These Might Just Be the Most Entitled People in the World

By: Kate Row | Published: Feb 13, 2023

Unfortunately, we’ve all had some run-ins with people who think the world revolves around them. These are some of the most frustrating people in the world, especially because they don’t seem to realize what they’re doing. These Redditors share their own horror stories about interactions they had with the most entitled people they’ve ever met. I’m sure most of us can think of a person or two who belongs on this list…

How To NOT Get Upgraded

We were on a flight from Miami to Bolivia as a family of five with three kids under 12. We’re getting on the flight, sitting down, when this entitled woman and her husband come up to my row. I’m sitting in the same row as my brother and sister. They say: “Excuse us, you’re in our seats”. All three of us have all been well versed in child travel by this time so we pull out our individual boarding passes and show her that we’re also assigned these seats.

They insist that we’re wrong and demand to see the passes. We don’t give them over. My dad comes over to see why strangers are talking to his children: “Excuse me, why are you talking to my kids”? “They’re in our seats, look”. My dad says: “That’s their assigned seat, they know how to read a boarding pass”. By this time, we have attracted the attention of the flight attendant.

She confirms that indeed, those seats had been double-booked. The couple are irate, demanding their assigned seats. The flight attendant leaves to go “see what I can do for you”. This whole time, the woman is making a big show of trying to store her bag in front of ours in the overhead bins and complaining loudly. The attendant returns and says: “Thank you so much for your patience. It was double booked, but it looks like we have enough seats in first-class available for your party. If you could please follow me”?

They sigh, relieved that finally SOMEONE will see reason. Well, the joke was on them. The flight attendant holds up her hand. “No sir, not you. If you three (looking at me and my siblings) will please join us up in first class, we’ll make sure you’re taken care of”. The lemon-sucking look on the woman’s face as we politely grabbed our bags and moved to the coziest laps of luxury our young selves had the fortune of lucking out on was unforgettable.

I remember the meal making me have a headache, but the reclining seats, warm blankets, and sleep masks sure helped with all that suffering.



Source: YouTube and Reddit

Beauty is Pain

When I was a kid I never cut my hair, no matter what I never cut my hair, so I had very long blonde hair. And as a kid, a lot of people would ask to touch it. And I was fine with it, as long as they had my permission. So when I was six, my mom took me to a grocery store to buy some things for dinner that night. We got to the store and my mom got the stuff she needed, but was missing the bread from the other side of the store.

She sent me to go get it since I was fast and small. When I got to the bread, I picked out the brand we would usually buy, and at the time I really liked baguettes and other types of bread. So when I saw the baguettes, I totally forgot that my mom was waiting for me and grabbed a loaf(?) and headed back to my mom. When I was heading back to my mom from the bread aisle, I felt someone pull on my hair. Not gently, no, they yanked it.

They pulled so hard I thought my hair what going to come out. And I cried so hard my mom heard me across the store. I turned around in shock. It turns out it was a kid about my age who wanted to touch my hair, so his MOM, and I say his 40-YEAR-OLD MOTHER, pulled my hair so her friggin’ kid could touch it. My mom rushed over and told the lady to let go of me.

The conversation then went like this: “Let my daughter go”! “My child just wanted to touch her hair, she has very pretty hair”. Me: “She pulled on my hair, it hurts”! My mom: “You could’ve just asked! You can’t just pull a kid’s hair, I can call 9-1-1 for assault”! Her: “You are harassing me, all I did was let my son touch her hair! I can call the authorities on you for harassing me and my child”!

My mom: “Firstly, I am not harassing you, you grabbed my child. And secondly, you can call the authorities. You will only be making things worse for yourself”. She was absolutely right. As it turns out, the entitled mom DID call the authorities and they took both our statements. The entitled mother had given an over-exaggerated and dramatic report, telling the officers, as we would find out later, that I had given consent for her kid to touch my hair and my mom had come out of nowhere and started harassing the entitled mother.

My mother had given the officers the actual report from her side. I had been asked to give a report, but I was too scared and tired from the experience to say much. They checked the security footage and saw what actually happened. In the end, she got what was coming to her. My mom decided to press charges and sued the entitled mom for assault.

She was sent away for six months and fined for providing a false report as the cherry on top!



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When You Mix Family and Business, HR Has to Get Involved

I’m allergic to hand sanitizer, alcoholic wipes, generally anything that has an alcohol base. I even bring my own soap because I can have a reaction to some soaps. I can’t even drink the stuff without my lips swelling. My old boss was my cousin, so when Covid hit I didn’t really have a problem until, my cousin got promoted and got transferred to a new office.

Enter our new boss. We got a mass email going over our new safety procedures and one of the new procedures is that we all have to use hand sanitizer and antiseptic wipes. I sent an email to HR telling them about my allergies, with medical documents. They sent back saying that I don’t have to use the hand sanitizer and antiseptic wipes and that they put it in my file.

However, they then sent the exact email to my new boss. His reply was infuriating. He said that all employees have to follow the new safety procedures, with no exceptions. When I replied that if I use those products I will need medical attention, he then sent me another email saying that if any employee doesn’t follow the new safety procedures correctly that they would be fired.

I sent copies of the emails to our union rep and HR department to which they replied that they would talk to him and kinda told me to ignore him unless he tries to actually fire me. So I go into work and my new boss is literally waiting for me at my desk with a bottle of hand sanitizer in his hands asking me to hold out my hands. I did reply saying “No thanks, I’d rather not go to the hospital today”.

What he did next was so twisted, it’s unforgettable. He got mad and literally grabbed my hand and squirted sanitizer on it, then rubbed it in. He then said “See, that wasn’t so bad.” I tried to go to the bathroom to wash it off but he blocked me. Well, I had a bad reaction—thank god I had an EpiPen in my desk. My boss kept saying “I thought he was lying” until I was put into the ambulance, but I couldn’t hear him.

A member of HR department came to visit me in hospital—probably making sure I don’t sue—and informed me that he was fired. The woman from HR department also said that they called the authorities on my behalf and, I should be getting a visit from them soon.



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Getting Along Like a House on Fire

Because the groundhog had no shadow, spring came early, so I had decided to work on the garden strip that borders mine and Karen’s property. There’s a fence between the garden and her house. While doing so, I get rid of some of MY daylilies that are on MY property. I finish, return to my house and continue my day, until I hear a shriek from the side of my house.

I rush over, because I’m scared someone got hurt, and Karen, who just got home from work, asks me why I got rid of HER lilies. I say that they were MY lilies, and that I was making space for tomatoes, cucumbers, and carrots. She then calls 9-1-1 because I had destroyed HER property. The authorities come and basically tell her to go inside and shut up, because it’s pretty clear who’s flowers they were.

But it didn’t end there. The next day she had a few too many. This put her anger over the edge about the loss of my lilies. She went, with wood and a firestarter, to my neighbor’s house on the opposite side. She then lit their bins on fire. This then spread to their porch, and before long their entire house was on fire.

I’m a light sleeper, and living in a cul-de-sac, was woken up by the orange haze floating through my windows. I called 9-1-1, the whole shebang, witness report and everything. I walked out of the house, with 9-1-1 still on the phone—and I couldn’t believe what happened next. The deranged neighbor fully confesses, all while they’re in earshot.

After a while and as the fire department shows up, she realizes her mistakes. One: she lit a house on fire, and two: she lit the wrong house on fire. She’s being charged with arson and the like, and everyone got out. There’s a mother, father, and two kids who are high schoolers. It still feels surreal.



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The Ultimate Showdown: Entitled Vs. Petty

My mother-in-law is very entitled. She visits and plops herself on the couch and expects us to wait on her hand and foot. The couch may as well be her throne. I had told my wife I had one rule for her visit: no news. I can’t stand having the news on. It’s nothing but things crafted to get you angry or afraid. My mother-in-law was informed of this multiple times.

However, she insists she can’t live without knowing what is going on. As soon as we go to put my daughter to bed, I hear the news on. That’s when I decided to get petty revenge on her. My TV is controlled by Google Home. My phone is tied into the system so acts as a home unit. I tell it to turn off the TV. She puts the TV back on. I turn it off, she turns it back on. I then go into the FIOS app and block news channels.

She does something I didn’t realize that could be done and had Google turn on CNN on YouTube, but she doesn’t know the difference though between the TV and the YouTube feed so…cue pettier revenge. I use the app to pause the playback. My wife is now trying to laugh quietly. She waits a few minutes, has Google start it again and I immediately pause the playback so she again has a frozen screen.

She is screaming about how the TV is frozen, so I shout down it must be the storm we are having and the cable is down. It gave me such a warm fuzzy feeling.


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My brother is getting married in July. I have a service dog for my various disabilities and since the day I found out about the wedding, my brother’s fiancé has been unwilling to accommodate my need for my service dog. She has made various excuses like “What if the dog gets hair on my dress”?, “We don’t want dogs eating food off the table”, “What if he jumps up and messes up my dress? It’s expensive and I don’t have the money to replace it”.

I’ve made it clear that I can’t be at the wedding without my service dog. Both my mom and I have also made it clear that he would never do any of the things she’s mentioned. Now it’s the venue. “Well, we don’t know if the venue will accommodate you”. I mentioned that they had to legally and my brother was like “Still…”

It seems like they are trying to find any reason to deny me. We are re-evaluating the topic in July and if it doesn’t go well I might just show up with my service dog anyway.


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That’s The Tea

I work in the marketing department of a small-ish cosmetics company. I’m not what you would call “higher up” in the company, but I’m not entry-level either. Earlier today, I went into the office’s common area/kitchen to make a cup of tea (earl grey, if you care). A woman talking on a phone came into the room as I was waiting on the kettle to boil.

I recognize her as one of our new hires from sales. I doubt she’s been here long enough to get her first check. She was talking loudly, but I ignored her; it’s a somewhat loud office, so it isn’t a big deal for someone to make a little noise. A minute or so later, she says into the phone, “hold on, I need some privacy,” and then turns to me and says, “Excuse me, sorry, I’m on a private call, I need you to leave”.

I’m confused at first, then what she says registers. I get this surprised smile on my face, the kind that says “you joking, mate”? I tell her no. She gives me the look. Her mouth is open, eyes wide. How dare I use the common area for what it’s for. She doesn’t even say anything. I point to the kettle. I tell her I’m making tea.

She tells me that it is an important medical call. I tell her the kitchen isn’t a private room, and that she can go to an empty conference room or to her car if the matter is that sensitive. She says she doesn’t like the chairs in the conference room and that it’s too cold to walk out to her car. I shrug. She eventually gets that I’m not leaving until I’ve had my tea and she stomps off to a conference room.

I hate being a narc, but, for heaven’s sake, just let me make my tea in peace. So, I decide to walk down to sales and chat with her supervisor (whom I know fairly well). About the time I finish relaying the experience, the woman in question walks in, sees me, and stops. I point her out to the supervisor, pat him on the back, and walk back to my office. Good luck, newbie!


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How Important Can an Appointment Really Be?

I was there when this 16-year-old motorcycle driver was hit by a truck. The paramedics had to treat him on the spot so that he’d have a chance of survival. This didn’t sit right with a 50-year-old driver who claimed that she had “an important appointment” and the resulting traffic jam was getting in the way of that. The officers on the scene told her to calm down and get back to her car.

Well, she didn’t like that and started to harass them non-stop. Screaming, cursing, getting out of her car to nag at them because she was running late. After all it was “just a single motorcycle driver, how long can this take?” Sadly, the boy didn’t make it—but the story doesn’t end there. The horrible woman is now facing charges for blocking the corridor for emergency vehicles and resisting officers.

I hope the poor guy at least gets entertainment out of haunting her for the rest of her miserable existence.


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Tantrums Are For Toddlers

You know how babies sometimes cry on planes? Well, there was a full-grown woman who started crying three hours into the flight…really, really, loudly. But that wasn’t the worst part. She then started screaming at people for not comforting her, and eventually attacked the guy who was sitting beside her. The plane had to turn around and land to kick her off, still crying.


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A Whole Family of Pissed Off Passengers

About a year ago, A woman with a service dog came on a plane I was traveling on. She sat in the front row of seats on a Southwest flight. After preboarding, a man, his wife, and their baby came on the plane. The man demanded that the woman with the service dog move elsewhere because he wanted the front seats for his family.

When she told him she would not move, his response was utterly disturbing. He began grabbing her bags and throwing them in the aisle. The attendants came and told him that he could not move a passenger’s seat. He then grabbed the service dog by the harness and began yanking it out into the aisle. The woman was crying at this time, begging for someone to help.

The man was told that if he continued, he and his family would have to deboard the plane. The man finally stopped but put his carry-on in the bin above where the woman was sitting even though he sat further back. The entire flight, there were complaints that his wife was holding their baby on the tray table, pulling the passengers’ hair in front of them, changing diapers in the seat, and disgustingly storing them in the seat pocket in front of them.

When the plane landed, the man and his wife pushed through the aisles yelling that they needed their carry-on, and, in the process, shoved a woman with a full leg brace and a cane back into her seat. They were removed from the plane, though it was too late. The damage had already been done. This was by far the worst set of passengers I have ever encountered on a plane.


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Delusion is a State of Being

I was in the window seat ahead of the fire row, so the lady and her grandson behind me didn’t have a window view. Crazy grandma starts asking me to put my seat up so her grandkid can see out the window. The thing is, I never even reclined my seat because I’m not very tall. I explained this to her multiple times, but she just kept getting more worked up, so I turned around and ignored her.

The girl next to me gave me a face of understanding, and we hadn’t even talked the whole flight. The crazy lady was still ranting to no one that my seat wasn’t up so I closed the window so nobody can see. She stopped her crazy ranting after that.


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Be Careful What You Wish For

Once, I got stranded at Newark for 22 hours after our flight had an unfixable fault and was canceled late at night. We got put up in a hotel, but by the time the new flight rolled around, everyone was quite tired and agitated. As we are waiting to board the new flight, the flight attendant announces they would be boarding people with additional needs and families with young children first, followed by first class, then premium economy.

It was all pretty standard stuff. Obviously, it can take a bit longer for people in wheelchairs to board, so it makes sense for them to go on first. However, this business dude races to the front of the crowd and starts yelling at the attendant, saying it was already DISGUSTING that he had lost a day due to their INCOMPETENCE and now he had to WAIT.

The worst part is, he’s looking at others in the crowd to back him up, like it’s perfectly reasonable to scream at this woman who, like us, had also been stranded and had very little sleep, and was doing her best to do her job in this demanding situation. But she was awesome. Without missing a beat, she smiled, nodded, and said, “Ok sir”.

Then, she made a big point of leaning into her mic and telling the waiting line of people in wheelchairs and mothers with babies that this gentleman needed to board before them, and they could wait. Literally, every single person at the gate is looking at this guy with disgust as he tries to backtrack and say he doesn’t mind waiting for the first group, but the attendant says, “No, no, you made yourself quite clear—let’s get you boarded, the others will have to wait.” He is humiliated as he sheepishly walks by.


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Namaste Away!

So, this happened two or three days ago. I had gone to the grocery store, since I was running out of sausages, eggs, and milk. Over there, I ran into my friend. I greeted him by saying “Namaste.” We’re Indian. Enter entitled vegan, stage left. “Are you guys vegan?” Perplexed, we both shook our heads. “Then you can’t say ‘Namaste’. That’s a vegan term.”

My friend and I looked at each other and burst out laughing. Not only was she trying to tell Indians to stop speaking their own language, she was pronouncing it completely wrong. Between gasps of breath, my friend managed to say, “It’s pronounced ‘Namaste”. At that, the entitled stranger turned bright red. “How would you know?” she demanded.

I interjected. “We’re quite literally Indian. ‘Namaste’ is a word from Hindi. You’re the one who is wrong.” Of course, logic did not work on her. As she opened her mouth to retort, my friend picked up my chicken sausages and shook them at her. She leapt back and then thankfully walked away in disgust.


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Nothing is For Free

This literally just happened. I work for a security company that has a branch that transports patients from regular hospitals to mental health hospitals. I can’t say more due to both company policy and HIPPA Laws. Anyway, our local office is in one of the main hospitals here. I started getting hungry and we didn’t have any transports at the moment so I decided to go down to the cafeteria and get some food.

When I got down the I was surprised to see my second eldest Nephew (who we’ll call R) looking over everything with a defeated look on his face. I walked up and said, “R what are you doing here?” He turned and said that my parents were there for an appointment. “Ok, so why you down here looking so upset?” I asked. “I got hungry but I don’t have enough money to get anything” he replied.

“No worries, get whatever you want” I told him. I texted my mom to let her know he was with me eating vs lost in the hospital while we were in line. Soon, as I had paid for our food a random woman taps me on the shoulder, looks me in the eye, and says, “Aren’t you going to pay for mine too”? “I never planned to,” I responded. “Why not, you paid for that chubby kid who has been hanging around for half an hour, why not pay for a cute girl’s too”.

“Well, first of all, the ‘chubby kid’ as you put it, just so happens to be one of my nephews who is here with my mom and stepdad somewhere, Second of all, why would you just assume I would buy you anything?” She told me that I was rude, that she was going to report me to the hospital director and get me fired. I told her that I didn’t work for the hospital. “Then why do you have a hospital ID badge”

I told her, “The person you are talking about is two people behind you and just saw the whole thing, so have fun with that.” Then I walled off and joined my nephew at the table. Not sure what was said after I walked off but I saw the woman leave the cafeteria with nothing, and the director came out of the pick-up area laughing his behind off.


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Custody Battle For the Dog

When my mother and her dog moved next door to our entitled neighbor, they fell in l love with my mother’s dog, Max. For about two years the neighbor would come get Max for visits. She would watch Max if my mother went out of town, or just so they could play with him. She then moved across town and would still call to ask for Max visits.

My mother started letting the dog go less and less, but would say yes now and again because of the neighbor’s pleading. Just before one of the arranged visits, Max got into a fight with another dog. Max seemed to be ok. When the neighbor came my mother said she was worried about letting him go because of the dog fight. The neighbor promises that she would look after Max and make sure he was ok.

The next day she called my mother and told her that she took Max to the vet because he had a wound on his neck. She also told my mother that she was keeping Max because my mother neglected the dog. My mother was devastated. My mother then called the authorities. They couldn’t help because she had agreed to allow the dog to go with the neighbor.

My mother had to file a civil complaint. It took two months to go to court. The neighbor told the judge that she and my mother had always shared custody of the dog and that she was the most fit dog parent so she should have the dog. The judge explained that Max was my mother’s possession and that the neighbor was to return him immediately.

He also said the neighbor was responsible for the vet bill and no, my mother did not have to give her visitation.


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Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

My son and I were on a cross-country flight back to Manchester and our connecting flight had mechanical issues. It was the last flight out that day, so we had to wait until the following morning to get home. The flight attendants told us to go to the gate agent and they would help us find a hotel. We arrive at the stand, and two middle-aged men are just screaming at the gate agent.

They are red-faced and stomping while yelling about some important meeting the following morning. The gate agent calmly got them new tickets and vouchers for a hotel near the airport. They then started complaining about the quality of the hotel and demanded a better one. The agent kept trying to talk to them and kept getting interrupted.

Finally, the men left and continued to yell down the terminal as they left. When I got to the gate agent, my son and I were polite, and she helped us out with the hotel and rebooking our flight. In addition, she gave us $400 each in flight vouchers. Right as we walked away, she gave us the flight vouchers for the two men as well. Apparently, the whole time they kept interrupting her, she was trying to give them free flights and they were too angry to notice, so we got them.


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Flap the Fog Away

I once watched a very well-dressed businessman have an epic toddler-level tantrum at a check-in counter when he was advised his flight was delayed due to fog. He literally screamed, jumped up and down, and demanded that the airline “better do something about it or ELSE”! The guy working behind the counter just smirked and suggested that the business guy was welcome to go outside and try and flap the fog away with his arms.

The entire queue burst out laughing.


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Acting Like You Own the Place

There was this kid on a Toronto to Houston flight who was going nuts. On the flight, he had a full-sized metal Tonka truck that he was running up and down the aisle with. He smacked me in the head with it and nearly hit my Mom. The family refused to sit him down until it was announced that there would be no food or beverage service until the aisle was cleared.

Another woman grabbed the kid and returned him to his family. But the nightmare had only just begun. They let him run loose again as soon as service was over. Finally, someone from the cockpit had to come back and tell the family we couldn’t start the landing approach until the brat was in his seat. They put him in his seat while he screamed.

As soon as decent started, they let him up and he was running up and down the aisle again with his truck as we landed. The family was so dense that when the captain ordered everyone to stay in their seats and that only families with small children would be allowed to deplane at first—they smirked their way down the aisle. Mom walked with a cane and getting off was hard for her. Since we were home, we just waited till the aisles were clear.

When we got off, you could hear the kid screaming halfway down the jetway. And that’s when came upon a beautiful sight: Authorities were holding him, and the rest of the family were in handcuffs.


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Frequent Flyers

We were flying through really bad turbulence, the seat belt sign was obviously on, and everyone, even us in the crew, was seated and hanging on for dear life. Some guy gets up out of his business class seat and attempts to make his way towards the toilet, bouncing off of other passengers, and accidentally elbows one lady in the face, breaking her nose.

Amidst the screams from the lady, from my jump seat beside the toilet, I tell him to sit down immediately. His response was “No, it’s fine, I’m a Platinum Frequent Flyer, it’s fine”. Dumbfounded by that level of stupidity and entitlement, I try and help the lady with the broken bloody nose, ignoring the assist bell from the bathroom. He later emerges, enraged that we hadn’t responded to the toilet bell to help him.

Yep, you guessed it, he’d urinated all over himself because of the turbulence. Not the best time to use the bathroom as it turns out.


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Tourists Will Be Tourists

I was flying from Thailand to Vietnam, and this large group of tourists come on board, probably five minutes before takeoff. They proceed to yell and scream, hit every person with their bags, and then discover there simply isn’t enough space in the overhead compartments. This one lady actually started taking out other people’s bags and ended up in a fight with other passengers.

The stewardess then decided to put her luggage in some employee compartment or something. The flight was horrendous: they wouldn’t sit down during takeoff, were extremely loud, and simply didn’t respect others on the flight. The same lady who removed people’s bags is having a cup of noodles when she starts screaming at the stewardess.

She had been asked to prepare for landing and started screaming in Cantonese. After about a minute, she proceeds to throw the almost boiling cup noodles all over the stewardess. It was absolute chaos. When we landed, the authorities were waiting for her and immediately took her in.


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Nasty Neighbors

I live in a block of six units. A month ago the unit above mine went up for sale and sold fairly quickly and the new owner moved in less than a week ago. This morning I got up and went to take the garbage out and found a note stuck to my door. I honestly thought it was a “I’m new to the building” kind of note, ya know? Oh, I could not have been more wrong!

It read: “Dear tenant, I recently bought your building and wished to introduce myself. My name blah blah (not going to put her actual name) and I think you will find me a fair landlord. However I do have rules. Everyone is to be in their units by 9 pm. If you’re going to be out past this I suggest you find accommodation elsewhere”.

But that’s not all. It went on: “No pets allowed. If you have any they must be relocated before I do an inspection or I will call the ranger to remove them. This is the only warning. I will conduct an inspection once a month and you will be present to answer any questions or face eviction. Failure to pay rent on time will result in your eviction. If we all follow these rules I’m sure we will get along, Sincerely blah blah.”

WHAT did I just read? Fun fact about my building: We all own our own units, nobody actually owns the WHOLE building! I won’t lie, I got to the number 2 and had a slight panic attack because I have cats and there’s no way I was giving them away before I remembered we bought our unit just before Christmas. We rented it from a friend prior and when she told me she was thinking about selling it we brought it, didn’t even have to move!

So in some ways it still feels like renting, but we actually own our unit. Now I’m not great at confronting someone, I tend to shake a lot but at that moment I was quite angry so I went upstairs and knocked on her door. You know that gut feeling you have? It was spot on. That door opened and there stood a Karen, her hair blonder than my own, her nails long and bright colored.

She didn’t look happy to see me there. I introduced myself and explained that I lived downstairs and that I wanted to talk to her about her note. She started to talk over top of me, explaining that her letter was basic rules and even a child could understand it and if I didn’t like her rules I could hand in a letter to vacate. Wow.

I would ask if people are really this up themselves but I work in retail and could answer my own question. I told her that I actually own my unit, she hadn’t bought it or the rest of the building but only her own unit and that she couldn’t enforce anything in her note. She didn’t like that at all. She started yelling at me saying that yes she had indeed bought the whole building and that failure to comply with her rules would mean I would be evicted.

I was just starting to think maybe I was wrong when another neighbor opened his door. He came out and asked what the issue was about and could she stop screaming as he worked nights and was trying to sleep. I told him I was trying to explain that she hadn’t bought the building and she started yelling again. My neighbor told her to stop and then said the best thing I had heard that day.

“Are you stupid?” Her jaw dropped as he explained to her how wrong she was and that he was in fact part of the strata committee (kind of like an HOA that oversees the building) and that she had no right to make rules for everyone. She gave us dirty looks before slamming the door. I thanked him and he said in the entire time he lived there he hadn’t seen someone so entitled!


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The Steak Stealer

This still makes me sort of angry giggle when I think about it. So, last year was my mum’s 60th birthday. With lockdown, we couldn’t do a big party, but instead I did a socially distanced meal for her, my dad, and me. She wanted a steak dinner with all the trimmings. I went down to the supermarket a few days beforehand. Said supermarket has these specially cut steaks in vacuum packs, and a deal of 3 for £10.

I was choosing steaks and noticed a woman close by doing the same and picking up several. I took my three, put them in my trolley, and moved on. I moved on, got the remainder of my list, then thought of getting something else. I moved away from my trolley whilst choosing. When I turned back, I made a disturbing discovery. 

The customer from before was leaning over my trolley. I told her that it was mine she replied: “I know, I’m just taking one of your steaks”. I asked why, and she said “I got 14 and I need one more”. I said: “I have three! You’re not taking one of mine”. I deliberately pulled my trolley away from her at this point. She said: “You have to! I need it for the multideal”!

I replied: “And I need it to feed three people. No”. She was red in the face at that point, and she yelled, “I’ll go get a manager then”! I told her to go ahead. She runs off and I finish choosing my items. Five minutes later, I’m waiting to get checked out when the lady comes over with a manager. She stood back with this smug look I could see through her mask while the manager came over.

The manager says: “Ma’am, this lady says you took one of her steaks. Is that true”? I said: “No. I picked up three at the freezer, and later on found her leaning over my trolley and saying she’d take one. She said she needs it for the multideal”. The manager sighed. His reply blew me away. He said: “I knew it. She does this. I’m sorry to trouble you, enjoy your day”.

I replied: “You too. Good luck with her”. The manager sighed again and walked away. As I checked out, I saw him guiding her away from the till points. A few minutes later, I heard a “security to the meat aisle” announcement as I was leaving. The steaks were lovely. But not worth stealing from someone else’s trolley.


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You Can’t Always Get What You Want

So, first off, it’s 9:45. We close at 10 PM. This table of three walks in, and they’re in my section. I greet them, things start as usual. I’m just upset they came in so late, but whatever. They end up wanting a Tour of Italy, which comes with fettuccine alfredo, lasagna, and chicken parmigiana. We had been out of lasagna since 8 PM, so I asked her if she wanted to substitute it for something.

She mumbled that she should get it for free since we were out, but she subbed it for something. About 30 minutes pass, I had already brought out their food and such. She wanted to try all of our soups as she had also bought the soup/salad bundle. We have four soups. Minestrone, chicken and gnocchi, pasta fagioli, and zuppa toscana.

The last soup she hadn’t tried was the minestrone, but we were completely out. I told her this and she got very, very upset. At the end, she asked for extra alfredo sauce to take home, and I told her we didn’t have any more alfredo. This was now 40 minutes past closing. She freaked out and demanded to talk to my manager.

I got him, laughing with him about her behavior, and he went to talk to her. She flipped her lid, going off about how we shouldn’t be open this late if we can’t offer full service. Excuse me? We AREN’T OPEN. We closed FORTY minutes ago. She went on about how her meal should be free because we were out of everything, and how we handed her a full menu but we didn’t have it all.

My manager didn’t give her a single free thing off of her ticket, because he realized how entitled she was sounding. When I walked over at the end to hand her change back I heard her mumbling about “the terrible service,” and prior to that she had said “guess we shouldn’t come here again before closing.” Good, please don’t ever come back.


Source: BritishGQ


The WiFi Knockout

I have pretty bad hearing issues and wear hearing aids. Normally when I fly, I leave them in for the safety check, then pull them and promptly check out. I was on my way back from work-related travel and had the cheapest most awful seat on the plane. About 30 minutes into the flight, this 20-year-old guy starts having an EPIC meltdown.

Apparently, the Wi-Fi on the plane is too slow for him and he starts pounding and banging the seat in front of him. He then hits my tray with his knee, knocking my hearing aids up and away. I try to get up to catch them and he hits me right in the face. I’m a 5’3″ tall, 100 lb girl, and this guy is like six feet tall and pretty big. He sent me hard to the floor.

I was told that after that, someone restrained him, the plane turned back around, and he was escorted off the plane. The attendants were super nice, and the other passengers helped me find my hearing aids. I still don’t know what happened entirely, but they let me lay down across two first-class seats with an ice pack over my face for most of the cross-country flight.


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Babysitter on Board

I was a kid flying out to Utah to start my teen tour. About halfway through the flight, the captain got on the speaker to announce an engine had failed and we needed to make an emergency landing in Chicago. Needless to say, we got a little concerned. But one angry passenger took matters into her own hands. She stormed up to the flight attendant and let loose.

She explained she was a nanny and needed to get to Utah to attend to the children she took care of. I’m not exactly sure what she was hoping—that the pilot, upon hearing that a babysitter was on board would risk the lives of everyone to fly us all through, or that the flight attendant would be so moved by this story that she would climb out on the wing and repair the engine mid-flight.

Alas, there was no emergency jet pack to give this passenger to blast away from the plane to get to Utah on time, and she was told to sit down.


Source: NDTV


The Seat-Kicker

A few years back, I had a seven-hour flight, and the kid sitting behind me kept kicking the seat. I decided to just wait it out, hoping he’ll eventually stop. Nope. It went on for about an hour until I couldn’t take it anymore. 10 years of my regular flying, this was the first time I called and complained to an air hostess. She apologized to me and asked the family behind me to keep it down.

They just stared at her and did nothing. The moment she went away, that little kid started kicking again. I couldn’t take it anymore, turned back, and loudly said to the family, “Could you please make him stop doing that”? The father said sorry and still nothing improved. The kid kept going on, so finally, I called the flight attendant and asked her if there is any other seat available because of the family behind me.

She came back after a few minutes and proceeded to take me to the first class. My very first experience in the luxury section. The worse thing is, she kept apologizing to me and I kept asking her to stop, because it was not her fault.


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A Lesson He Won’t Forget

I have an older brother Dave that has always been a jerk to me. There’s only a one-year gap between us. But he liked to beat me up when we were kids, and he always acted like anything that was mine was also his. He was also somewhat the golden child. Which made me miserable. So no surprise I moved out at 18. My uncle was in law enforcement, now retired, and he took me in after I left home.

He even hooked me up with a decommissioned Crown Vic. I absolutely love that car. I don’t know why—but Dave hated the fact I had that car. He drove three beater cars into the ground while my Crown Vic kept chugging along. Well after his third beater finally got totaled when he drove it into a pole, he asked to borrow my car.

All of a sudden, a terrible feeling washed over me. I told him I wasn’t gonna do that. He called me entitled and said he needed a car to get to work. I told him to take the bus because I know how he drives and my Crown Vic was off-limits. My parents called me after that and told me to just lend him my car. I said I won’t no matter what they say.

I rely on the car and need it as well since it’s my personal transportation. Dave wasn’t the only one in the world with a job he needed to get to. My uncle congratulated me for standing up to them and gave me a high-five. A few days later when I got off work the car wasn’t where I parked it. I called my brother’s cell, but he didn’t pick up.

Then I called my parents and asked them if he took my car. They denied it. So I said I was gonna call the authorities and report it stolen. What they said made my blood run cold. They admitted he’d “borrowed” it because he needed it. I told them he better bring it back right now or I’ll have authorities looking for him. They called me a jerk and then phoned Dave to bring my car back.

He showed back up in the parking lot in my car 20 minutes later. I demanded to know how he took my car, and he held up a set of  Crown Vic keys he’d bought online. Some were made universal. I told him if he ever took my car again, I’d have the authorities deal with him. Then he had the audacity to ask for a ride home.

I told him he made me wait in the December cold after stealing my car, so he could walk. He called me a jerk before I drove away. After that my uncle installed a tracking device in the car. But my nightmare wasn’t over yet. When Christmas Day came I was celebrating with family like every year. The roads were cold and icy. So I had to be very careful while driving.

By now you’re probably clued in. Yeah, Dave “borrowed” my car again during the Christmas party. Apparently, he decided he was gonna go pick up a friend and figured I wouldn’t notice. But I did when I looked out the front window and saw my car was missing. I pulled up the tracking app and saw he was a few miles away. Then called his cell to yell at him.

Everyone at the party saw this and asked what was going on. I said Dave took my car without my permission again. And my uncle confirmed it wasn’t the first time. Dave told me over the phone to screw off and he’d be back soon. I said he better not have been drinking. But he just hung up on me. Well, while I was watching the tracker app the dot stopped and didn’t move for a while.

Soon we got a panicked call from Dave asking for help. He’d crashed the car because he couldn’t handle the icy roads and he wasn’t used to a rear-wheel drive vehicle. So we piled in my parents’ minivan and followed the tracker. We found Dave by the road and my Crown Vic nose deep in a snow-filled ditch. My uncle was furious as it was his old department’s car.

I was furious at Dave for jacking my car again. My parents wanted me to let it go. But I said enough was enough and was gonna call the authorities. Dave begged me not to because he really had been drinking before he set off and would get in trouble. I said he was gonna pay me back for my friggin’ car then or I’d sue him.

Well as luck would have it the authorities were already aware of the accident and were driving in to check on the scene. Someone else had called them I guess. My parents tried to say that I was the one driving the car and they were just there to help me. I said that wasn’t true, and my uncle backed me up. In fact, one of the officers that was there recognized my uncle and they had a chat.

Then they went to Dave and asked to see his license. Well, we were all in for a surprise. I then found out his license had been suspended after he’d crashed his previous car. Then they breath-tested him. He wound up with cuffs slapped on his wrists while my mother was crying and begging the officers not to take him away.

But the officer just said that she and my dad could get detained too, for lying to them. That shut my parents up. And we got back in the minivan. The Christmas party ended early and my parents drove me and my uncle home since he rode with me. They didn’t say much to either of us the whole drive, and just sped away as soon as we were out of their van.

They nearly slipped off the road themselves doing that. My brother was let out the next day. And he looked so scared that he was practically crying. The officers there had roughed him up a bit while talking about prison and the bad stuff they’d seen go on there. Dave had actually wet himself during that and they let him take a shower.

That’s when my uncle started cracking up and revealed to us that his friends in the department never filed the D-U-I and just the charge for the suspended license. Which was about a six hundred dollar fine. My uncle said he just wanted to teach Dave a lesson. And this would be the one and only time he’d ever get his help. Dave then apologized to me and said he’d pay to have my Crown Vic fixed and would never touch it again.

When it got pulled out of the ditch the front end damage was actually minor. It needs a new front bumper, a headlight, and a grill. The damage was just superficial thankfully. My parents have pretty much glossed over the whole incident and act like it didn’t happen. Dave gave me the extra Crown Vic keys he’d bought online and said this has taught him a lesson he won’t soon forget.


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You’re Out of Control

I drink privately, I would NEVER drink and drive, I am quiet and respectful. I have a job, I have friends, I have a nice apartment, I’ve never hurt anyone. Most nights, I like to chill out on my couch with a drink. Thus, I often walk into my apartment building with a case of Bud or whatever I decide to poison my body with that night.

Many of those nights, I’ve run into a certain middle-aged woman on the elevator. Well, yesterday I got a phone call from my landlord. Here’s how the conversation went. Me: “Hey Ray. “What’s up”? Landlord: “Uhh. I got something awkward to tell you”. Me: “Okay… what is it”? Landlord: “Someone made a complaint about you”. Me: “What? For what”?

Landlord: “Another tenant called to say that you’re an out-of-control alcoholic, and you always walk into the building carrying drinks. She wants you out of the building”. Me: “Umm… okay”? Long pause. We both start laughing. Landlord: “Yeah, she said the next time she sees you with any drinks, she’s calling the authorities”. Me: “Tell her I said good luck with that, and to tell me how it goes.”

You can’t get me in trouble for being drinking in peace, Karen.


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When It’s Apporpriate to Clap on a Flight

I’m a passenger, not a flight attendant, but on a flight from PHX to some airport in Texas, there was this really creepy guy. He was alternating between getting angry at the male flight attendants for the flight being delayed on the ramp and hitting on the female flight attendants. When he tried to touch one inappropriately, one of the flight attendants told him, “Sir, you need to get off of this plane. You are not going to be on this flight”.

The entire section of the plane started clapping. It was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience for an entire group of people on a plane to have a valid reason for clapping.


Source: Greek Reporter


Wedding Bells and Tears

I had someone have a meltdown because I, as a flight attendant, had to have them properly stow their wedding dress. The thing was massive and spilling into the aisle, blocking the seats of the entire row. They may have had to pay the hotel to get the wrinkles out, but I likely saved them from shoe prints and beverage cart rollers going back and forth over it.

She was in tears, but I was not going to risk others’ safety including my own.


Source: weddingbee and TMZ