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DoorDash Driver Gets Canceled by Angry Wingstop Manager for Yelling at an Employee

Source: @thebadguuy/TikTok

A lot can go wrong in the online food delivery process. From annoyingly late orders and poor food quality to breaches in food safety, virtually everyone has had a story or two to tell about unsatisfactory service. Yet, multiple indicators suggest that online food delivery is growing fast. Surely, the industry has come to stay. 

People began to order their food online after the first food ordering experiment proved successful. It all began when, for the first time, a pizza was ordered from Pizza Hut in 1994. 

About three decades down the line, food ordering has experienced a boost with the aid of technological advancement. Global online food delivery revenue has now reached the $300 billion mark. But still, the industry has struggled to free itself from the plague of human error and inefficiency. 

For example, a TikTok video has recently surfaced of an altercation between a restaurant manager and a DoorDash rider. It was yet another case that demonstrated how the customer is almost always at the receiving end of online food ordering mishaps. The face-off resulted in the customer’s order getting canceled. 

The video, which was apparently shot at a WingStop restaurant, showed the manager expressing his displeasure with a DoorDash driver who had spoken rudely to a restaurant employee. The manager accused the rider of “yelling at a cashier over an order that was late.”

The DoorDash rider had arrived for pick up only to find that the WingStop employee wasn’t ready with the food. He then voiced his displeasure in a manner that the manager believed was too disrespectful to condone.

The video, which was posted by Terrell Cyrus (@thebadguuy) with the caption “I’m stoppin’ bags and I don’t need a red octagon This men with the mean face came inside rude 3 times fix your face,” has amassed over 1.7 million views. 

In the video, the manager denied service to the DoorDash rider while announcing that he had been blacklisted as punishment for his behavior. “If you have a problem, call DoorDash,” the manager advised. 

In response to the manager’s announcement that he wouldn’t fulfill the order, the rider responded by arguing that restaurants don’t have the right to deny orders. The manager disputed the claim, maintaining that he had the right to deny anyone who was disrespectful to his workers. 

The comments from TikTok users were divided. Some responders commended the manager for defending his workers. “Very hard to find managers that will stand up for their employees. Prop to this guy,” one user commented. 

Another user wondered why DoorDash riders weren’t patient enough to receive orders. “No literally door dashers don’t understand their order comes in 10min before they arrive and they be getting mad when its not ready,” the user said. 

Some others, including DoorDash riders, sided against WingStop. One such comment read, “Wing stop is honestly the worst place to make orders. Every time I order online they don’t start it tell 5 mins after I show ip [sic].” Which side of the divide are you?


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