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Everybody Should Know These Life-Saving Emergency Tips

Source: polar.bears/Instagram & jaydenkeener49/Instagram

Sometimes when you’re in a bind, you may assume that the people around you will step in and take care of the situation. But, people often stand by and watch as things happen without taking action and helping out.

It’s beyond beneficial to know how to get yourself out of a bind and know how to react to emergencies quickly. Having the necessary survival tips is something that you will always thank yourself for knowing.

So, hopping on the Internet and searching for life-saving emergency tips is one way to get some good advice under your belt and ensure the safety of yourself and others around you when you need it.

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Remove Clothes When Encountering A Polar Bear

Even if you think that the chances of seeing a polar bear in places outside of Greenland and Russia are slim to none, you should know that these furry creatures have been found in Northern Canada and Alaska. For example, if you find yourself face to face with a polar bear, you should remove your clothes as you are escaping.

While this is a strange tactic, the animal will get distracted and want to sniff the clothes, giving you the perfect chance to get out of there!

If A Pool Tastes Like Metallic, Get Out Right Away

While enjoying a nice swim in a pool, you probably aren’t trying to taste the water due to its synthetic substances such as chlorine. Regardless, it usually always gets in peoples’ mouths at some point.

A metallic taste in a pool means that you should get out immediately – it means that an electrical short is in the water due to the pool’s electrical framework. Water and electricity do not mix and can be deadly.

Chew Aspirin If You Are Experiencing Heart Attack Symptoms

If you are suddenly experiencing difficulty breathing and chest pain, it could potentially be a heart attack. If you or somebody close to you is having these symptoms, here’s an effective way to stop it.

Chewing Aspirin helps move the blood through the circulatory system quicker and help break up blood clots that may be causing the issues. It can help save someone’s life and is a reminder to always carry Aspirin with you.

Perform CPR Properly By Following These Songs

CPR is a skill that requires the necessary knowledge to perform compressions at a specific rate. While some are too slow and gentle, others are the opposite, and neither will save somebody’s life.

In order to perform compressions in the right way, just follow the beat for the chorus from one of these three songs: “Another One Bites the Dust” by Queen, “Stayin’ Alive” by the Bee Gees, or “Nelly the Elephant” by Toy Dolls. Press down firmly and follow each beat to assure the speed is correct. Hopefully, you will have done the compressions right and have also saved a victim’s life in the process.

That Tornado Isn’t Just Standing Still, It’s Coming For You

Tornadoes are more common in some parts of the world than others, but if you happen to find yourself in the eye of the storm (quite literally) and are facing off with a tornado that’s standing still, you shouldn’t just stand there.

If you see a tornado, note the path that it’s traveling along – if it appears as if it’s remaining in one spot, it’s actually moving towards you. You need to find shelter quickly.


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