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Everything You Need to Know About the Las Vegas Formula One Race- First of its Kind

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Formula 1 makes a historical return to Las Vegas for the first time in 40 years. Currently, the racetrack for the Las Vegas Grand Prix is being built in preparation for the race on November 18.

The last time F1 was in Vegas was in 1982, when the racing circuit was built in the car park of Caesars Palace Casino. This time around, the circuit is going to be much bigger than that, taking over the entire Vegas strip.

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Las Vegas makes for the perfect location for the glitz and glamour of F1. The race will take place at night under the light of the many buildings along the strip. Interestingly, the race will take place on a Saturday instead of a Sunday, which is when most races take place. The street circuit is unique and complicated, including tight turns and difficult terrain. Lie most cities, the roads are very bumpy, proving difficult for high-speed driving.

Vegas is the 3rd city to host an F1 race in the U.S. this season, following Miami and Austin. U.S. fans of the sport are excited to see the race brought to America as it gained popularity in Europe and other parts of the world much faster than it did in the States. The Vegas race also comes at a critical time in the season.

Currently, Redbull holds a strong lead with driver Max Verstappen on fire for the entire season. He has a strong lead over the other drivers with second place going to his Redbull teammate Sergio Perez. In third comes the famed Lewis Hamilton who is fighting to get back on the podium.

The circuit is made up of 17 zones that loop around the infamous Las Vegas Boulevard. The first corner is between Koval Lane and Harmon Avenue, where tons of fans will be gathered to experience the start of the race. The entire loop is a total of 3.8 miles and the cars will reach speeds up to 212 miles per hour.

Hotels have set up deals with Formula 1 to attract more guests. Likely, but the time the race comes around the entire event and every Las Vegas Strip hotel will be completely at capacity. Some of the hotels are offering packages that include a hotel stay as well as a ticket to the race. Currently, single-day tickets to the race are going for as much as $1,600 and even more.

Formula 1 is the most exciting sport in racing and combining that with one of the most unique cities in America will be an outstanding experience. Since none fo the drivers have ever raced this circuit before it will be very intriguing to see who comes out on top. Though Verstappen is the most likely option, being that he was the champion last season and still holds first place this season, it’s anyone’s game!


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