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‘Goodwill Is Getting Greedy’ – TikToker Complains About The Prices

Source: autumnacord/Tiktok

Is Goodwill getting greedy? One TikTok creator, along with many of her viewers, seems to believe that. She was pretty disgusted to come across some items on their shelves that she believed were overpriced for a thrift store company. It was all captured in a TikTok video that attracted a good number of viewers.
Thrift stores have been the go-to for shoppers who want to find everyday items that will be easy on their budget, things they can afford. For others, it’s not just about affordability.
To this category of shoppers, one of the allures of thrift shopping is the possibility of discovering special items. Indeed, many thrift shoppers have discovered prized items they would have never dreamt to find in such an unlikely place.
Lastly, another reason why people prefer shopping at thrift stores such as Goodwill is the desire to contribute to society. Goodwill is a nonprofit organization that channels proceeds from store sales into charity programs in the local community. People want to be part of efforts that make the world a better place.
Goodwill is a charity-driven organization, yet selling its store items at high prices is what has miffed many of its customers. This TikToker set out to prove that Goodwill is refusing to stick to the plan. Which is that thrift store items should be, to a justifiable extent, less expensive than regular shop items.
In the video, which has garnered over 31,000 views and over 2000 likes, the TikToker, Autumn Acord (@autumnacord) lamented the shockingly high prices of several Goodwill items.
The video, which had a text overlay that reads “Goodwill is getting greedy,” had the Tiktoker pull out two vases from Goodwill shelves. The first was a glass vase from Mexico which cost $20, and a smaller vase that went for $6. Acord then wished for the good old days. “Can we go back to when things were $1, $2, 50 cents?” she said.
This TikToker’s exposé is already common knowledge for lots of Goodwill customers. Many thrifters have since noticed a strange change in thrift shop prices. Worse still, many of the thrift shop items have been found to cost more than new items at retail stores like Walmart, Costco, and Target.
The question is, does a thrift store still retain its essence if its items are more expensive than their newer versions? Acord’s viewers agreed with her worries and supported the discussion with comments and their personal experiences.
One comment read, “Preach! Girl the places here will be charging $100 for stuff, no lie.” Another comment was from a viewer who placed the blame on some Goodwill staff. “It’s the people working in the back. They price it whatever they want,” it read.
Marketing expert Casey Jones has provided possible reasons for Goodwill’s recent high pricing. “Firstly, the cost of operations — including rent, utilities, and wages — has increased over time. Secondly, the quality and brand of donated items can also influence pricing. High-end brands or items in excellent condition may be priced higher. Lastly, the demand for thrifted items has grown, especially among environmentally conscious consumers, which can drive up prices,” she said.
This explanation might be insufficient for customers who maintain that thrift shops should remain thrifty. As one user @Gia, reminded the company, “…these things were donated for free baby.”
Do you think it’s justifiable that thrift items are now more expensive, or do you agree that these stores are moving the goalposts?

Olawale Ogunjimi
Written By Olawale Ogunjimi

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