Two Sets of Identical Twins Have Kids That Are Genetically Brothers, Cousins, and Twins

By: Lisa Lee | Published: Apr 25, 2022

There’s a 1 in 250 chance of giving birth to a twin. When it comes to identical twins, the chances are even slimmer. Outside of twin conventions (which do exist as you’ll find out later), it’s unlikely that identical twins meet many other identical twins during the course of their lives.

If they do, however, they often bond like, well, twins. Both have gone through an experience so rare when compared to the general public, that they immediately share something profound with each other. It’s easy to understand how that shared experience can spark a romance. For the two sets of identical twins here, that led to a peculiar kind of family life. Let’s take a look. 

Meet Briana and Brittany

Briana and Brittany Deane were born identical twins. Growing up, they always had a strong bond with each other. When they began dating as teenagers, that presented some challenges. There weren’t many twins around, so they dated single guys. 


Often, this led to Briana hating Brittany’s boyfriends and Brittany hating Briana’s boyfriends. If either of them got too serious with a boyfriend, they knew their twin bond would be split apart. So, they held out hope for finding a set of twins to date together.


The Twins Day Festival

In 2017, Briana and Brittany went to the Twins Day Festival in (aptly named) Twinsburg, Ohio. The famous festival started back in the mid-1970s. Since then, it has grown into the largest annual gathering of twins in the entire world according to the Guinness Book of World Records. 


Twins of all ages and from all over the globe flock to northeast Ohio in August of every year to mix and mingle with other twins. Some want to be around those with a similar experience. Others want to look for life partners. 

Briana and Brittany Meet Their Match

As we saw above, Briana and Brittany had a rough time dating in their teenage years. If either one of them got too serious with a single guy, they risked jeopardizing their twin bond. To avoid that fate and find other twins, they decided to give the 2017 Twin Day Festival a try. 


Well, it worked. At the festival, all that uncomfortable jealousy and fear from their teenage years melted away when they met the identical twin brothers Jeremy and Josh Salyers.

The Four Twins Get Married

The twin sisters and twin brothers hit it off so well that by August of 2018 when the next Twin Day Festival was held, they were already ready to tie the knot. And what better place to do it than at the festival where they met?


News of their unique wedding spread through the internet and caught the interest of the TV network TLC. Producers were so taken with the idea that they documented the entire thing in their hit show Our Twinsane Wedding. 

Settling Into the Same House

The years 2017 and 2018 were big for the two sets of twins. After meeting each other and dating for a few months, they got married (on TLC) and moved in together – quite literally. All four of them share a (large) house in Virginia.

For them, it was a completely normal decision. When you consider how much of their life they’ve shared already – driver’s licenses, graduations, a marriage – it becomes understandable. However, they do say that their clothes get mixed up a lot.


Twin Pregnancy

After the marriage and settling down, they moved on to starting a family. Both Brittany and Briana wanted to get pregnant – and to share that pregnancy at the same time! As we saw earlier, the twin sisters enjoy sharing important experiences in their lives together.

Although they didn’t give birth at the exact same time, they did manage to time it quite well – only three months apart. When they found out the good news, the twins immediately shared it with their thousands of Instagram followers.


Meet Jax and Jett

Shortly after finding out the gender of her baby, Briana revealed it to her Instagram followers by wearing a blue and pink dress and then adding a blue filter. In January of 2021, Briana and her husband Jeremy welcomed their baby boy Jax into the world.

In April, only three months after Jax was born, Brittany gave birth to a baby boy named Jett. Her husband Josh was right by her side – and full of smiles. The baby pics became instant favorites. 


How Jax and Jett Are Related

As you might have guessed from above, Jax and Jett aren’t your average babies. Both their moms and dads are twins – identical twins nonetheless. So, what does that make them? That’s where it gets a bit complicated.


Legally speaking, they’re cousins. Genetically speaking, they’re brothers. Although they were born to different moms and dads, they share so much DNA – and look so similar – that they’re genetically siblings. As sons of identical twin mothers and fathers, Jax and Jett are what’s called a “quaternary twin.” 


Family Life

The twin brothers Josh and Jeremy, the twin sisters Briana and Brittany, and their twin-looking baby boys Jax and Jett all live in one big house in Virginia. As any follower of their Instagram page will note, the brothers and sisters still tend to wear matching clothes – whether that’s pajamas for breakfast or casual clothes for a family night out. 

Although some (most often non-identical twins) might find this weird, they find the opposite weird. If the twins look completely different from each other, they feel like something’s wrong. 


Communal Parenting

When it comes to raising Jax and Jett, both couples prefer a co-parenting approach. This makes a lot of sense considering they all live together. Although Jett is Brittany and Josh’s boy, they feel just as comfortable taking care of Jax. The same goes for Briana and Jeremy for Jett. 

Although their similar names and looks can get a bit difficult for outsiders to keep track of, they never get confused. They form one big family unit in one big happy home.