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Upcoming “Borat” Sequel To Explore Trump’s Relationship With Jeffrey Epstein, According To Reports


Some major plot points involving Sasha Baron Cohen’s soon-to-be-released Borat sequel have been disclosed, and it seems like the wretched journalist from Kazakhstan refuses to avoid controversy. 

Just recently, the full title intended for the planned Borat sequel was made public – and it was quite long, to say the least. 

More than a decade after the British actor made the world laugh (except for several Americans) with the release of his first feature-length rockumentary film title Borat: Cultural Learnings Of America For Make Benefit Glorious Nation Of Kazakhstan, he will soon debut the second installment of his comedy movie. 

Based on The Film Stage report, the title of the follow-up film is Borat: Gift Of Pornographic Monkey To Vice Premiere Mikhael Pence To Make Benefit Recently Diminished Nation Of Kazakhstan. After revealing the lengthy title, several plot points of the unexpected sequel have been disclosed. 

An updated report from the film news website, sources shared that the upcoming film will center on the relationship of President Donald Trump with the late convicted sex offender and American financier Jeffrey Epstein. 

The film will also brush on the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak topic, with cameos from Rudy Giuliani and Mike Pence. 

Based on the film news website, the upcoming sequel can be described as a “meta-story” that will feature Cohen’s iconic character Borat Sagdiyev as he tries to hide his real identity from the public by pretending to be another person. 

The talks about the Borat movie sequel made waves in social media when Cohen was seen in his classic “not-black” suit while driving around Long Beach onboard a yellow pickup truck. 

According to Metro, the actor penned the upcoming sequel together with Dan Swimer, Anthony Hines, Jena Friedman, Dan Mazer, Erica Rivinoja, Peter Baynham, and Lee Kern. 

Cohen first played the role of Borat in 1996. It was included in a series of short skirts that belonged in the now-defunct show titled F2F. 

After the success of another character, the buffoon rapper Ali-G, Cohen chose to take the Borat character in the satirical TV series titled Da Ali G Show. It aired between 2000 and 2004. 

The first Borat film reached a worldwide gross of $262 million. It also gave Cohen a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor (Motion Picture for Musical/Comedy) in 2007. The movie’s success paved the way for the box-office victories of the British actor’s subsequent films, including Bruno, which earned $138 million, and The Dictator, which raked in a $179 million upon release. 

Earlier, the public has doubts about Borat’s possible return on the big screen, especially in the PC age. Cohen even told The Telegraph in 2016 “Hollywood would be too scared to make Borat today.” 

Good thing Cohen seemed to have a major change of heart – and the world could not be any happier!  The Borat: Gift Of Pornographic Monkey To Vice Premiere Mikhael Pence To Make Benefit Recently Diminished Nation Of Kazakhstan film under Amazon Studios is scheduled for theatrical release on October 23, 2020. 


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