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Trump Announced Leaving the Country if He Loses the Election



Donald Trump, during his recent rally in Georgia, made his biggest announcement yet. He said that he might consider leaving the country if he loses to Joe Biden.

The much-anticipated presidential election is just a few weeks away, and it has been a breathtaking journey getting there. Trump is hoping to be reelected as the President of the U.S. However, his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, has been a challenging obstacle that keeps him from winning, although Trump probably would not admit that.

The first time the two candidates meet for debate was on September 29 at the Health Education Campus’ Samson Pavilion in Cleveland. Biden has an impressive and steady lead in the polls. His lead was the combination of Trump’s campaign cash crunch and his improving campaign donations.

Trump knows it. He tried to create doubt over Biden’s abilities weeks before the debate, saying that the latter was suffering from dementia, and he’s taking performance-enhancing drugs. He even asked Biden to undergo a drug test before their debate.

Chris Wallace held the 90-minute debate via Fox News, and it was a bitter one. Both of the candidates spent their time insulting and calling out each other.

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Wallace provided the topics that night:

  • The Supreme Court
  • the Trump and Biden records
  • the COVID-19 pandemic
  • the integrity of the election
  • the issue of race and violence in cities

However, both of the candidates are seemed to focus on insulting each other. They even brought up each other’s family issues.

The viewers did not like the debate, and they are left disgusted at what they have watched. Americans have never felt so discouraged in the run-up to the presidential election.

Meanwhile, Trump’s presidential campaign has shaken and took a major turn when he and the first lady have tested positive for CoVID-19, the first week of October. Trump said that he and the first lady immediately isolated themselves and insisted that they were doing fine. However, a few days later, Trump was hospitalized at Walter Reed National Military Center.

Despite all the worries about his health, he was discharged after a few days. He then told the nation to “learn to live with CoVID.”

On the other hand, the first and the only vice-presidential debate for 2020 between Vice President Mike Pence and Senator Kamala Harris went ahead on October 7. Ellen Page, Washington Bureau Chief for USA Today, moderated the debate in Utah, with the same questions as the first presidential debate.

According to the polls, Harris aced the debate despite interruptions attempts made by Pence. Moreover, the vice-presidential debate did not seem to help Trump’s campaign at all as his Vice-President, Pence, became a laughing stock when a fly landed on his head in the middle of the heated debate.

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Meanwhile, Trump continued to stand his ground regarding his health condition, saying that he was “feeling better than ever.” Biden suggested to make the next debate a virtual one for health and safety purposes, but Trump declined.

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