This Dog Won’t Stop Going To Church, So Pastor Follows Him Home

By: Calla Conway | Published: Apr 18, 2022

Animals often can seem to have a sixth sense that we cannot perceive. You can tell by the way that they know a storm is coming before it hits, or will sometimes stare at things that aren’t there. Though peculiar, it makes sense that we do not perceive the world in its entirety.

Such was the case with a pastor named Gregory Mallory, who noticed a dog would come into his church everyday while he preached his sermons. While a welcomed guest, it was strange and unusual behavior. Pastor Mallory wanted to get to the bottom of why this one dog continuously attended mass.

Life in San Donaci

Pastor Gregory Mallory grew up in San Donaci and served at Santa Assunta church for over 10 years. Around town, he was known as a kind man who often worked hard to help others. He organized events for charity and kept in touch with those who listened to his daily sermons.


In the small town of San Donaci everyone was well acquainted with each other. So when news of a strange dog in church got out, rumors spread fast.


A Mysterious Visitor

Each day, a German Shepherd appeared for the sermons that Pastor Mallory would give. Pastor Mallory would lead him outside. The graying dog was stubborn, though, and each time he was brought outside he would quietly let himself back in once the sermon began.


The dog would sit and watch the people in the crowd laugh at the spectacle of the funny and stubborn dog who refused to be made to sit outside.

In for Good Behavior

Pastor Mallory decided to let the dog stay. He was well-behaved enough and didn’t bother anyone. Before sermons, the dog would wander in and take his seat ahead of the pews, staring intently at the faces of the sermon.


The dog always sat at the same spot, staring off into the distance of the left aisle, staring into the crowd of random faces.

Whispers of Why He Was There

Whispers began to spread amongst the congregation. Perhaps the dog could see the dead? Perhaps he was a messenger? After all, isn’t it strange how he came every single day to church?


No one knew where he came from or what he wanted. Pastor Mallory decided to spend some time looking into what the dog was staring at.

A Trip to the Vet

The first order of business for the pastor was to figure out who the dog’s people were. The first place he decided to go was the vet. According to the vet, the aging German Shepherd was in good health and well adjusted.

The vet also mentioned that the dog was microchipped, meaning that his owner could potentially be located.


Tommy, the Dog

The microchip always indicated that the dog’s name was Tommy. Pastor Mallory dialed the phone number attached to Tommy’s microchip but disappointment ensued. Nobody picked up. Tommy and Pastor Mallory returned to the church and sat on the steps.

Eventually, Tommy rose and began to walk, turn around and whine, and then continue to walk. Pastor Mallory took it as a sign and began to follow Tommy into the dark.


Tommy’s World Revealed

The pastor and the dog wandered through the dark streets together until they reached a dusty road that led to a house atop a hill. A dim light shined through the window, indicating that someone was home.

When they reached the door it swung open, much to the Pastor’s surprise. A woman stood before them, Tommy’s tail began to wag in happiness.


Where Tommy Came From

Pastor Mallory introduced himself to the stranger, a rarity in such a small town, and asked about Tommy. The woman was happy to share his story. She told the pastor that Tommy had been rescued by a kind woman named Lochi long ago, who had found him when he was two, abandoned in a field.

He was in a bad way, had no collar, and no microchip. Lochi was known for taking in strays, so when she found Tommy, the instinct was instant.


A Bond Like No Other

From the moment Tommy found Lochi, the two were inseparable. Lochi had had many dogs before through her kind and nurturing nature, however she and Tommy had something different, something deeper.

Lochi often attended Mass, and Tommy would sit outside the church and wait for her as she worshiped.


Losing a Friend

Eventually, Lochi passed away. The woman told the pastor that when her friend had died, Tommy was clearly distressed. During her funeral service he followed her coffin into the church.

None of the mourners had the heart to stop him from entering, as they all knew how much the dog and woman had loved each other. Tommy mourned with the rest of them, though he may not have understood the permanence of what was happening.


Church Bells Ring for Lochi

The woman told the pastor that whenever the dog heard church bells ringing, Tommy would head to church. It was his ritual, to either find Lochi or because he was so used to being there with her before, nobody knew.

From then on, Pastor Mallory finally understood why Tommy was in church, and never disturbed him again.