standard union pay scales, including salary increments and advertisement residuals.

Progressive commercials have had other faces apart from Stephanie Courtney. Jon Hamm of the Mad Men fame romanced the Flo girl from the Progressive commercials. These humorous encounters further enlivened the Progressive universe.

Speaking of money, how much is the net worth of Stephanie Courtney? Celebrity Net Worth estimates her net worth to be $6 million. That’s okay for a woman who started with a very modest background.

Flo, the real name for Courtney Stephanie, is 52 years old. She’s been married to theater director Scott Kolanach since 2008, a love which started at The Groundlings. They have a son, and Courtney told Cosmopolitan that she became a mother at 40.

Recently, Stephanie Courtney encountered little controversy when a food truck owner accused her of being “freaking rude.” Despite these allegations, one should note that Flo is a character and not the real-life Stephanie, who is miles apart from the moody diva described by the accuser.

In summary, Stephanie Courtney’s Flo character has made her a millionaire, taking Progressive Insurance to new horizons. Although the recent controversies are undeniable, Flo’s impact on advertising cannot be denied. Therefore, the next time you watch Flo on your screen, remember that this friendly smile hides the face of a great actress who has made the world of advertisement move.


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