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‘Don’t Scold Me!’ – My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell Loses His Temper in 2020 Election Deposition

Source: KARE11/ Getty Images

Some psychologists believe in the power of emotional release. For these categories of professionals, venting your anger can help to relieve the tension you feel at that moment and make you feel much better. However, there are many occasions where venting will always do more harm than good, and every qualified lawyer will tell you that depositions are one of them.

Depositions can be frustrating, especially when the opposing counsel is difficult. However, it’s important for parties to remain calm at all times, as flipping out creates a negative impression and can harm the case. Sadly, recent events have shown that Mike Lindell, CEO of My Pillow Inc., either didn’t get the memo or couldn’t care less.

The Trump-loving entrepreneur has been fighting multiple defamation lawsuits since the conclusion of the 2020 presidential elections. He had repeatedly made false claims about Dominion Voting Systems-owned voting machines manipulating votes in favor of President Joe Biden.

According to Chris Dehghanpoor, a Washington Post investigative reporter, he noticed a new filing in Eric Coomer’s (ex-Dominion exec) defamation suit against the pillow monger and decided to look into it.  

In a tweet on September 8, he disclosed that “Cooner filed a motion for sanctions against Lindell because Lindel has become ‘combative, vulgar, disrespectful, non-responsive, evasive, and consistently loud’ during depositions.” 

Dehghanpoor also included video excerpts from the depositions that were attached to the filling to prove Lindell’s untoward behavior. In the videos, Lindell can be seen lashing out at Coomer’s lawyer regularly. He had a generally hostile attitude to the deposition, and even the most basic questions irritated him. 

For example, he snapped at the attorney when he was asked to confirm that they had met one another not more than 4 minutes before the recorded deposition began. Lindell also ripped the attorney apart when he was informed that the deposition would be carried out slowly to enable the court reporter to transcribe accurately.

“Don’t sit and scold me already, mister! I’ll do whatever I have to do… You’re just a lawyer, you’re an ambulance-chasing lawyer, so don’t start with me, I got all day! I’ll take as much time as you want, so let’s go! You’re not my boss, you’re just a lawyer, frivolous lawyer. So go. Don’t start scolding me,” an agitated Lindell replied harshly.

According to another tape, Lindell snapped at Coomer’s lawyers in a deposition on March 8. “Have you ever been in a deposition where they can’t stand who you are?” He asked. “You’re disgusting. Keep going.”

According to Coomer’s attorneys, one of Lindell’s depositions ended because “Lindell left the witness chair during an unscheduled break while, again, disparaging counsel.” They want the court to order Lindell to return to Denver for yet another deposition after 3 unsatisfying and tense ones. 

Coomer is suing Lindell for calling him a traitor to the United States. “[Lindell] has claimed, without evidence, that Dr. Coomer committed treason and that he should turn himself into the authorities,” the suit read. 


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