‘We Will Not Let You Lay A Finger On President Trump’ – Kari Lake Urges Americans To ‘Kick Joe Biden To The Curb’

By: Alec Donaldson | Last updated: Nov 07, 2023

Kari Lake, the former TV news anchor turned far-right politician, responded to Trump’s indictment for retaining classified records with a stern message directed at President Biden, the U.S. Attorney General, and “the guys back there in the fake news media.”

She stated, “…you should listen up as well. This one’s for you,” and pledged support for an armed resistance.

Lake's Stark Warning

Speaking to Georgia Republicans, Kari Lake issued a warning, saying, “If you want to get to President Trump, you’re going to have to go through me, and you’re going to have to go through 75 million Americans just like me.”


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75 Million Card-Carrying NRA Members

Furthermore, Kari Lake cautioned that the 75 million Americans similar to her were National Rifle Association (NRA) members, continuing her steadfast support for former President Donald Trump. She emphasized, “And I’m going to tell you, most of us are card-carrying members of the NRA.”


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Clinging To Guns And Religion

In her speech in Georgia, Kari Lake went on to declare, “We will not let you lay a finger on President Trump. Frankly, now is the time to cling to our guns and our religion,” sounding a warning to her audience.

“That’s not a threat – that’s a public service announcement,” she said.


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Intimidation Tactics

Donald Trump has faced consistent criticism for his intimidation tactics, and it appears that Lake is more than willing to adopt a similar approach, following in the footsteps of her mentor.


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Lake Delivering Speech On Behalf Of Mike Pence

Lake delivered her speech in Georgia on behalf of Mike Pence, the former Vice President who narrowly escaped the Capitol riot on January 6.

During that tumultuous event, members of the MAGA mob chanted about hanging him after being encouraged to “fight like hell” by Trump.

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Rioters Were Angry

Pence was present at the Capitol to oversee the certification of Joe Biden’s electoral college victory and did not attempt to obstruct the process.

Makeshift gallows were erected outside, and rioters inside were heard chanting, “Hang Mike Pence.”

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'Threatens The Very Core Of Our Democracy'

Ruben Gallego is vying for a seat in the U.S. Senate in the upcoming year, aiming to succeed the former Independent Senator, Kyrsten Sinema.

In response to Lake’s speech, Gallego remarked, “As a Marine who went all the way to Iraq to defend this country, our democracy, and our freedoms, I know this language isn’t just hyperbole – it’s dangerous, and it threatens the very core of our democracy.”

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Lake Is Putting Out Doubts About The Elections

Gallego reiterated that Lake “owes every America-loving Arizonan an apology” and added, “her off-the-rails rhetoric that does nothing but sow doubt in our elections.”

Lake doubled down on her dangerous rhetoric during an appearance on Steven Bannon’s War Room podcast. Remarkably, she inflated the number of supposed Trump supporters willing to defend the former President to “300 million.”

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Lake Pedaled Back On Her Statement

She declared, “If they think they are going to hurt, lay a finger, on our president—[former] President Trump—they’re going to have to come through me,” and then admitted her error by saying, “And I made a mistake. I said 75 million others just like me. I think it’s more like 300 million others just like me.” Her statement appeared highly exaggerated.

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The U.S. Total Population Is Just Under 335 Million

As per the U.S. Census Bureau, the current national population is slightly less than 335 million, with approximately 22 percent being individuals under 18 years of age.

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Lake Lost Arizona's 2022 Gubernatorial Election

Lake, who lost the Arizona gubernatorial election last year, continues to assert, without verified evidence, that her defeat was the result of fraud.

Lake maintains a close alignment with former President Trump and has consistently focused on claims of election fraud, a position Trump has commended her for.

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Facing Two Legal Challenges

Despite her allegations, Lake has already faced two legal challenges to contest her loss against Democratic Governor Katie Hobbs, who secured victory by a margin of over 17,000 votes.

Lake is currently entangled in a separate lawsuit in which she seeks to examine the ballot envelopes signed by approximately 1.3 million early voters in the state’s most densely populated county.

Her latest case does not contest her election loss; instead, it centers on a public records lawsuit.

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Lake Announces 2024 Senate Bid With Trump's Endorsement

The tightly contested governor’s race between Lake and Democrat Katie Hobbs held significant importance in the general election, especially considering Arizona’s status as a battleground state likely to play a pivotal role in the 2024 U.S. presidential election.

Lake recently launched her 2024 Senate bid in Arizona. During her speech, Lake transitioned to a pre-recorded video featuring Trump, who reiterated his endorsement of her.

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"Kick Joe Biden To The Curb"

Lake has framed the upcoming election as a three-way competition, pitting her against Sinema and Rep. Ruben Gallego.

“The cartels own Arizona, and until we kick Joe Biden to the curb, Ruben Gallego and Kyrsten Sinema, we’re not gonna have a state,” she remarked.

She further declared: “I am not going to retreat. I’m gonna stand on top of this hill with every single one of you, and I know you’re by my side as I formally announce my candidacy for the United States Senate.”

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