These Building Mistakes will Leave You in Awe!

Published: Nov 01, 2023

Behold, the wild, weird and wonderful world of modern architecture! From beautiful to bizarre to simply outrageous – there’s something for everyone. But some of these hilarious construction errors just make you shake your head.

Join us on a journey through some of the most amusing building blunders – believe it or not someone got paid to build all of these structures!

The Design Flop: A Ceiling Fan and Pole Combination That Can't Catch a Break!

Wondering why there’s a fan right alongside a pole which renders it useless? From the day it was installed, this piece of design has left us all totally frustrated – how can something so seemingly simple be such a failure? It’s almost like whoever put it together had their mind somewhere else when they constructed it.


Source: ShitLordOfTheRings/reddit

What would possess someone to put a pole right there!? We’ll never know for sure if the fan came first or the pole – but we do know one thing, whoever designed this should feel embarrassed by their work!


Open Door Leads to Baffling Brick Wall: What Is Going On?

Are you losing your mind trying to figure out what your boss really means when they say they have an “open door” policy, only to open the door and find yourself staring at a brick wall!


Source: Afroofthenight/reddit

We don’t understand this Kafkaesque design either! Whoever built this building clearly wasn’t that concerned – if they were, we’d never be experiencing this madness. In any case, it’s certainly one for the comedic sketches!

So Evil, It's Funny: Look at this Malicious Design

We all know bad design when we see it — and plenty of us have experienced malicious design too. But when that mischievous person puts a window in the last place you’d want it, you can’t help but give them credit for their twisted creativity.


Source: wintrycliffside/reddit

So who would actually use this bathroom? People who are in such a rush to pee they don’t notice, until it’s too late… classic! So while it may be evil, there’s something almost funny about this deviously clever design.

Unflattering Reflection!

This dude is getting ready to head out, and naturally gives himself a once over in the mirror. But what he sees is an insane distortion that looks like he’s been folded up! Obviously, something had gone awry with this looking glass. So he’s decided it’s time for a new reflection apparatus that does him justice!


Source: 5am281/reddit

No one should have to deal with warped mirrors that twist their features into unrecognizable shapes. It just goes against the whole point of having them – which is to reflect us truly, so we can make sure everything looks right before venturing out.

Road to Nowhere!

Cycling can be a great way to get around, but unfortunately some bike lanes just aren’t up to it. Even in places with good cycling infrastructure, sometimes they don’t always get it right. Though there may be little we can do about this now, one thing is for sure, we should all beware of this particularly nefarious bike lane!

Source: thebbc79/reddit

Someone must have had a bit too much free time – or not enough – when they designed it – what on earth were they thinking?!


Flying Fireman To The Rescue!

This balcony is an absolute anomaly – only a fireman would have any use for it! It was literally split in half by an air vent, which could only be used to slide down the building to the ground.

Source: catburglarrr/reddit

Yes, firemen are pretty cool! Not only are they literally lifesavers in every sense of the word, but they’re also incredibly skilled and resourceful. We’d say this balcony serves as a testament to just how talented our local heroes truly are.


Crazy Cool or Completely Confusing: A Clock Inside a Clock

Have you ever seen something that just made you blink twice in sheer confusion? Well, we recently stumbled across one such piece – a clock over another clock! We’re not really sure who dreamt up this bizarre design but it certainly looks cool.

Source: onebit/Reddit

If Salvador Dali made clocks, this might be the kind of thing he would come up with! Despite its odd look, there’s no denying that it’s actually kinda cool.


An Artist's Grand Creation: Behold the Flamboyant Staircase!

Step right up and get a glimpse of this cool spiral staircase. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill construction, oh no – it’s an art piece crafted by a creative genius who had a burning desire to express his talent in dazzling fashion.

Source: reddit

Attached to an old red brick building, this remarkable work of art proves that even staircases can be made extraordinary with enough passion and imagination. So come marvel at this incredible creation – an artist’s grand opus that truly deserves its moment in the limelight.


Oh No! A Hand Dryer on a Mirror!

It’s hard to believe that somebody, somewhere thought it was a good idea to mount a hand dryer on a restroom mirror – what bizarre thought process led them there?

Source: kangcore/reddit

Unfortunately, this abomination is an inescapable reality in this bathroom. It begs the question, why didn’t they just take down the mirror, or move mount the dryer elsewhere? Well, whatever their reasoning may be, let’s hope it doesn’t become a trend!


Do As I Say, Not As I Do!

We’ve got a cautionary tale about someone who meant well, but had some unexpected consequences. This sign was put up with the right intentions – to ensure cyclists had plenty of room and avoid any traffic calamities. Unfortunately, their plan backfired.


They took up the bike lane with this sign, which was rather contrary to their objective! But we can always learn from our mistakes, so let’s ensure our actions are in line with our words.


Scaling the Unscalable!

Whoever dares tries to use these rungs has a formidable task ahead of them. We don’t even know how those mavericks who built this architectural wonder managed it, but that no longer matters. The focus now should be on how in the world someone is meant to utilize it to get down, or up, there!

Source: theg111/reddit

The answer is that our hero must wield the power of parkour! Only by mastering the art of climbing obstacles can they conquer what seems to be an insurmountable challenge. So sharpen your skills and get ready for the battle of a lifetime – scaling the unscalable!


The Mysterious Staircase That Leads to Nowhere

Aren’t staircases supposed to lead to somewhere? This one goes absolutely nowhere! What do you think is the reason behind this odd architectural misstep? It has been opined that many interior designers and architects are allergic to planning things out – could this be an unfortunate case of such?

Source: olynth_/reddit

To really understand why there would be a staircase that leads to nowhere, we’ll have to go back in time and find out the story behind it – though it might just turn out they were indulging their mischievous streak!


A Secure Fortress, Not Quite!

Most people go to great lengths to secure their homes from would be intruders. But sometimes, no matter how advanced the security tech may be, it can still be overcome with relative ease.


This was the case for one family who went out of their way to invest in an expensive door with a dual lock and digital locking mechanism – only to discover that any crook could easily scale the security door! It’s funny how sometimes people put so much effort into what turns out to be a bad idea. Turns out this extra-secure door was obviously not very secure.


No Emergency Here!

It’s a fact of life – emergencies don’t come with a warning, that’s why they’re emergencies! When you least expect them, they can cause chaos. But the guy who wrote this sign apparently thought you could just schedule an emergency at a more convenient location!

Source: pcjcusaa1636/reddit

It got us thinking though, wouldn’t it be amazing if we could actually plan our ’emergencies’? No more surprises, instead well-timed calamities only at convenient times!


Madness or Art? The Mysterious Concrete Staircase on a Hill

A staircase leading to nowhere is one thing. But we can usually only shake our heads and wonder why somebody thought building this one was a good idea. Does it make any sense? Not really! So then why did someone build them there, right in the middle of a hill? It’s not like this is helping anybody!

Source: its_Jahona/reddit

The only thing we can do is perhaps admire their strange artistry and appreciate this amusing sight. Who knows, maybe it’s meant to be an abstract representation of life’s struggles!


Bye Bye Microwave!

Time to say goodbye to your ill-fitting microwave, and hello to one that does fit. Microwaves blast our food with radiation, ding when they’re done, and never quite cook things right? And then there’s finding one that fits your kitchen properly.

Source: tchasketch4u/reddit

But we still have them. But now might be time to invest in a new microwave, or new cabinetry…


Bathing in Beer

This guy just made MacGyver proud! When faced with a challenging problem, he found a creative, and cheap, solution, and quenched his thirst at the same time. He repaired his broken shower head by using an empty beer can – talk about resourcefulness! And the best part is that it actually worked!

Source: crouthtv/reddit

Maybe he gave his makeshift repair job a more aesthetically pleasing makeover in the end, or maybe he decided to stick with this unique look!


A Sign of Confused Times

This sign-writer could definitely use a dose of self-confidence. He might be a little confused about what he’s trying to say, but all he needs is a little encouragement. After all, confidence is key and as they say – fake it till you make it.

Source: QuarterMile82/reddit

Jokes aside though, whoever painted this weird sign deserves a medal for making us laugh! Was someone trying to cover up the old sign with another without bothering to erase the original? Who knows!


Get the Message Now Doug!?

We don’t want to point any fingers here, but it seems that someone hasn’t been living up to their responsibilities – yes Doug, we’re talking about you!

Source: Nightingale288/reddit

However, this time there was a novel way of conveying the message to him. Direct, unmissable, and funny! Here’s hoping that Doug finally learns his lesson!


Double Trouble!

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. That’s right – someone has actually designed two toilets for one stall! We can only assume it was created for a very specific kind of avant-garde lifestyle that involves a large degree of comfort with others… but frankly we’ve never seen anything like it before!

Source: wile_e_chicken/reddit

We can safely say that this is not a particularly practical use of space, as the number of people who actually would be comfortable must be miniscule. Whoever created this, we salute your novel approach!


Don't Try This at Home!

Are you seeing this!? This brave, inventive fellow has flipped his ladder before climbing it. He may think he’s clever now, but hopefully he doesn’t come off second best. At least he remembered to put on his helmet though – gotta love the safety first – or is it second – attitude!

Source: jacksonsheehan/reddit

Let’s not imitate this kind of behavior. Kids, make sure you use your ladders with caution and the way they’re intended!


When Halfway is Not Okay - The Mysterious Story of the Unfinished Fire Escape

Ever been in a situation where there’s only one way to go, but it’s a catastrophic one? We can assure you, no matter how wild your imagination is, it doesn’t match up to this little emergency fire staircase. It only had half a floor completed before the builder stopped! What on earth was going through his head when he quit mid-construction?

Source: AyyB0ss/reddit

We may never know what compelled them to leave this project unfinished. All we know is that it’s an immense safety hazard and really does need to be completed!


The View from Nowhere: The Time I Paid for an Invisible Seat

What a cringe-worthy experience! Nothing can compare to the embarrassment of paying for a seat, only to realize you’ve got the worst seat in the house with nothing but a blank column in your field of vision.


It’s enough to demoralize the bravest fan, but not this guy, who still managed to smile for the camera and make light of his predicament. Hopefully his team had a win!



Who thought that positioning a pole in the middle of a road was a good idea? We can only wonder what was going through their mind.

Source: esteban_agpa/reddit

It’s almost like a surrealist work of art! Time to get some new engineers and urban designers we think!


Stairway to Oblivion - What Was the Point of This?

Ever seen a sight so perplexing it left you wondering what could have possessed its creator? That’s exactly how we felt when we came across a staircase… leading to absolutely nowhere! Yes, someone invested their time and energy in constructing this staircase for no reason whatsoever.

Source: ParzivalsQuest/reddit

We can only theorize that the floor above this one must have been sealed off by some higher power. To us mere mortals however, it’ll remain an enigma forever!


Concrete Mix 101 - A Lesson Learned!

Mix it Up! Concrete mix may seem like a no-brainer, but one person didn’t figure out quite how to use it. Instead of opening the bags and mixing the concrete, this person simply placed the bags in the gap.


The moral of this story? What appears trivial or self-evident to some may be totally new knowledge for others. Or did they really know all along and just decide to take a short-cut…


A Lesson In Letting Go

We get it, people get attached to their trees. But sometimes life has other plans. Yes, saying goodbye can be hard, but sometimes it really is for the best. We don’t blame those who tried to save their tree with duct-tape.


But just like our beloved tree had to eventually move on, so should we all. So take a deep breath, unbind yourself from those ties that bind and remember that new beginnings are only ever one step, or green shoot, away!


It's a Squiggly Road to Nowhere!

Who would want to brave a road without proper lanes? Driving along this zig-zagging road could lead to utter chaos, and seriously test our car’s handling ability. Even worse is the possibility of accidents.

Source: twelveinchmatlong/reddit

It’s no wonder they invented road markers! Without them, what kind of roads would we have? What kinds of other disasters might occur on our streets and in our lives? Let us not forget how valuable they are; we truly wouldn’t know where we’d be if it weren’t for them!


Tower, Jenga or Disaster Waiting to Happen?

Constructing something can be a lot of fun – or a disaster waiting to happen. The latter is what you might get if what you’re creating resembles the game of Jenga! A teetering tower of blocks ready to come crashing down at any moment spells trouble for anyone around.

Source: shiranami555/reddit

It’s never a good sign when our structures start to look like this unstable stack. Instead of trying your luck and risking it all, please have someone go and take care of this safety hazard as soon as possible before anything unfortunate happens. Let’s play safe here!


A Mind-boggling Mystery Locked Away

Ah, the old “improvised locking system” conundrum. It’s a mysterious situation alright! At first glance, it may appear to be an impossible feat – what are the poor souls on the inside supposed to do if they can’t open from within? Perhaps they’re not meant to get out at all; maybe something else is being kept behind closed doors instead?

Source: SpontaneousCupcake/reddit

The sheer impossibility of this situation has us baffled and so many questions remain. What could it be that’s locked away in there?


A Step To Reach New Heights

Damn, that balcony is low. A little too far below the window which doubles as its point of entry. To get there you’d need a parachute of some sort. Well, luckily for those brave enough to enter it, they figured out another way – using a portable cooler as a kind of step-ladder! Talk about resourceful!

Source: MNLMTS/reddit

Creative as that might be, it’s probably not the safest solution and we highly recommend getting a stable step ladder before things take an unfortunate turn.


Trusting Your Friends!

Hold onto your seats, folks – you won’t believe the way three brave guys stabilize a ladder! Not just one person holding each end, but two people determinedly keeping it down while a third utilizes it as a platform. It’s like something out of an action movie.

Source: CertifiedMaxximus/reddit

We can only hope nobody got hurt while they did this. We hope these men are experienced professionals who know what they’re doing, but this isn’t for the faint hearted.


A Twist on Fence Painting

Have you ever been tempted to pull a Tom Sawyer and trick someone else into doing your dirty work? Well, this person didn’t even bother going that far, they painted this fence with the most minimal expenditure of effort. Talk about devious creativity!

Source: _ssSimon_/reddit

This sort of thing has been dubbed as “malicious compliance” – a cheeky way of getting something done by complying, but in such a way that it completely subverts the intent.


An Epic Miscalculation - Pipe-Fitting Gone Wrong!

Whoever was in charge of taking the measurements of this pipe before drilling a hole obviously didn’t put in too much effort, as their assumptions were way off the mark!

Source: casualperson/reddit

This photo clearly shows that they were a bit too enthusiastic drilling such an enormous hole when the pipe itself wasn’t even that big. Talk about an epic miscalculation!


A Stairway to Aesthetics

Take a look at this incredible staircase design, with the two handrails curving into each other. We can’t quite make out what the intent behind it was, but we know one thing for sure – it’s totally cool! Skaters would love to use these rails for their awesome tricks.

Source: Marcomort/reddit

We believe aesthetics is just as important (if not more!) than functionality sometimes. So don’t get us wrong, we don’t think this is the most functional staircase but it is aesthetically pleasing.


A Risky Yet Rewarding Route to Refresh Your Routine

Most jobs can get a bit mundane, so occasionally we need to shake things up. Tommy here decided to challenge himself by using a short ladder for this job and hanging from the rafters!

Source: electricengy52/reddit

A little risky, yes, but it also gave him the adrenaline boost he needed, and made things a little less mundane.


Airbnb Apartment with a Secret Staircase: Which Route Would You Take?

Ever wanted a hidden escape route in your apartment? That’s what one lucky tenant got when they signed up for this particular rental. Just imagine a window leading to stairs that vanish from sight as soon as you take two steps down – perfect for avoiding nosy neighbors and making like a ninja out of the house.

Source: rs559/reddit

We’re still trying to figure out if it was intentional or a happy accident that this staircase was included in the design. Until then, why not make the most of it and find an excuse to stay in this mysterious abode?


A Sewer Story Gone Wrong - What Happened to All the Water?

They almost made a functional sewer – but then came their greatest mistake! It turns out that for it to actually drain, you need more than just a perfectly crafted sewer. The terrain leading to it has to funnel the water down into it in order for it to work properly.


Sadly, this essential step was overlooked and this sewer didn’t make its grand debut as expected. So, where did all that water go? Well… One will never know! But at least we know what not to do when building a functional drain system.


Danger Ahead! Chop Down This Tree Now!

Nobody would expect a huge tree growing in the middle of the road, but here it is. Who and why they planted this thing is an absolute mystery. But one thing’s for sure – it’s creating a hazard that someone needs to take care of before tragedy strikes.

Source: depressed-meeseeks/reddit

So any axe-wielding heroes out there? Or anyone who needs some firewood?