Wait, What? Apparently There Are Some False Memories Most People Share!

By: Lisa Lee | Published: Dec 27, 2022

We all know that our memories may be deceiving. Maybe there’s a scene from a film you’ll always remember, or maybe you always thought the name of the cereal you consumed for breakfast was misspelled.

You’re not the only one. In reality, most individuals may relate to this and may even have the same mistaken recollections. Continue browsing to see what you can recall appropriately.

Sex In The City Believe It, It’s Sex And The City

This legendary series premiered in the early 2000s. The program made a lot of women wish they lived in New York, where they could go out for drinks with their pals and purchase Manolo Blahnik shoes like Carrie. 


Source: kkaaaryyy/ Twitter

There’s no disputing that these four incredible ladies made us fall in love with New York and their individual inside stories. Even the most ardent fans may need to be made aware of the actual title of the series.

And…Not In

It’s natural to get show and film titles mixed up, but it’s remarkable that decades later, much of the audience still doesn’t know if the program is called Sex in the City or Sex and the City


Source: wedbiz.ru

This mistake may be due to the fact that the Spanish version is known as Sex in the City and Sex in New York, which has influenced foreign audiences to use the same translation when referring to the original title.

The Name Behind The Hot Dog  

Who doesn’t like a good hot dog every now and then? The best way to get what you want is from the well-known brand founded by German immigrants in the early 1990s. 


Source: Imgur

Oscar and his brother, Gottfried, immediately became renowned in Chicago due to their wonderful goods and swiftly began to grow throughout the United States. But have you ever wondered how to spell their surname accurately? Should it be Mayer or Meyer?

It’s Mayer!

Most of us, believe it or not, believe that the international brand is Oscar Meyer, which is due, in part, to its pronunciation. The truth, however, is (somewhat) different.


Source: unmetric.com

The proper spelling of their surname is “Mayer,” but we never really stopped to think about it while eating and enjoying our hot dogs, did we? So, before the answer was disclosed, what did you believe the brand name was?

The Story Of George And The Mysterious Controversy Surrounding His Tail

Have you ever liked this charming, albeit curious, monkey’s adventures? Whether you saw his “monkey business” on TV or read about his escapades in the novels, George has an incredible capacity to create havoc and always come out unhurt. 

Source: Imgur

This endearing figure arose from H.A. Rey’s classic series of children’s novels. But just because we all know and adore the character doesn’t imply we have the right image of him. Many of us remember George having a tail, don’t we?


Monkey With No Tail

If you think George had a tail, we’re sorry to tell you that your recollection is mistaken. In reality, George never had a tail. The likely reason for this error is the fact that we automatically assumed that George, being a monkey, must have a tail, just like most monkeys do. However, this was not the case.

Source: Curious George Official/ Youtube

We have been following his adventures through various media for a while, but it appears that we missed this small detail. Did you notice?


Scooby Dooby Doo

The first episode of Scooby-Doo aired on television in 1969. Since that time, fans have watched as the main character, Shaggy Rogers, and the other characters utilize a talkative Great Dane named Scooby-Doo to solve mysteries. Along with Scooby-Doo, the other characters are Daphne Blake, Velma Dinkley, and Fred Jones.

Source: alternatememories.com

Shaggy and Scooby, the group’s most terrified members, are greatly adored. Nonetheless, the Mandela Effect has us wondering about our favorite character. Can you guarantee Shaggy has Adam’s apple? Try to recall how he appeared in the original series and flicks produced by Hanna-Barbera Cartoons, Inc.


Shaggy’s Adam’s Apple

Shaggy is thought to have an Adam’s apple. Some report that it even moves when he talks. Others claim that this lump emerges just after he eats. 

Source: Facebook

But, let’s face it, Shaggy always has food in his mouth, even while he’s running away from spooks and creeps. And there was never an Adam’s apple. In this situation, fans and viewers are likely to see Shaggy with an Adam’s apple because that’s how males are in real life–interesting!


Pikachu Who?

If you grew up with Pokémon, you’ve undoubtedly heard “Pika-Pika-Chu” more times than you can count. Remember? This is the battle cry of history’s most renowned Pokémon.

Source: tinywienerbabe/ Twitter

Atsuko Nishida’s character was one of the series’ and video games’ key characters. As a result, he dazzled the globe with warfare skills still used in popular culture today. Fans were constantly in awe of his “Iron Tail” trick. Nonetheless, can you recall the color of the end of his tail?


Pikachu’s Iron Tail

People who saw this show while they were growing up may remember that Pikachu’s tail had a black mark on it at one point.

Source: The_Donald/ Reddit

In reality, this is not the case. Many fans were astonished to notice that Pikachu’s famous tail has a brown patch at the base–but no black dots. Isn’t it strange how easily our memories can deceive us?


"What's Up, Doc?"

Bugs Bunny, Tweety Bird, Daffy Duck, Pepe Le Pew, and others are obviously wacky, but we adore them! The legendary cartoon series, first produced in 1930, has become a cornerstone of pop culture throughout the years. 

Source: Imgur

Because the series has been around for so long, many generations have had the opportunity to appreciate it. Nonetheless, according to another example of the Mandela Effect, most of us need help spelling the series’ title correctly.


Lunatic Looney Tunes

As previously stated, the Warner Brothers-produced sitcom has been around longer than most of its fans. While many say that “Tunes” is a mistake, we believe there was a method to Warner Brothers’ madness.

Source: Alamy

According to Bob Bergen, they intended to show that “[their] cartoons were a little wackier than the sweeter characters of Disney” (current voice actor for Porky Pig). Because it competed with Disney music-wise, “Tunes” was interpreted as a reference to “lunatic tunes,” and thus originated the Looney Tunes.


The Stone Age Cartoon

It’s nearly difficult to recall this popular cartoon series without yelling the iconic slogan, “Yabba Dabba Doo!” The program is set in a romanticized version of the Stone Age–with extra features and technologies that resemble mid-century suburban America. 

Source: Imgur

The sitcom covers the daily lives of a family and their next-door neighbors’ hobbies and pranks. People are confused about how to spell the show’s name, despite the fact that it aired for six seasons. What are your thoughts?


Flintstones with a “T”

Fans are still unclear whether or not to generally spell the show with a ”T” according to the Mandela Effect. In truth, the program is named The Flintstones

Source: onedio.com

When you put some thought into it, you’ll see that the spelling makes complete sense. After all, the events of the show take place during the Stone Age, when flint stone was a popular tool that served several purposes, including starting fires and making weapons.


Jif'ing Popular

Let’s face it: peanut butter has been a dietary staple in American society for over a century. As a result, there are several varieties and types to pick from. However, Jif (or Jiffy?), one of the most popular brands, has generated quite a controversy based on its name. 

Source: Jif/ Twitter

Unfortunately, even tasty spreads like peanut butter can be up for debate! But, to be honest, we know why. So, let’s get to the bottom of it!


Jif Peanut Butter

As previously said, peanut butter is a staple food in the majority of American families. Skippy and Jif are the two most popular brands in the United States. Even though some accurately identify Jif, others recall that the peanut butter brand was once known as Jiff or Jiffy. 

Source: WarsawBuickCDJR/ Twitter

In actuality, those who felt it was the latter are sadly incorrect. Perhaps the misconception originates from the fact that Skippy, Jif’s main competitor, ends in “y.”


Really Deviously Sneaky

If you grew up during the 1990s, you almost certainly owned a pair of these sneakers. As a matter of fact, the firm was created in 1992 and rose quickly to fame. It is, in reality, the third-largest athletic footwear brand in the United States as we speak. 

Source: waterfordlakestowncenter.com

This well-known company has almost 2,000 outlets. Regardless, the majority of us have no idea how to spell the brand name–is it Skechers or Sketchers? Scroll down and find out!


It’s Skechers

Do you have doubts about your memories? Is it possible that your mind has failed you? It’s time to set the record straight. Now, if you told yourself that the brand name is Sketchers, you’d be entirely wrong! Your thinking has duped you again.  

Source: sorayacartategui.com

Skechers is, in fact, spelled without a “T.” You probably think we’re joking, but we were just as astonished as you were when we discovered the reality.


Take A Break And Relax–Have A Kit Kat

This chocolate lover’s fantasy dessert wafer nibble debuted in 1935. The original four-finger form of the bar was inspired by a proposal from a manufacturing worker who wrote: “a chocolate bar that a man could take to work in his pack up.

Source: kitkat/ Twitter

Since then, this delicious delicacy has been making people of all ages smile for almost 80 years! Meanwhile, many are unsure whether the brand name should be referred to, with or without a hyphen. Is it Kit Kat or Kit-Kat?


Officially Kit Kat 

Are you still here, chocolate lovers? Please bear with us for a little while. Some speculate that the UK form of Kit Kat was only hyphenated during WWII. However, “the Kit Kat name has never been hyphenated on either the UK or US wrappers,” according to Kit Kat’s official Twitter page.

Source: Alamy

Although a hyphen has never been in Kit Kat’s history, it is worth mentioning that the brand name is stylized as KitKat in several places.


Mr. Monopoly–Rich Uncle Pennybags

Who hasn’t played Monopoly for countless hours? Monopoly, first established in the 1930s, is a multi-player board game in which you may exchange, acquire, and build real estate. 

Source: Imgur

According to accounts, the game’s iconic character Rich Uncle Pennybags–often known as Mr. Monopoly–was influenced by the well-known American banker J.P. Morgan. The thing that people remember most about the person in question is that he wore a monocle over his left eye, but is that really the case?


Millionaire’s Game

Mr. Monopoly is frequently depicted in memories with the alleged monocle over his left eye, but why is this the case? Perhaps it’s because we link this type of character with affluent upper-class men from the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, many of whom wore monocles. 

Source: search.foodpara.com

However, in this circumstance, our memory failed us once more. Mr. Monopoly does not, however, wear a monocle; instead, he wears a suit with a bowtie, top hat, and cane.


Not Always The Case

A bowl of cereal is a treat that is enjoyed by both children and adults of all ages, especially one that is sweet, and may instantly put a smile on your face. Take, as an example, the cereal known as Froot Loops (or Fruit Loops).

Source: MandelaEffect/ Reddit

The multicolored fruit-flavored loops are really delicious. Even still, how to spell the brand name is up for controversy, which is hilarious given the cereal’s motto: “Follow your nose! It always knows!” Well, it looks like we do not often know.


Yummy And Colorful Froot Loops

In 1963, Kellogg’s introduced Toucan Sam and its cereal loops to the world. When Fruit Loops was first released, it only came in red, orange, and yellow flavors. However, green, blue, and purple flavors were later added in the 1990s. Now, the question at hand is whether the cereal is called Fruit Loops or Froot Loops.

Source: funny/ Reddit

We’d be wrong to think it is Fruit and not Froot. Indeed, Kellogg has worked and has made efforts over the course of the years to dispel these falsehoods about Fruit Loops by creating ads to clarify the cereal’s correct name, Froot Loops.


Best Breakfast Cereal

Regardless of whether you ate Frosted Flakes as a kid, you’re familiar with Tony the Tiger. After all, the mascot has been around since the 1950s, making him the ideal morning cereal symbol. Despite this, it appears that many people are still not sure what Tony looks like. 

Source: Tumblr

Eugene Kolkey’s initial Tony was more tiger-like in form and was occasionally pictured walking on all fours. This was eventually changed to give Tony a more muscular, human-like appearance. The focus is on his nose. What color is it?


Tony The Blue Nose Tiger

Even though many people remember Tony the Tiger as having a black nose, it turns out that this is not actually the case. The cereal mascot, in actuality, has a blue nose. 

Source: irishexaminer.com

However, in an alternate universe, his nose may be black! In all seriousness, there’s no disputing that his presence has evolved slightly over time. Despite this, he has kept his vibrant attitude, young features, and blue nose.


Cornucopia, A Kind Of Basket

Fruit of the Loom is an American underwear brand that was among the pioneers of the textile business. Brothers Robert and Benjamin Knight founded the apparel factory in Rhode Island in 1851. The company’s logo is well-known. 

Source: thechive.com

It’s made out of an apple surrounded by berries–and a cornucopia? Many of us recall that the logo depicted a cornucopia. Is that how you recall the logo, though? Which of the two photos is the true one?


Fruit Of The Loom Emblem

Despite the fact that many people believe that the Fruit of the Loom emblem comprises a basket in the form of a cornucopia, it is not the case. Our recollections may be making fun of us.

Source: poshmark.com

Even artist Frank Wess named one of his albums Flute of the Loom, which has a flute in the shape of a cornucopia on the cover.


The Cheese Crackers

Have you tried these tasty cheese crackers? Cheez-It or Cheez-Itz, depending on your recollection–is a well-known American snack brand that was brought to the market in 1921 by Green & Green Company and was subsequently purchased by Kellogg’s in 2001. 

Source: Imgur

You’ve probably tried this salty delicacy at one point in your life, but have you ever looked closely at its packaging? Many people recall it with the “Z” at the end, but others have a different opinion.


Cheez-It It is

It’s remarkable that, despite the fact that it has a real name, you nearly always hear people referring to it as “Cheez-Itz,” which, of course, may lead to some confusion around the actual name of the snack.

Source: Nerdist/ Twitter

Cheez-It is and will continue to be known as the cheese cracker brand name for the foreseeable future. Flabbergasted? The same may be said about us. We are also starting to feel hungry.


Inhale The Fragrance

This household odor brand, which debuted in the 1990s, has grown into a billion-dollar enterprise. Despite its popularity, its pronunciation has certainly generated some misunderstanding since the corporation first put its items on the market. 

Source: mandelaeffect.net

Many of us have loved the fragrant loveliness; how well it instantly transforms the atmosphere of every room–but have you ever considered how it’s really spelled? 90% of people will get it wrong. Anyway, if you’re wondering about it, here’s the answer!


Febreze Freshness

The term “Febreze” is spelled with a single “E” because it is a combination of the words “fabric” and “breeze.” Based on this combination, you would think they would spell it with two “E’s,” but I guess they missed one.

Source: lazada.vn

Many people claim to remember the name being spelled “Febreeze,” but there isn’t any hint or proof that the product name has ever been changed. Only our memory keeps changing things, and history stays the same.


The Bear Family

Do you identify this lovely bear family? You almost certainly do. In case you don”t know, The Berenstein Bears–or The Berenstain Bears–is a popular children’s book and TV series that follows a family of bears who learn a moral or safety-related lesson in every chapter.

Source: vlaz.info

Ironically, despite the fact that this series is quite well-liked, there has been a lot of discussion around the name of it. What do you think the correct spelling is?


Which Names Do The Bears Go By?

The bear’s family name is Berenstain. Despite this, a significant number of people (even die-hard fans) still refer to the show as The Berenstein Bears.

Source: chapters.indigo.ca

To tell you the truth, most people, including ourselves, believed the second option was correct. We aren’t sure whether to chalk up our bewilderment to a hazy memory or the possibility that we’ve been transported to a parallel universe. Either way, we’re in a pickle.


Unending Discussion

Let’s see if many of you Star Wars aficionados recognize this next one. Of course, we all know and adore the character C-3PO, a droid designed and developed by Anakin Skywalker. 

Source: ooyuz.com

We all remember this comedic relief figure, his striking golden hue, and undying loyalty. But what if we told you that not everything that glitters is gold?  Now, here’s the question: Was C-3PO, a character from the Star Wars franchise, ever depicted with an entirely gold body?


Golden C-3PO

You are gravely incorrect if you think that the majority of C-3PO is constructed out of gold. He is not. As a matter of fact, the humanoid robot has always possessed one silvery leg, even if many ardent fans of Star Wars claim to remember this particular aspect incorrectly and believe that it was never there.

Source: svpply.com

To be clear, C-3PO is not always depicted with chrome when sold. Some Star Wars merch has it, and some does not have it. Maybe the producers of the toys missed it too.


Open Happiness–Open Coke

This carbonated soft drink has been a popular choice since its introduction 130 years ago! After all, the sweet flavor and bubbly gas are very pleasant. Despite its extensive history, the logo of this world-famous business is the source of considerable debate. 

Source: CGesler/ Twitter

We find this unexpected given the company’s extensive advertising coverage–not to mention its appearances on television and in cinema. As previously said, our memory may be deceiving. So, what exactly does the logo look like?


Cold Bottle Of Coca-Cola

The logo of Coca-Cola has long been a topic of debate. Some believe the logo comprises a dash, while others believe it contains a squiggle or even a dot! It’s finally time to solve this mystery! In actuality, the hyphen (or short dash) between the two words in the Coca-Cola logo has existed since the beginning.

Source: search.danawa.com

Considering that it seems that our memories lack attention to details, we feel it is only proper to quote Ferris Bueller here: “Life moves rather quickly.” Let’s kick back, unwind, and drink a super cold bottle of Coke.