Discovery Of Two Stray Kittens Has A Surprising Twist

By: Lisa Lee | Published: Nov 06, 2023

It was a typical day when the farmer saw a box left in front of his door. He thought it was a regular package, so he innocently opened it. But what greeted him was something he did not expect. 

The sight of small kittens stared back at him with their tiny eyes. They appeared to be abandoned. There was no sign of their mother in sight. Concerned for their well-being, the farmer knew he had to take action. He realized that if he did not do something, the kittens might not survive the night. 

Orphaned Kittens

The farmer could not help but be shocked at what he saw. The little kittens looked so helpless and vulnerable. It was as if they were pleading for someone to save them from the cold. The farmer knew he had to act fast.


Source: Patrick T. Fallon for The Washington Post/Getty Images

The farmer saw that the kittens were too young to be left alone. Since the mother was evidently not present, it was clear that these cute furry creatures had intentionally been abandoned. Perhaps someone hoped that the farmer would take them in.


Who Left Them And Why?

The origins of the abandoned kittens may always remain a mystery, but we do know what happened next. It was clear that the kittens were too young to be separated from their mother and were unable to fend for themselves.


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Without intervention, it is likely that they would not have survived the night. Despite their uncertain beginnings, the kittens were given a chance to live happy and healthy lives thanks to the farmer’s concern.

Tragedy Strikes The Kittens

Life can be unpredictable, especially for newborn animals that have been exposed to the elements. Despite the farmer’s best efforts, one of the kittens was too far gone and could not be saved.


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The effects of neglect had already taken hold, and it was too late to reverse the damage. The farmer and his family were heartbroken at the loss of one of the kittens, but they did their best to care for the surviving ones and give them a chance at a happy and healthy life.

There Is Still Hope

The experience of finding the abandoned kittens was a difficult one for the farmer and his family. They knew they couldn’t provide the care and attention that the kittens so desperately needed, so they decided to seek help from experts.


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They contacted their local animal shelter, Chatons Orphelins Montreal (COM), and brought the remaining kittens there even though it was late at night and the journey was not a short one. The staff at COM were trained to care for orphaned kittens and were able to provide them with the medical treatment and love that they needed. 

Surprising Discovery

In 2021, Chatons Orphelins Montreal (COM) spoke to the animal website Love Meow about the abandoned kittens that were brought to their shelter. They described how the family drove all the way to the shelter throughout the night just to bring the kittens.

Source: Rescuechatonsmontreal/Facebook

When the COM staff examined the kittens, they were shocked to discover that the two kittens did not come from the same litter. It is rare for two kittens from different litters to be abandoned together. Regardless of their origins, the COM staff worked tirelessly to provide the kittens with the care and attention they needed to thrive.


New Life

The abandoned kittens brought to Chatons Orphelins Montreal (COM) were completely different colors – one was orange, and the other was gray. The orange kitten was estimated to be four weeks old, while the gray kitten still had her umbilical cord attached.

Source: Rescuechatonsmontreal/Facebook

The presence of the umbilical cord indicated that the litter had been abandoned very soon after birth. However, despite the fact that the kittens were not biologically related, they were inseparable and always stayed close as if they needed each other. 


Sibling Love

The caretakers from the shelter decided to name the two young kittens, Ron and Ginny. Ron was the orange tabby, and Ginny was the gray kitten. Ron was often seen holding Ginny close to him whenever they were resting. 

Source: Rescuechatonsmontreal/Facebook

Ginny, whose eyes were still closed, relied on her older brother for comfort and warmth. Kitten care can be complex, and one important aspect is making sure they have access to heat. This is especially important for tiny kittens like Ginny. Fortunately, Ron seemed to understand this and did his best to keep his little sister warm and safe.


Desperately Seeking Warmth

Kittens are unable to regulate their body temperature until they are about three weeks old. During this time, it is essential that they stay warm in order to survive. Kittens typically receive warmth from their mother or siblings, but if these sources are not available, they may be at risk of getting too cold. 

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In these cases, it is important for their human caregivers to make sure they are kept warm and safe. Without proper care, young kittens can be vulnerable to the elements and may be at risk of harm.


Helping The Kittens Survive

Kittens are especially vulnerable during their first few weeks of life. To increase their chances of survival, they need to be constantly cared for, and this includes providing them with warmth, protection, and consistent attention.

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In some cases, even with round-the-clock care, it can be difficult for kittens to make it through this critical period. It is important for caregivers to be dedicated to the needs of these young animals. If the kittens are separated from their mother, as Ron and Ginny were, they will also need to be fed. 


Love Is In The Details

Feeding baby kittens requires detailed care. Regular milk is not advisable. Instead, it is essential to use a warmed kitten milk replacer (KMR) and only feed the kittens while they are on their stomachs, not their backs.

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Plus, kittens as young as Ron and Ginny need to be fed every few hours, day and night. In addition to feeding, it is also necessary for their caregivers to stimulate them manually in order to help them go to the bathroom after feeding. 


Supporting Each Other

The COM carer, who served as the foster mother of Ron and Ginny, dedicated herself to providing round-the-clock care for the young kittens. She bottle-fed them every two hours. As a result, they began to gain weight and become stronger.

Source: Rescuechatonsmontreal/Facebook

Ron, the orange tabby, also played an important role in caring for his sister and helping her to thrive. Despite their struggles, COM and the carer worked together to give the kittens the best chance at survival. Their efforts paid off, and the kittens continued to grow and thrive under their care.


Lots Of Love

Despite his own small size, Ron was a big help to Ginny and did his best to care for her. Despite being three weeks apart in age, Ron stayed with Ginny constantly, showering her with affection and love even if they didn’t belong to the same litter.

Source: Rescuechatonsmontreal/Facebook

Ron’s foster mother discovered that the little kitten had a huge heart and a lot of love to give. Despite the challenges they faced, Ron and Ginny’s bond was strong, and they supported each other through their early days of life.


Big Brother To Scottie

Ron and Ginny were not the only kittens in need of COM’s care. Another tiny cat named Scottie had also had a difficult start to life. She was born into a litter with several brothers and sisters, but they had all been left inside a wall.

Source: Love Meow/YouTube

The COM team rescued the kittens, but they were unable to prevent a large-scale tragedy. Despite facing challenges, COM worked hard to provide care and support for all of the kittens in their charge, including Ron, Ginny, and Scottie.


Sole Survivor

Scottie was the only survivor of her litter, which was particularly remarkable given that she was the smallest of all the kittens. Despite being plagued by ill health at first, Scottie was given a second chance thanks to a lot of love and care from her human caregiver.

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However, Scottie still missed the companionship of other cats, and it was clear that she needed more social interaction. Fortunately, the arrival of Ron and Ginny provided the perfect opportunity for Scottie to bond with other felines and form close relationships.


Feline Bonds Formed

Given Ron’s affectionate nature towards Ginny, it seemed likely that he would be a good companion for Scottie as well. Therefore, COM decided to introduce the two kittens to see if they would bond. As it turned out, Ron formed a close relationship with Scottie almost immediately.

Source: Rescuechatonsmontreal/Facebook

Ron played with Scottie and convinced her to have fun with him. It wasn’t long before they were cuddling together. Ron’s nurturing nature and ability to form strong bonds made him a valuable companion for Scottie. 


New-Found Furry Friends

As Ron and Scottie grew older, their bond only became stronger. Since they were similar in age, they had comparable levels of energy and were able to play together for long periods of time. COM noted that wherever Scottie was, Ron was sure to be nearby as well. 

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They did everything together, and Scottie was thrilled to have a friend to play with finally. The close bond between Ron and Scottie provided them with comfort and support as they navigated the challenges of growing up.


Cats That Stick Together, Purr Forever

Ron’s companionship was what Scottie needed. Due to her experiences, Scottie struggled with separation and would cry for attention until she was able to find company. She especially loved being around other cats–Ron in particular. 

Source: Rescuechatonsmontreal/Facebook

Despite not being from the same litter, Ron and Scottie acted like siblings from the very beginning, and their bond only grew stronger over time. Ron’s presence provided Scottie with the comfort and companionship she needed and helped her to feel less alone.


Big Brother To All

Ron has not only been a supportive companion to Scottie, but he has also acted as a brother figure to other foster kittens. He is exceptionally gentle with the younger ones, giving them lots of hugs and kisses.

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When it’s time to play, Ron has Scottie to wrestle with and burn off energy. Ron’s nurturing nature and ability to form close bonds with other kittens has made him an invaluable member of the foster family and a beloved companion to all.


Not All Can Be Saved

COM is dedicated to helping stray and rescued cats find new homes through their volunteer foster program. However, not all cats are as fortunate as Ron and Scottie in finding companionship with other animals.

Source: Rescuechatonsmontreal/Facebook

Many shelter workers find it more challenging to give older homeless cats, especially those with health issues, a second chance at life. Despite these difficulties, COM and other organizations continue to work hard to provide care and support for all cats in need, regardless of age or health.