Trying to Understand Football As Told By Swiftie Fans

By: Riley Brown | Last updated: Nov 26, 2023

Taylor Swift fans immediately took a new liking to football and we didn’t think in our “Wildest Dreams” that it would happen. Swifties are now invested and are giving their thoughts and explanations on the game. You’d be surprised at how much knowledge went around from people who previously gave as much “Blank Space” for football as they would the haters, that’s not a lot. They knew nothing about “touchdowns,” or “field goals” before Taylor Swift but now they are in it to win it and are shaking off all their frustrations.

 It looks like Taylor Swift’s appearance at the Kansas Chiefs game started a new “era.” The Grammy-award singer is currently in a relationship with tight-end Travis Kelce. Instead of doing the typical wave at the Football game, Taylor Swift has created a wave of her own. These T-Swift fans have become football fans and they didn’t even know it. Behold the most hilarious tweets from Swifties turned “Football Experts.” 

NFL Teams Translated to Swiftie Terms

How hard can it be for Taylor Swift to understand the game when it’s explained in Swiftie terms? Although this analogy got us laughing, it was spot on. But wait a minute.


Source: marvelousstune via Twitter

What’s the likelihood of Taylor Swift playing Mary’s song? We may need some Swiftie insight. Or maybe Jets insight? Not her private jet, although we wouldn’t object to that either.

Why worry about knowing team names when you could just use colors?

We’ve probably used colors to identify teams before, especially when we knew nothing about the sport. Seeing that approach applied to the Kansas Chiefs and Chicago Bears game was refreshing. Why worry about learning their names when their uniform colors are enough? 


Source: haizediary via Twitter

If you’re already a Swifie then you’re already used to looking for the RED. From now on, the Kansas Chiefs are known solely as the “red” and we can’t complain. Now we just need a uniform that’s “Taylor’s Version.”

Football, The Musical?

The love for Taylor Swift is massive, and it makes us believe that anything can happen. Don’t underestimate the power of a lavender haze, maybe songs can explain football after all. We feel a football craze coming on. 


Source: tisthepamseason via Twitter

Maybe we could rename the positions and football gameplay in honor of the Swifties, but for now, we can only listen to Swift’s songs as we cheer the game on.

I’m the Problem; It’s Me

As Swifties struggled to understand a game they previously had little or no interest in, Taylor was falling in love…with the game of course. Fortunately, it didn’t take long for someone to come to Swiftie’s rescue since they are in need of a catch-up. The explanation seems simple enough.


Source: Twitter (X) / stitchswift13

For those who are yet to understand, a down stands when the ball is snapped and ends when the ball is dead. If it sounds complex, at least you’re in good company.

Learning the Rules

Soon after Taylor was spotted at the game, a tweet came up with a brief explanation about football, getting down to the basics. Touchdowns and field goals may sound confusing. We are certain Swifties will need more than one game to figure the terms out.

Source: Annie_Wu_22 via Twitter

They may get the chance to grasp the game as their favorite singer appears to be attending more and more games. However, that depends on how this relationship continues to go. We’ll either get more funny Swiftie football tweets or hit songs, maybe both, you’ll be satisfied either way.


A tougher road ahead

American Swifties are struggling with the NFL game and have been trying to find any master class since Taylor Swift appeared at the first Kansas Chiefs’ games. Those outside the country who associate “football” with what we know as soccer are having an especially challenging time.

Source: celinaabarbosa via Twitter

You might need a month of training to catch up. We’re just joking, but not really. Hopefully, there won’t be any bad blood.


Here’s How Football Works

Despite Taylor Swift’s performance in several NFL stadiums, the game remains a mystery to most fans. Of course, why don’t we put out a little overview of what the game is about? Ooh, we’ll need all the wits we can find to do this.

Source: Joeghhghr via Twitter

Somebody, please get us a calculator because this math requires a few punches. We may be up several “Midnights” but we can’t complain if we have some “Midnight Rain” while we do it. 


I'll Raise Your Jersey a Friendship Bracelet

Have you ever wondered why NFL players trade jerseys after a game? It is not so different from trading friendship bracelets with your best friend. At least, according to a Swiftie fan.

Source: JDBigham99 via Twitter

Players do this to show respect and add jerseys to their collections. You think they’ll let Swiftie’s trade some bracelets for some jerseys? 


Taylor Swift is The Man

Football rules are simple but complex for non-enthusiasts who barely watch five minutes of the game. Let’s face it Taylor Swift is “The Man” anyway so aren’t we just watching for her? Despite serving main character energy, Swifties have had their work cut out for them. 

Source: holygroundsound via Twitter

Stick to what you can understand, and you might find yourself “Out of the Woods” yet. Get yourself some popcorn and this might end up as a “Love Story,” a football love story that is.


Taylor Swift has Been Called into Action

Is Taylor Swift up for the challenge of trading in her “Cardigan” to wear the famous Kansas Chiefs jersey and getting into the action? Maybe we could have all her best female besties out on the field too. “You Need to Calm Down” we don’t know if this will realistically happen any time soon.

Source: 1DogeLonian via Twitter

We may never get to see this challenge. Nevertheless, such a game would take the football world by storm. We could have periodic interruptions of the singer’s biggest hits.


ravis the Cruel Summer?

Do you agree with the tweet below? This comparison got us chuckling. It is the best we’ve seen and a response to a Swiftie fan’s question (still on this page).

Source: savyouaseat via Twitter

Take a moment to imagine how a game would be if these men were like these songs. We’d better prepare for some heartbreak and a Swift exist.


Let’s Go Get Them

How long do you need as a newbie to learn everything about the NFL to start a new league? You better watch out because our Swifties might be taking over in no time. Taylor Swift’s appearance at the NFL for Travis has led to the rise of new “experts.”

Source: trinawatters via Twitter

Should we give them a chance? We aren’t sure… are you…Ready For It? 


Things Couldn’t Get Any Funnier

Just when we thought we’d have new members who understand and are passionate about football, a Swiftie dropped a bombshell. Let’s face it, once a Swifte, always a Swiftie. At least they have their priorities in check. 

Source: gilmxres via Twitter

Taylor Swift’s presence has added new viewers to the NFL and you can’t help but feel wholesome, some would even go as far as to say “Enchanted.”


The struggle is real

If the games and NFL teams seem perplexing, maybe Taylor Swift’s albums can offer an easy way out. We expended our imaginations on this one, trying to figure out how the NFL would look based on the albums.

Source: Pickets_13 via Twitter

Maybe Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce will last long enough for us to see how this works out. Or, what do you think?


Are you up for the task?

Do you believe you have enough of the Swiftie code to explain football to a newbie? If you do, there’s a perfect opportunity for you. Here’s a Swiftie fan asking for the exact thing.

Source: lucylu_who via Twitter

Hold on a minute! What exactly is swiftie language in football? Travis Kelce might stick around long enough for us to find out. That would be hilariously entertaining.


You can take a break now

Don’t bite down too hard trying to explain football to a Swiftie fan. That could turn boring as you explain the concepts of why Travis Kelce is a tight end or when a down occurs.

Source: haizediary via Twitter

Taylor Swift is undeniably a significant influence in the United States. However, seeing a potential football fan watch the game because of her breaks our hearts. At least show the game some love.


Let me tell you all about football

Raise your hand if you understood football the first time you watched it on TV or live. It took some of us several games and a few coaches to understand the game. People fighting for a ball and bumping into each other look confusing enough.

Source: loverxbella / Twitter (X)

Our Swifties are apparently experts in the game now. They’ve learned and had fun in one night. Just don’t go playing with the rules they tell you.


This is the way

We finally get to use the famous Mandalorian line, “This is the way.” You’ll have to learn football if the rumored relationship between Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift continues.

Source: alexandergold via Twitter

Should we expect Taylor Swift in more football games? We can already see the smiles leaving the Swifties. Trust us, you’d love the game just as much as you love the singer.


NFL needs more love

Our efforts aren’t making headway with the Swifties, and we wonder when they will. While we shout at the quarterbacks, wide receivers, and tight ends, some people only watch the game for clips of their favorite singer.

Source: cowboylinkTBDR via Twitter

You could watch and enjoy the game and clips of Taylor. Come on! Show the NFL some love.


We are just getting started

If you thought the NFL would be a one-time thing for Swifties, now is an excellent time to reconsider. The sport has enough love to go around for all those who want to become enthusiastic supporters.

Source: holygroundsound via Twitter

The above reaction came shortly after a tweet explaining ties, touchdowns, and field goals. Keep up the good work of reminding us what these terms mean.


Back to the Drawing Board

Okay, Swifties, we have a more straightforward explanation from one of you. While the tweet got us laughing at the use of the word “giant,” we couldn’t help but notice the immense job it did.

Source: holygroudsound via Twitter

Yes, those giant lines on the field are ten yards apart. Next time, you can easily calculate how far a player has run with the ball.


What’s a down?

The cool thing about an NFL game is that a down has little to do with the word’s meaning. Instead, it involves the play when the offense is with the ball until the referee declares it dead.

Source: tessaspeaknow via Twitter

Even the “dead” the referee declares does not mean what the word would suggest. There’s much to learn about the NFL.


Help at last

If you’ve struggled to wrap your head around the NFL game and its game strategy, help has arrived. Someone decided to help the NFL Swifties out with an explainer video.

Source: AverageGaminDad via Twitter

There’s much work to be done to woo the NFL Swifties. Nevertheless, we find this post both hilarious and helpful for newbies.


Now’s Your Chance

The NFL Swifties have picked up so much in just a few NFL games. We’ve seen a few experts lend a helping hand to explain some crucial concepts of the game.

Source: Travelhipster via Twitter

Knowledge is flowing around freely, and now’s your chance to get the most. Follow NFL Swifties on Twitter, and you’ll learn much in less than an hour. Just don’t go training for a position the next day.


The NFL: This one is for You

Maybe it’s time for some name changes to the gameplay. Like one tweet suggested, trys and downs don’t sound literal. Let’s replace them with something more literal and representative of the action.

Source: swiftealyce via Twitter

We will leave this one for the NFL. But wait a minute. What could be more literal than a down in a game?


Try doing both

If you want to outsmart your opponent, try throwing and running with the ball. The only problem is that there is only one ball.

Source: Themadwomanisme via Twitter

You can only do one thing at a time. It is either throwing the ball or running with it.


The timing has never been perfect

The NFL has seen renewed interest from an exciting demographic. Swifties are putting in the work to learn everything they can.

Source: iamngymartinez via Twitter

Although some explanations have left us laughing, we can’t help but appreciate the effort. At this rate, we’d have the whole of America promoting the sport.


Travis can wait a minute

The cameras wasted no moment to pan to Taylor Swift just when Travis Kelce got a touchdown. That was a perfect opportunity for Swifties to learn about the game.

Source: nhlella via Twitter

The excitement was needed as it got Swifties more interested in the game. Kudos to the cameraman.


The Next One Will Be Better

You are not alone if you are among the Swifties who sat for three hours wondering what was going on. Fortunately, the hilarious but sometimes spot-on explanations should get you going.

Source: embhodder12 via Twitter

Learn all you can because Taylor Swift could go to more NFL games. The NFL offers a basic explanation for beginners.


A few things to get started

Let’s wrap up with a noteworthy tweet. It underlines essential plays in a typical NFL game to get you started.

Source: DodgersAndWoes via Twitter

These are the basics of the game. We hope to see you in more NFL games.