The Most Unexpected Photos Captured On Trail Cams Will Make Your Day

By: Lauren Wurth | Published: Sep 02, 2023

Recently, trail cams have become incredibly popular. These motion-detecting cameras are often used by people in the woods looking for wildlife. They might be hunters, animal lovers, or someone just looking to track an animal in the wild. A lot of times, these cameras are in weatherproof cases and they have batteries that last a long time. For these reasons, they are often left outside for a long time.

For a lot of people, there isn’t a lot of motion and they don’t get an opportunity to capture animals in their natural habitat. But, for these lucky people, they got a great opportunity to capture nature at its finest. You’ll be able to scroll along and see some hilarious and entertaining pictures that people have shared with the world. We can guarantee that you’ve never seen nature like this! Let’s get started.

What A Tangled Web We Weave

It might look like a bad hair day, but this buck actually has a tumbleweed wrapped up in his antlers. This little guy probably loves his new afro, and it definitely works on the doe around him!


This is definitely one way to stand out in the crowd. It makes you wonder if the deer purposefully posed for this camera to show off his new do.


Nobody Ever Wants To See This

This isn’t from a Hollywood movie, this is from someone’s backyard! This great picture of a bear mid-stride is fine to look at from the comfort of your couch, but it’s a little different if you were standing right next to that camera. Seeing the bear next to the large trees skews your perspective of just how large this grizzly is.


Of course, bears are known to be pretty lazy animals. They don’t hunt humans, they typically just enjoy meals of berries and grass. Still, that fact won’t make you feel any better if you’re ever face-to-face with this guy!

What Is This Owl Thinking?

Here we see an owl whose eyes are much larger than its stomach. Owls have great night vision, so it’s very surprising that the owl would take on such a massive deer for dinner.



Maybe there is a smaller animal in the background that we can’t see, but we’re left scratching our heads here. Interestingly enough, owls are actually known to hunt small deer for dinner.

A Squirrel Strikes From Above

Are deer always the subjects for attacks from small animals? Now it’s a squirrel that’s trying to pick a fight with a buck. It seems that the deer has no idea what’s going on, and the squirrel is in a world of trouble.


Maybe the squirrel is gearing up for hibernation and thought that it hit a jackpot. What a crazy photo that was captured.

Two Unlikely Friends Out In the Forest

If you can’t quite make out this photo, it’s a cat riding on the back of a buffalo. Who knew that this unlikely duo would be such good friends!

This pic also gives a great perspective as to just how huge buffalo really are – the cat looks like a mouse from this point of view.


Daring The Deer

And here we go again! The first thing that comes to mind is that someone gave her a dare, and she accepted. What other reason could she have to be creeping up to a deer at night?


On a serious note, though, do you think the trail cam captured a ghost?/She sure looks eerie in this pic, and the greyness of the pic makes it more frightening. Wonder if she caught the deer…hahaha


Two Deer vs. One Coyote

In this battle royale, we see two shocked deer facing against a coyote. The deer seem confused and unbothered by the coyote which is in a position ready to attack.


Whatever the reason for this encounter, we hope everyone walked away without a scratch – hopefully, they talked through their differences.


Aren’t Tigers Supposed To Have Stripes?

This tiger on the prowl looks like he just had himself a little mud bath. They typically do that to cool down since they don’t have sweat glands.

This great picture was taken from a trail cam somewhere exotic. The mud really highlights just how muscular tigers are.


Will You Give Me A Lift?

Another pair of buddies can be seen in this photo. Here, we have a warthog and a raccoon adventuring together. In the distance, you can see another raccoon.

Maybe this is how animals order Ubers in the wild, and the other raccoon is going to hop on as well. You can only imagine the hijinks that this trio is about to get up to.


Interrupting A Big Family Meal

This trail cam was aimed at a feeding trough that someone set up outside of their house. You can see a whole family of deer are enjoying their Thanksgiving together when the camera rudely takes a picture!

Can’t a deer get some privacy when they eat!? We wonder if the trail cam owner could have expected such a great turnout for their photo.


What’s Up, Gang?

Some deer are simply not photogenic. That’s the problem with our friend here. This goofy-looking deer was just trying to pose for the camera, but the trail cam caught him off guard.

The result is a hilarious picture of a shocked deer. One day this deer is going to be a star and he’ll use this picture as a headshot for his acting career.


The Perfect Escape

And they say raccoons aren’t smart! Here we see a brilliant fella running up a tree to escape an angry and hungry coyote. With its mouth open, it almost appears as though the raccoon is feverishly yelling as it climbs the tree.

A surefire way to escape becoming lunch. We applaud the raccoon for its resourcefulness.


A Happy Family of Raccoons

This fun photo shows a family of raccoons enjoying their night together. You can make out six raccoons just relaxing and taking a break.


In the foreground appears to be some type of feed, so you can only imagine the feast that these guys are having. Is this the equivalent of a raccoon Thanksgiving?


The Beauty of Birds of Prey

In this picture, two massive eagles are shown flaunting their size. It’s great to see the perspective of just how large these birds are in contrast to the large limb on the ground.

It appears as though the two birds are fighting about something. Animals in the wild are known to make themselves larger when they want to scare another animal off.


A Gathering of Deer

It looks like we interrupted a deer party, here. The trail cam went off and snapped a pic, and every deer made sure that they posed for it. Hunters probably have dreams that look a lot like this picture.

It almost looks like all of these deer were posing for a group photo. The loyal photographer was of course the trail cam.


The Camera Didn’t Survive This Terrible Attack

In this angry selfie, a bird doesn’t understand just how close they are to the lens. We believe this is a woodpecker, and the blur is probably thanks to them viciously attacking the tree and the trail cam.

The owner of the camera later found a hole in the lens, no doubt pecked by this little guy right here.


A Wolverine That Thinks It’s A Human

This fuzzy little wolverine is only adorable from a distance. It might look like a miniature bear, but it’s actually part of the weasel family. This little guy must think that he’s a human, the way he’s striking a pose for the camera.

The wolverine might have perceived the camera as a predator and it’s looking to make itself look larger to scare away the camera. The joke’s on him, he just looks more adorable.


Sorry About This Santa

Did you know that the Grinch was actually a grizzle bear? In this picture, we can see a bear gently eating a stuffed Santa decoration. This curious little guy was looking to get into the holiday spirit the only way he knew how – by eating the mini Santa.


Hopefully, he’s a little more welcoming to the actual Santa, otherwise, he’ll find his den filled with coal.


Let There Be Food!

Next up is a group of genius raccoons. The one mastermind realized that he can swing on the birdfeeder in order to feed the whole group.


It looks like Miley Cyrus on a wrecking ball in this photo. The spillage from the sides is presumably birdseed. This is one of the biggest heists in raccoon history.


Enjoying the Fireworks Show

Did you know that deer like to celebrate Independence Day also? Well… not really – but in this photo, it appears as though a buck is enjoying a nice firework show. In a field alone, the deer found a prime location to enjoy some fireworks.

You can tell that the photo wasn’t taken on New Year’s Eve because the deer doesn’t have funny glasses or a hat that says the new year on it.


A Beautiful Mama-Baby Moment

Everyone needs a helping hand from time to time. In this case, we see a mama bear helping their young bear grab some food.


There’s something eerily human about this picture, and we can’t stop laughing while we look at it. It looks like a human in a bear suit helping to raise an actual baby bear.


What Happened Next?

It’s rare that you see a picture taken moments before disaster, especially on a trail cam. These two wilderness enemies locked eyes.


You see a raccoon peering out of the car right at a fox. Either a fight went down, or the raccoon started the car and drove away – it’s hard to say!


Cats Are Always So Cool

It seems like every cat just exudes coolness. This picture is no exception. We see a cat chilling on a platform with two deer staring curiously at it. The platform looks far from stable, but it doesn’t seem like the cool little cat minds at all.

This little guy is just relaxing and enjoying his evening. Thankfully a trail cam was here to capture the moment so we can all laugh about it.


A Very Sneaky Otter

Here’s something you don’t see every day. This sneaky otter was walking past the trail cam with a midnight snack in his mouth. It looks like a big fish of some kind. The otter probably felt like he hit a jackpot with such a big fish, and we hit a jackpot getting this great photo.


A lot of people don’t realize that otters are such good hunters. They move quickly, have sharp teeth, and can swim really well.


Howl to the Moon

A lot of us have heard howls in the middle of the night, but not a lot of people have actually seen what it looks like. This great trail cam picture shows three coyotes howling to the moon.

They do this to tell other coyotes where they are so they can all hunt together. In this picture, it looks like they’re all singing their favorite song together or sharing a good yell.


“Look at me, I’m a human!”

Deer commonly rear up on their hind legs as a way to intimidate rivals for mates. They might even engage in a boxing match by hitting one another with their front hooves. Those hooves are wickedly sharp. So this pose isn’t exactly unusual in some contexts. But this guy seems to be on his own.

Maybe he’s defending himself against an enemy off-camera. Or maybe he’s perfecting his human walk. Who knew deer were so talented?


A Buck Battle for the Ages

Not all deer are peacefully posing for cameras. This pair of bucks is looking to settle something. Bucks will use their horns to charge one another and attack.

We think this battle looks pretty epic, and it took us a while to realize there is an audience of raccoons in the background watching this epic fight. If you don’t have a television, you have to get your entertainment from somewhere, right?


Does It Taste Good?

You might think that this derpy deer is the same one from before, but it’s not. Maybe a distant cousin, this deer is trying to figure out what the trail cam is. The result is an up-close and personal shot of a deer studying the cam.

It might have even tried licking the camera to see what it tasted like. In the background, you can see another deer standing there. There’s no doubt that the other deer is making fun of the curious little guy.


Up Close and Personal

After seeing this picture, you better hope that your trail cam isn’t anywhere near your house or tent. In this picture we see a curious little cheetah taking a look at a trail cam.

This picture is so fun because it’s cool to see a natural predator look so curious and adorable. This cheetah just wanted to take a look at the trail cam and see what was going on before continuing down the trail.


Amazingly Adorable Fox Cubs

Now it’s time for another cute family get together. In this case, we see a mama fox feeding her little family. Foxes are known to be good parents, and this picture is no exception to that idea.

This mama is making sure that her babies are taken care of until they’re ready to face the wild. Too bad she blinked when this photo was taken!


A Beautiful Wolf Photo

Here’s something else you don’t see every day – a pack of curious wolves are pictured here taking a close look at a trail cam. The wolf in the foreground is perfectly in focus, and you can make out some pretty remarkable details about it.

The handsome eyes and dark fur make you think this wolf is just a cute little puppy. We would definitely suggest against trying to pet it, though!


Just Having a Little Snack

Is this the otter from earlier? This little guy is enjoying a midnight snack on a fish that they caught. They wink for the camera as they take a nibble.

The expression is really funny in this picture, and it almost seems like the otter is posing for the picture. It’s also impressive to see just how large their paws are in relation to their body.


Well, This Is Awkward

Talk about an embarrassing photo! This deer was getting some motherly love and had no idea a camera was there to snap a picture of the pair.

It’s like when your mom gives you a kiss when she drops you off for school, but this picture will last a lot longer than an embarrassing memory. The mom was just letting her know that she loves her daughter, nothing wrong with that!


The Heart of the Hunt

The chase is on! In this dynamic picture, you can see a mountain lion chasing after what seems to be a deer. The legs and tail of the mountain lion suggest that they just took a sharp corner, but they won’t let their dinner escape so easily.

Or maybe they’re just playing a harmless game of tag and they take it very seriously? Who knows. But it is an amazing photo captured by a trail cam.


Move….Get Out The Way!

This deer had better be off that roadway in a matter of seconds, or it will be… bye-bye so long. The deer is blinded by the headlights of the oncoming vehicle, which has left it confused.

We don’t know what happened next, but it’s one of two things. The driver stopped in the nick of time or like many before him; he died quickly. We think he’s still alive though.


Trails Cams Can Catch People Too

Here we see a man with his deer buddy enjoying the evening together. The man poses humorously for the photo while the deer takes this opportunity to grab a little snack.

This is the first photobomb we’ve seen where a human interacts with a trail cam while an animal is right behind them. We can’t help but wonder if the guy even knew the deer was back there.


What Are You Looking At?

How dare you look at me, is what this Wolverine appears to be saying to someone or something ahead, which we can’t see. Either way, looking at those eyes, I sure wouldn’t want to be the one getting that stare

Wolverines are strong creatures so don’t mess. around. Watch them from a distance, or even better, from your computer, so you don’t get a beat down with those eyes.


Let Me Take A Selfie

If you’re a raccoon, how are you supposed to get a decent selfie with your friends? This little guy found the solution.

Take your posse to the nearest trail cam and snap a pic. Of course, his friends are a little camera-shy. At least no one blinked in the photo, though!


Heading Home with Dinner

Just like the otters from earlier, here we see a bear proudly showing off its catch. It walks with a fish in its mouth, most likely a salmon.

The bear might be taking this meal to its den to share with its little ones. At any rate, we can be sure that the bear is definitely proud of this catch.


Prickly Porcupines Get Ready To Battle It Out

These two angry porcupines wanted to settle their beef with an audience. They took to the nearest trail cam to capture their fight.

Whether they’re using their words or their fists, these porcupines definitely have something to work through. Since this isn’t a video, you can let your imagination run free as to what they’re doing.


Cats vs. Dogs in the Wild

This not-so-natural shot is from a person dressed in a gorilla costume. They probably stumbled across the trail cam and wanted to put on a show for the people checking in on it.

The picture is equal parts hilarious and creepy. Something from a horror-comedy movie, for sure. I think if this was my trail cam, I’d immediately remove it before the prankster gets more creative.


Run For Your Life!

Here we see a mama with her young baby deer. They are cruising around the woods and enjoying an afternoon snack of some greenery. It looks like such a gentle and simple life that they’re leading.

They are just strolling through the woods and enjoying themselves. Hopefully, the trail cam didn’t disturb them too much from their special day.


The Perfect Shot

Now, if we didn’t know better it would be easy to say these deers staged that photo. How else could they have gotten it so perfect? The food laying on the ground looks great between the antlers.

The icing on the cake is the other deer casually feeding. The deer upfront is starting innocently, so maybe, just maybe it’s really a candid shot. Either way, it’s perfect!


What The Heck Is That?

I don’t know about you but even looking at this picture is creeping me out. Half animal, half-monster, all monster…ok, it’s plain weird.

Never seen anything like this and can’t imagine what anyone would do if they came face to face with it. They’d probably run for dear life! Do you have any clue or are you just as freaked out as we are from looking at it?


People have too much time on their hands

You would think that most of the things captured on trail cams are animals — real animals, that is. And for the most part, you would be right. But apparently, trail cams also sometimes capture pranksters doing…well, whatever this is. Some people play sports, sketch, or play guitar as a hobby.


Other people, apparently, put on costumes and sneak into the woods at night to take pictures like these. I guess they were getting really bored.


A sweet moment with Mom

Some of the stuff we spot on trail cams is disturbing, inexplicable, or just weird. And sometimes we get glimpses of moments like this. It’s nothing special, just a mother deer bringing her two fawns for a walk through the woods.

They are probably on the lookout for some food. For them, it’s a normal day with the family. For us, it is a glimpse into what these animals are doing at any time while we go about our own busy lives.


Don't let the Peaceful Stroll Fool You!

Yes, they fooled us too, if only for a few seconds. Strolling along the roadway, looking so romantic with their beautiful spots, then suddenly you remember, they’re not pets, they’re predators who are not friendly to humans.

Yes, and they are among the fastest animals alive with the ability to speed up from that strolling pace to 60 mph in less than five seconds. Therefore, continue enjoying the view from your phone or computer screen.


What Is Going On Here?

This next picture is really hard to explain. It almost looks like the one deer was tackled by Ray Lewis, but there’s nothing in frame that could have done it.

Besides that, the other two deer are calmly grazing and looking around, enjoying their midnight snack. This hilarious picture makes no sense, but we’re happy that it was captured and shared with us.


I don’t know whether to laugh or cry

Nature can be cruel, and that is sometimes captured on trail cams. In this picture, we catch a terrifying glimpse of an owl carrying off a domestic cat. Let this be a PSA for everyone: don’t let your house pets wander around unattended!


Owls, falcons, and other birds of prey are known to carry off cats and even small dogs. Veterinarians actually recommend keeping your pets inside, for their own health and safety. Fluffy will have a much longer life by your side!


Bring Out The Search Crew

Guess we’ll never know what they lost, which required a whole pack of Bongos to rummage through the shrubs to find. However, they do look beautiful.

These African Antelopes are hard to differentiate as both males and females have antlers. Maybe it’s not our business, right? The same way, we won’t know what on Earth they are looking for. But these gorgeous animals are worth an extra look.


A fearsome hunter or a shy pup?

Most of us would feel understandably afraid if we ran across a wolf like this one out in the woods. But the truth is that most wolves aren’t very aggressive and really just want to be left alone. They are much more likely to run away than try to engage in a fight.

Wolf attacks are the rarest of all large predator attacks. So if you run across a wolf like this one, give it some space. It probably just wants to get back to its home.


I don’t even have a guess

Have you ever just wanted to grab your cello and hit the woods for a middle-of-the-night party with some deer? No. Well, I guess some experiences aren’t universal. Those deer seem to be pretty comfortable around the people, which might be the strangest part of it all.

Wide Open Spaces

We will never know exactly what was going on here. Presumably, the owner of the trail cam was equally confused when he or she looked at the footage. I guess some mysteries just aren’t meant to be solved.


There’s nothing like a family back scratch

You have probably heard that bears like to scratch their backs on tree trunks. But you might not have ever seen a whole family of bears on the assist. I guess sometimes you really need some help to scratch that itch.

You can spot a second bear scratching itself on the other side of the trunk. That tree must be the best scratching tree in the whole forest, based on the queue that has formed. Everybody, wait your turn!


Now that’s a fearsome battle

These two foxes must really have a score to settle. They are going at one another like you have never seen them before. Fox kits are known to fight for play just like dogs and cats. But these two look too old and too serious to be playing.


It is much more likely that they have gotten in a squabble over food, territory, or even a prospective mate. The trail cam just happened to catch them squaring up.


Let's Go Our Separate Ways

Ok, there are so many possible theories for what went down at this scene. However, the most plausible would be that they called a truce. These animals are not friends and should be ripping each other apart.

But one of them realized that none would have left the scene unscathed, and they all agreed. Or better yet, it was a big fight which none of them won, and they all walked away in shame.


The prey becomes the predator

Deer are usually prey, not predators. It is surprising to see a deer pursuing a fox. We can only imagine what the fox said to provoke such a reaction. Maybe he made a joke about the buck’s mom.

Or maybe he told him that his antlers looked silly. We will never know exactly what happened to provoke the deer’s anger, but we were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the pursuit. Run, little fox, run!


A quick kiss in the woods

I’ve been on a few dates in my time, but none of them was as romantic as these bobcats sharing a smooth in the forest. They appear to have a feeding dish beside them, so they had dinner, too.

This might as well be straight out of a Disney movie. I hope there was an accordion player serenading them. I also hope he or she was at a safe distance in case those bobcats decided they had room for dessert.


Hide And Seek Gone Wrong

Admit it; we’ve all found ourselves in a bind at some point in our childhood while playing hide and seek, so why are we laughing at this deer? Ok, seriously…stop!

The funniest part is that the deer doing the seeking is staring wide-eyed at its friend, wondering whether to laugh or help, or at least, that’s how it seems. We think this one may require human intervention.


Now that’s what I call a party

What’s the best party you’ve ever been to? I bet it wasn’t as fun as this woodland shindig. The food must be really good, because it’s drawn not only raccoons, but also skunks and deer. They also have a full birdbath, which is the animal equivalent of a fully-stocked cooler.


They might not have a stereo, but that is really all they’re missing. I guess really good food can bring animals of all species together.


Yikes, Forgot To Close The Garbage

Unless you’d like an after-party scene like this at your house corner, We’d suggest that you don’t forget to seal your garbage bin at night. Mongoose usually prefer rummaging for food in the wild, however, if your house is close to a woodland, which is their natural environment, they’ll happily stroll over and take advantage.

We recommend that you place some food items to the far end of your yard if ever you encounter a mongoose to prevent them coming up close and personal again.


Hydration is important for everyone

Depending on where you are in the world, your trail cam could pick up some pretty interesting animals. Just look at this one, which captured two zebras stopping for a quick water break. We don’t know where this trail cam is set up.

Maybe it is on a wildlife reserve. Or maybe it is in a place where zebras are native. Regardless, it is pretty cool to see these exotic animals, even just as they go about their usual business.


A deer showing off its dance routine

You might think that this deer has been startled by the sight of the raccoon. I like to think that it is actually practicing a dance routine and clicking its hooves in the air. That raccoon is lucky enough to get a front-row seat.

Wide Open Spaces

Okay, probably not. But it is funny to think about the ways that animals have surprising encounters with one another just like humans do. We will never know all the things they get up to when we’re not looking.


You want a piece of me?

It is easy to forget how large some birds of prey are. Some eagles, for example, have a wingspan of 7.5 feet. But this trail cam photo really puts it in perspective. No matter how tough you are, you would probably feel intimidated if a bird approached you like this.


That bird’s expression shows that it knows exactly how scary it is and how to use it to its advantage. Of course, it doesn’t know it’s facing off to a camera.


The face I make looking through my peephole

Much of the time, animals don’t seem all that aware of the trail cameras. But every now and then, they seem to realize that they are being watched. When that happens, it is time to come check out the camera. Then you get amazing pictures like this.


This is a vulture peering into the camera, but doesn’t it remind you of your weird uncle’s Facebook profile picture? Right down to the blurry focus and the angry expression.


Don’t get too comfortable, little bunny

Some of the animal encounters we spot on trail cam footage are sweet, with animals meeting almost as friends. Unfortunately, this one isn’t quite so sweet. That little rabbit has no idea there is a mountain lion approaching it from behind.

Maybe the bunny was able to get away in time or maybe the mountain lion got a tasty snack. We will never know. As difficult as it might be to see, it is all a part of the natural food chain. Even a lion has to eat!


Would someone give this poor deer a hand?

Animals can get into some pretty hilarious scrapes, especially when they encounter human artifacts. Just take this poor deer, who has clearly gotten into a pickle with a plastic bucket. There is no telling how long he had the bucket stuck in his antlers or if he was ever able to get it off on his own.


It is always possible that some human was eventually able to catch him and take pity on him long enough to remove the bucket.


Pigs have never been so terrifying

We are used to seeing farmyard pigs, which are a little cuter and less scary than their wild counterparts. But the truth is that pigs of all kinds are pretty fierce things. Ask any farmer or hunter and they will let you know that pigs can be violent and are known to eat pretty much anything, including other animals.


This trail cam caught a disturbing shot of a fight between a wild boar and a raccoon, including the moment where the boar finally chomped down.


“I’m fine, everyone! Don’t worry about me!”

Aren’t animals so graceful? It is amazing to see how they can run so fast, climb so swiftly, and hunt with such expertise. If you are feeling self-conscious about your own clumsiness, don’t worry — even animals have their awkward moments.


Just take this bear, who apparently just tumbled head over heels in the brush. They seem to be waving to some friends as if to let them know not to worry. They just need to catch their breath!


“Does this fur make my butt look fat?”

For such fierce and terrifying animals, bears do look pretty fat and cuddly. This one almost seems to be checking out its own backside in the camera. It is probably a coincidence — more likely it was facing the camera and turned to investigate a noise — but it is funny to imagine that it is admiring its reflection in the lens.


After all, even a bear needs a little bit of body positivity every now and then. You’re looking great, buddy!


Army Crawl

This little girl (or guy) is doing an army crawl to wiggle under a fence. Luckily, the racoon can use the cover of night to go places that humans probably installed the fence to keep them out.


Racoons can often be seen traveling in packs, so we wouldn’t be surprised if there were some friends lurking somewhere off to the side of the frame.


Fox Trot

Just as the racoon had tried, this little devious fox made the same attempt in the light of day to get under the fence.

Foxes are known for their agility, though the fox in question does look slightly too big for this fence. We hope they made it through!


Birds of Fury

With its big eyes and long neck, this bird is quite the photogenic sight to behold!

It is as is the bird knows exactly what is happening and is striking a sassy pose for the trail cam!


Accidental Art

While most of the trail camera shots are gritty and shot in the cover of darkness, some actually turn out quite pretty!


This photo, for example, shows a bird in motion atop a fallen tree. The colors and composition turned out quite beautiful!


Cubs Following Mama

This trail cam caught some young cubs following their mountain lion mama through the greenery. The small cubs look so inquisitive!

It is hard to tell from the photo whether or not they are walking stealthily and quiet or chasing after mom and some prey.


Move it Football Head! It's Basketball Head

A picture speaks a thousand words, but sometimes it only leaves us  with more questions. For instance, what the heck?

It is hard to envision how this deer ended up with a basketball atop its head but it makes for a cute photo op! Hopefully the ball was able to come off with little struggle from the deer.


Lovely Lions

Two mountain lions share an intimate moment by the water cooler during their evening prowl. So cute!

It looks like the two of them are wearing collars, so it is very likely these lions are being tended to by caring humans.


Last moments

This poor deer’s last moments were captured in an intense moment on this trail cam. What looks like a cougar has used its intense night vision and agility to corner the deer in the right place.

Source: Reddit

Deers also have amazing night vision but lack the night stalking abilities that the cougar comes with. Part of us are rooting for the deer, we’ll never know what happened, but hey–the cougar needs to eat too.