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‘An Anti-Human Policy’ – Florida Surgeon General Shares Concerns Over COVID Booster, Warns Of Risks

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The most recent COVID-19 vaccine is currently available at participating pharmacies and healthcare facilities, with approval from the CDC for individuals aged 6 months and older.

Dr. Joseph Ladapo, Florida’s surgeon general, voiced his concerns, stating, “It’s just a really terrible idea.”

“And it’s remarkable and really spellbinding that [the CDC] would make that kind of recommendation in the absence of evidence,” he continued.

He further remarked, “The FDA and CDC could have compelled Pfizer or Moderna to conduct clinical trials — that’s something that’s totally doable — and they didn’t do it.”

Ladapo emphasized, “The risks are very real, which adds to the madness of the way that the CDC and the FDA are making decisions right now.”

“I suspect that it is a real finding and a major safety concern,” he said. “And they’re pushing the product on human beings. That is an anti-human approach … an anti-human policy.”

“There are so many reasons to say ‘pause’ at this point,” he concluded. “Instead, the CDC and FDA are saying ‘full steam ahead.'”

Ladapo said, “The CDC was vocal about the spike protein being a very short-lived phenomenon … and now we have people who, for prolonged periods of time, seem to have evidence of spike proteins circulating in their tissues. Is that a safe outcome? I don’t think so.”

In addition, he said, “It raises serious questions about the appropriateness of using these products in human beings.”

“Human beings deserve better than these products that have very high rates … of serious adverse events,” Ladapo emphasized.

A recent poll regarding the COVID-19 vaccine discloses that 52% of U.S. adults harbor reservations about receiving the shot.

Regarding the vaccination of children, more than half of parents express reluctance, affirming that they “probably” or “definitely” will not administer the new vaccine to their children.

An increasing number of Americans are also becoming attuned to the financial incentives and excessive profits garnered by pharmaceutical corporations holding monopolies on the COVID vaccine.

Pfizer witnessed its 2022 revenue surging beyond a record $100 billion, while company CEO Albert Bourla pledged that everyone would lead a ‘perfectly normal life with just injection maybe once a year.’ Bourla received a 36% pay increase and pocketed $33 million during the pandemic. Despite receiving four doses of his company’s vaccine, the quadruple-vaxxed Pfizer CEO still tested positive for COVID in August 2022. Bourla stated that he was ‘thankful’ to have received four doses of the vaccine at that time.”

A remarkable 40% of adults expressed their concerns in March 2023, with some stating they were very or somewhat concerned about the vaccine’s safety. In the United States, as of January 2022, 60% of adults had received at least one dose of the vaccine. However, by March 2023, that figure had dwindled to 55%.

The recently identified COVID variant is officially known as BA.2.86 and has been designated as a “variant under monitoring” by the WHO, primarily due to its substantial number of mutations.

CDC spokesperson Kathleen Conley informed CBS News, “Today we are more prepared than ever to detect and respond to changes in the COVID-19 virus. Scientists are currently working to gain a better understanding of this newly identified lineage in these four cases, and we will provide further information as it becomes available.”

This variant is just one among the many being closely monitored by national health agencies.


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