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Why a Couple Became Viral Because Of A Single Photo

dan and wendy hennesey

dan and wendy hennesey

Many couples don’t always stay in love or together for many years. Some break up for the shallowest reasons. Others find their way back to each other’s lives after some time off.

A couple named Dan and Wendy Hennesey is the perfect example of a couple that broke up but later found their way back in each other’s arms. Timing was the reason why their photo became viral on social media.

According to the couple, they met more than 10 years ago when they were still in college. In 2006, Wendy was studying for her master’s degree in public administration. She chose to specialize in healthcare. As for Dan, he was a basketball player in his college team and was studying exercise science.

dan and wendy hennesey

During that time, Facebook was a new social media platform, and both of them were already there. Dan came across Wendy’s profile and was the first one to make a move. He called Wendy a beautiful girl via a private message, but Wendy was skeptical initially. She said that she did not know who Dan was, and she did not trust people on the internet. However, she admitted that he was “cute,” and they had mutual friends. They then started talking on Facebook until Dan organized a party so they can finally meet in person. Dan shared that he immediately told himself that she looked better than what she posted on her social media account upon meeting Wendy.

Things did not hit off immediately for these two, but they started to work on their connection a few months after. Dan’s birthday was when he took Wendy out for dinner, and since then, they knew that their connection was very rare and strong. They then spent the next seven years dating.

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It was not all rainbows and butterflies because they encountered some problems in their relationship after spending the last seven years together. Accordingly, they got lost as individuals, so they decided to stop seeing each other.

dan and wendy hennesey

Dan said that he became very depressed, and when they broke up, Wendy gave him a break-up gift. It was a book with an audio version called “Conversations with God.” He listened to it one night, and he knew he had to turn his life around. A year after Dan finally managed to make his life better, and he and Wendy got reunited.

When Wendy posted a comparison photo of them from 10 years ago and their 10th anniversary in 2017, it captured the attention of netizens on social media.

in the comments, one said, “Amazing you found each other again! I think you needed time between to sort your life out.” Another comment read, “You guys define the meaning of ‘ride or die’ look how far you’ve come.” In a statement by Dan and Wendy, they said that they did not realize why their photo went viral, but when they read the comments, they realized that their relationship was able to teach them they needed to be ready to fall so they can finally make it to the top. They added, “We really found who we were through that process of not having each other.”

dan and wendy hennesey

The couple finally tied the knot on September 22 last year.

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