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‘Arrow’ Actor Stephen Amell Defends His Statement About Not Supporting The SAG-AFTRA Strike

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There’s a palpable tension in the air in Hollywood at the moment. The SAG-AFTRA strikes have seen our favorite stars trading their scripts for picket signs. Enter Stephen Amell, the “Arrow” star, who’s now in the middle of Tinseltown’s hottest drama. 

At the recent GalaxyCon in North Carolina, the star had some words to share about the ongoing actors’ strike. And boy, did he not hold back.

Amell stated, “I support my union, and I stand with them,” after a fan inquired about the ongoing tiff. That sounds like typical Hollywood support, right? But then he threw a curveball: “I do not support striking. I think it’s a reductive negotiating tactic.”

Stephen quickly became the center of the storm. Here’s a popular actor, with a new season of “Heels” out, making an unexpected statement about a hot-button issue.

Of course, fans and critics alike were quick to jump on their keyboards. Did he just call out his union? But, like all great stories, there’s a twist. In a heartfelt Instagram post, Amell clarified, “Of course, I don’t like striking. Nobody does. But sometimes, we gotta do what we gotta do.”

He went on to elaborate about the complexities of the situation and empathized with the emotional struggles everyone involved is undergoing.

Hollywood’s battleground has been sizzling for a while now. The writers already laid down their pens in May, fighting for fairer pay, especially when AI threatens to script our next blockbuster. 

Now, actors are echoing a similar sentiment – wanting better deals from platforms like Netflix. The result? A cascade of halted TV shows and movies. Remember “Challengers,” featuring Zendaya? It’s now on a red-carpet delay till 2024. Yikes.

Speaking of red carpets, the strike terms have also put the brakes on our beloved Hollywood events. No dramatic entrances, no scandalous wardrobe malfunctions, and definitely no juicy gossip (boo!). 

But while studios might be holding their ground now, the combined might of the SAG and Writers Guild of America strike promises a rough autumn for them.

However, Amell’s decision to voice his thoughts wasn’t a violation of any terms, since GalaxyCon isn’t tied to any “struck” companies. Still, discussing specific shows is off the table, but actors can still dish about their personal lives and overall careers.

Now, the big question looms: How long will this strike continue? Some insiders suggest studios might play the waiting game till fall. But SAG’s president, Fran Drescher recently suggested that the union is gearing up for a long battle. “The gravity of a commitment like this is not lost on any of us,” she said, emphasizing that their livelihoods and future were at stake.

Amell’s candid conversation at GalaxyCon reminds us of the human side of Hollywood. It’s not just about glitz and glam; it’s also about hard work, and people’s livelihoods.


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