Woman Saves “Deer” Stuck Under House Only to Discover Unexpected Twist

By: Ene Ayegba | Published: Nov 12, 2023

Anyone getting called to attend to a work-related emergency knows it is no joke. Wildlife rescuers understand that one call could be the difference between keeping an animal alive and losing it, so they take emergencies quite seriously.

But what happens when you run into an unexpected rescue mission? Do you go ahead, or do you leave the scene? Let’s find out what happened in one particular instance.

Wildlife Rescuer Gets an Unusual Call to Save a Deer

Tosha Smith was at work one fateful Thursday like every other busy day. After finishing certain tasks, she was gearing up to restock the concession stand. However, on this particular day she had to halt as her phone rang repeatedly. 


Source: FUTURE KIIID/Pexels

The call was quite unusual. The caller informed her that a helpless fawn was trapped underneath a vacant house, and its pitiful cries for help had caught the attention of some concerned passersby.


Racing Against Time to Save a Trapped Deer

Without wasting any time, Tosha sprang into action. As an experienced wildlife rescuer, she knew all too well that every moment counted in such situations. 


Source: Tosha Smith/Facebook

She knew she had to get to the house as fast as she could to keep the deer to alive. Without thinking twice, she dashed off to the scene of the distressing call.

Unexpected Rescue Squad Unites to Save Trapped Fawn

Fortunately, she arrived at the house in no time. She met fellow rehabber Angela Lira and three constables already on site. They all waited to offer Tosha any help she might need. 


Source: Tosha Smith/Facebook

The sight of these compassionate individuals lifted her spirits. She knew that with their presence and help, they could make a difference and save the life of the helpless fawn.

Crawling to Rescue the “Deer”

Ready to take action, Tosha went to the small hole in the house’s foundation, ready to crawl on all fours over the 25-foot-long stretch of sand and mud.


Source: Tosha Smith/Facebook

In a Facebook post retelling her rescue effort, Tosha admits that she was unprepared for the difficulty of the situation. However, she did not deter—she tucked her phone inside her blouse, got a boost from an officer, and embarked on the mission.

Rescue Mission With a Twist

As Tosha continued to get closer to the deer, she saw something weird about the animal. She knew something was not right, but her spectators encouraged her to keep going.

Source: Flickr/Pinterest

When Tosha got to the said animal, she noticed she was right. The so-called animal was just a neglected, ornamental plastic deer replica. She felt very relieved that it was not a case of a fawn growing up without its mother. Wheew, what a relief!