These Common Household Items Have Mind-Blowing Hidden Functions

By: Lisa Lee | Last updated: Dec 13, 2022

Without even realizing it, we all have been using many of the items on this list incorrectly or inefficiently. When utilized in the correct way, these common household objects can help you solve many small issues in your day to day. We often don’t realize or acknowledge the little things that help make our days easier. But these items around your house can actually make a huge difference in your day-to-day.

Get ready, because we’re going to expose all the things you didn’t know about these common items you use and see everyday. Most, if not all, will probably surprise you!

My Mom Taught Me The Best Way to Unscrew a Broken Lightbulb

Have you ever found yourself in this predicament? A lightbulb has broken, but it’s still in the socket and the sharp edges are sticking out. You don’t want to cut yourself on the glass when trying to unscrew the bulb. If a potato wasn’t the first item that came to mind when thinking of a solution to this problem, don’t worry. We wouldn’t have thought of it either!



To get the lightbulb unscrewed safely, stick half of a potato onto it so that the pointy parts of the broken bulb are well covered. The sharp edge should push into the potato. When you start to twist the potato you should be able to unscrew the light bulb with it. There are so many household items like this one that you can use in handy ways. Who knew potatoes were good for more than eating?

For Us Lazy People: Unfold the Takeout Box

Ordering takeout is not only delicious, but a huge time saver as well. While we all would love to have the time to cook at the end of a long day, this isn’t usually the case. Not to mention, the effort cleaning takes after you cook. Who doesn’t love to conveniently order their favorite Chinese food or pizza and not have to clean a single dish?


Often, takeout meals come in those iconic paper boxes that we are all too familiar with. These are actually foldable for a reason. You can unfold the corners of the box to lay the takeout dish flat and use it as a plate. No need to use a plate that you’ll have to wash later. This hack is useful for lazy people and busy people alike. Easiest. Dinner. Ever!

Push In The Sides of Your Aluminum Foil Box... Trust Us

Isn’t it frustrating when you go to cover your leftovers, and suddenly the whole roll of aluminum wrap comes flying out? Turns out, the box has a built-in solution just for that. It’s interesting that most of us don’t know about these helpful hacks, but companies put a lot of forethought into their packaging and products. They know how much their customers value convenience. Tin foil is no exception.


SImplemost Media

Go to your kitchen, grab your foil, and look at the end. See those little perforated tabs? Push them in. Next time you reach in to grab some tin foil, you won’t have to scramble to grasp the roll. The roll will stay snugly inside the box. We’d love to know whose genius idea this way because it’s as if they predicted our problem before we even knew it existed. Problem solved!

Dust Pans Are Good For More Than Collecting Dust

If you’ve tried to fill up a bucket with water from a small sink to wash your car, you know how frustrating it can be. If you can’t fit the bucket in the sink you might have to fill singular cups with water until the bucket is full. It’s a huge time waster that no one wants. Not everyone has a hose extension laying around the house, but you probably do have a dust pan.


All you need is a dust pan with a handle. Take the pan and place it in the sink under the faucet. The handle should be facing out. Put your bucket beneath the handle and turn on the water. Now you’ve got your very own spout to fill your bucket. Full bucket, no struggle. It’s not what the trust dust pan was designed for but we’ll sure take it as a convenient hose extension replacement.

The Only Measuring Cup You'll Ever Need

Red solo cups are actually designed to be able to measure. Despite the fact that most everyone has used a red or blue plastic cup at some point, many still don’t know that you can use the lines on the cups to measure liquids! There are 3 lines on the cup: The one closest to the bottom is 1 oz, the middle line is 5 oz, and the top line is 12 oz. Most often people use these as alcohol serving sizes.


These lines are recommended serving sizes for wine, liquor, and beer. For example, the one ounce is a shot of liquor, the 5 ounce is a serving of wine, and the 12 ounce is a serving of beer. That way you would know how much you should pour in a cup so you don’t over-serve yourself or others. Who would have thought red solo cups could be used as measuring cups?


I Didn't Believe My Wooden Spoon Had This Secret Power

Grandmas and Nanas everywhere will know this one, but if yours never told you about this little trick, we’ll let you in on it now. To prevent your pot from boiling over all you need is a dry wooden spoon. This may seem like a very weird way to prevent spill, but we promise we aren’t pulling your leg. This trick actually works.


To prevent your pot from boiling over and making your stovetop a mess, lay a wooden spoon across the top. The way it works is that wood does not absorb water. So when water bubbles up to touch the spoon, it is essentially rejected and the bubbles subside. In so many words, the wooden object makes the water retreat. It keeps the bubbles in the pot and under control! Naturally, any dry wooden object would work, but most people have a wooden spoon handy in the kitchen.


Stop Cutting Off the Tops of Your Strawberries

Mmm…fresh, ripe strawberries are a delicious treat. If only they weren’t such a pain to prepare. Cutting the green tops off every single berry is a tedious task! We can’t be the only ones who have bought a beautiful basket of strawberries only to leave them in the fridge too long because we’re too lazy to prepare them.

Taking the top off a strawberry can also be a frustrating process because you end up cutting off half the strawberry on accident. Don’t fret, there is an easy solution. Just slide a straw through the berry starting from the bottom and the tops will come right off. Its a simple and quick solution to prepare your delicious snack without losing half of it in the process!


You're Storing Your Peanut Butter Wrong

Peanut butter lovers know the frustration of reaching for the jar of deliciousness just to find that the oil has completely separated! This is especially true with a lot of nut butters such as almond butter. No one wants a dry PB&J for lunch. This is less of a hidden feature and more of a hack but our peanut butter lovers will surely appreciate this helpful tip.

Just let gravity do the work for you by storing the jar upside down. The oil will travel down towards the lid and mix nicely with the peanut butter. If the oil ends up on the other side of the jar, you can always flip it and store it right side up again to let the oils mix again.


Don't Drink the Milk If You See This!

Milk carton designs feature a circular imprint within the plastic. When milk is left in the fridge too long, it will spoil. When milk sours, gases build up on the inside, causing the carton to expand. The inverted circle design allows for this natural gas expansion to occur without having your carton explode within your fridge. Cleaning up a mess like that would be an awful headache.


It also helps your milk carton expand should you freeze your milk. In addition to allowing your milk room to expand, the circle on the side of the carton also serves another handy purpose. It can indicate to you that the milk has gone bad. If the circle ever pops out towards you, this is most likely an indication that your milk has gone bad because the gas from the sour milk has caused it to expand. The more you know!


Try This if You're Eating Too Much Pasta

This is one of our absolutely favorites for all you pasta lovers. How much spaghetti should you serve one person? Either you have a heap of leftovers you’re too full to eat or you’re going back for more and hoping it’s not all gone. Whether you’re cooking for a family or even just one serving for yourself, this spatula hidden feature is the perfect tool to make the right portion size.

Who knew that the hole in the center of your spaghetti spoon is the solution? We thought the hole in the center of this utensil was simply to drain liquid. Like many of these helpful hidden features, its purpose is two-fold. It’s not there just to drain liquid but also to guide your portioning decisions. One serving of uncooked spaghetti will fit through the hole at the center of the spatula.


The Drawer Under Your Oven Serves 3 Purposes (not just storage)

The drawer under your oven actually can serve three different functions, but this will depend on the type of oven you own. It’s best to consult your manual to discover its true purpose.

Source: Pinterest

If you have a warming drawer, you should typically see the words “warming drawer” as a button option on your stove. If you have a gas oven with a narrow drawer, that would be a broiler drawer. If your oven doesn’t have a button and the drawer is rather deep, then this type is strictly made for storage and you should not put your food in it.


The Arrow on Your Gas Gauge Is More Important Than You Think

Most vehicles that have been manufactured since 2010 have an arrow next to the gas gauge that either points to the right or to the left. The purpose of this arrow is to indicate to the driver which side of the vehicle the gas tank is on.


Most people do not even notice this arrow because they instinctively know the side of their car the gas tank is located. However, if you are driving a rental or new car, this arrow becomes very handy.


Different Plungers For Different Purposes

We all try to ignore our plungers until we actually need them, but you might want to pay a little more attention to this humble tool.


The key is having the right item for the job. A cup-style plunger is better for a sink, while you should use one with a narrower end to clear toilets.


Pom-Poms are Protective

Pom-pom hats are extremely stylish and look very cute today. However, in the past, they had a very specific function that you may not know about. Medium

In the 19th century, French sailors were wearing them for functional purposes. The pom-poms on their hats were to protect their heads from hitting the ship’s low ceilings. Many ships had smaller doorways than expected, and the pom-poms absorbed the blow.


The Simple Solution For The Holes Your Kids Put In the Walls

If you have kids in your home. You’re probably no stranger to damage to your walls. Luckily, you most likely already have the item you need to fix the damage.

Just grab one of the kids’ white crayons and use it to fill those unsightly holes. Fun and functional!


What Sets Wooden Hangers Apart?

We use hangers in our day to day life, but  did you know why wooden hangers were created in the first place?

Wayfair/ Getty

They were made to keep bugs like moths away from a wardrobe because they can damage clothes, especially if they are made of wool. Usually, wooden hangers are made of cedar which is known for its ability to repel moths and other insects.


Look Out For This Hole on Your Locks

Have you ever shoved a bobby pin or other small object into the hole on the bottom of a padlock to try to unlock it?

Those holes are designed to prevent moisture from collecting inside the lock to prevent rust. The hole also can help if your lock gets jammed. If you pour WD-40 or oil in this small hole, that should fix things.


My Grandma Taught Me How to Use Pam Outside of the Kitchen

Every kitchen has a can of this stuff around. It’s so much easier to use, and much easier to portion than just pouring oil from the bottle.

It has more uses than greasing a pan, however. You can also use it to grease hinges! It works great when you’re in a pinch and don’t have WD-40 around.


How to Achieve the Perfect Manicure Right At Home

These stickers were what we all used in school in order to keep the sheets of paper kept in three ring binders from ripping loose. You can also use these labels for getting a moon or half-moon manicure, known as French or a reverse manicure.


All you need to do is apply a hole-punched reinforcement sticker to the bottom portion of your nails and paint the tops.


What the Blue Side of the Eraser is Actually Used For

You probably noticed that there are erasers that are different colors. Many people think that two colors look more appealing to kids and that is the reason for them.


The difference between the blue and the red part is that the blue part can be used on the thicker and tougher types of paper, while the red one should be used on either notebook or loose-leaf paper.


You've Been Using Bobby Pins Wrong Your Whole Life

People with thick hair, this one is for you. If you know the pain of perfecting a hairstyle just to have it fall apart in minutes, you might be using bobby pins wrong.


Most people put the flat side against their scalp, but it actually works much better if you use the bumpy side down! This is how they were intended to work, anyways.


Are Your Sticky Notes Folding Up? Try This.

Post-it notes seem as simple as can be, right? Write, peel, stick. However, if you’re peeling from the bottom, you’re doing it wrong!

Simplemost Media

Peel from the side to help the note lay flat against the surface and stop the edges from curling up. Who knew there was a “right way” to use sticky notes?!


Flip The Pill Bottle Cap Upside Down

This hack kinda blew our minds. Pill bottles with the safety lids can be hard to open, right? This is especially true for elderly people or those with limited dexterity in their hands.


However, the other side can also be used to seal the bottle! Just make sure to close them with the secure side if you have kiddos around.


Fast Food On the Go (As It Was Intended)

While it’s unclear if the design of these fast food meal containers were intended to be used this way, it absolutely can make your life easier. After all, fast food was meant to be consumed on the go.

@McDonalds Twitter/ @Lillian.VanTassel

If you slide your soft drink straw through the middle of your meal container, your fries and nuggets or burger can rest perfectly, supported by the lid of your drink. This way, your entire meal can fit sturdily inside your cup holder should you find yourself eating in the car.


What Could That Little Piece of Fabric Possibly Be Used For?

It is common to get an extra button with your new clothes. The reason for an extra button is pretty obvious – if a button falls off, you have got an extra one to replace it with. But what about a piece of fabric that often accompanies the button? Many people think that it is used for patching up a rip in their clothing.


However, it is too small for that. The real purpose is so you can test cleaning products on this small piece of fabric in order to make sure that a certain cleaning product does not ruin the material before you wash the real thing.


The "57" Ketchup Trick

Glass ketchup bottles are rarer these days, which means you might not know how to get the condiment onto your plate when it refuses to come out.


Find the little “57” that’s raised on the side of the bottle, angle the opening toward your fries, and tap that spot with the heel of your hand. It really works!


The Hidden Feature On The Mustard Lid

Do you ever squeeze out mustard from the bottle and get the condiment all over the inside of the cap rather than on your food? This situation happens to many of us, and many of us may not know that the mustard lid was actually designed to prevent this from happening. Turns out we’ve just been using it wrong.

Imgur/ YouTube

The next time you’re using French’s Mustard, take a look at the back of the cap. There is actually a tab here to lock the open lid in place. Simply click the lid down and you’ll no longer have to deal with messy mustard caps.


Just When We Thought We Had Everything Figured Out...

We know what you’re thinking…”How could I be using a banana wrong?” It’s not that you’re wrong, per se, it’s just that there’s a better way to open them!

Alyssa Modos

Opening bananas from the top causes bruising and can be frustrating. Flip ‘em around and squeeze the bottom. Ta-da! Your snack is ready.


How Can Your Bread Clip Make Your Life Easier?

Isn’t it always the way? You can find one sock but not the other. Sometimes it feels like socks have their own free will to escape from our sock drawers!

Remedy that problem with this cool breadclip hack. Lock your socks together and never worry about what your socks are doing when you aren’t looking, again.


Colored Squares at the Top of a Toothpaste Tube

If you look at the top of your toothpaste tube, you will notice a colored square – blue, red, black, or green. Many people mistakenly believe that each color reveals the ingredients of toothpaste: red for natural and chemical, green for all natural, blue for natural plus medicine, etc.


The truth is that these squares have nothing to do with your toothpaste’s formulation. It is just a mark for light beam sensors during the manufacturing process to indicate to the machines where one tube ends and the next begins.


A Built-in Spoon Rest

Here’s another tip for the kitchen. When you’re short on counter space and don’t have room for a spoon rest, you can use the hole at the end of your pan handle!

Joe Peach

Just make sure the burners are off so you don’t solve one problem and cause a much bigger one. Trust us.


The Headrests of Your Car Seats Have a Secret Function

The most obvious feature of the headrest is to provide comfort to passengers and drivers while driving and keep all passengers safe in the event of an accident. However, there is another hidden feature at work here. You probably have noticed that the headrests are detachable and have metal bars.

Source: Survival Training

If you are ever trapped in a vehicle and need to get out as quickly as possible, the headrests can be used to smash your car windows. It is a rare situation, but you never know what may happen and when you’ll need to know this helpful tip.


Use a Soda Can Tab to Hold a Straw

Ever wonder why a soda can tab has that hole in it? We’re not sure, either but we do know it has a surprising use you may not have heard of.


Instead of struggling trying to get that next sweet sip, just stick a (biodegradable) straw through the hole! Genius.


Most Microwaves Have A Hidden Silencer Feature

It’s 2 in the morning and a late night burrito is calling your name. You can’t wait to heat up your snack, but you also don’t want to be that annoying roommate who wakes up everyone in the house with the loud beeps of the microwave.


Fear not, friends! Did you know that most microwaves have a hidden feature that helps you silence its sounds? Typically, if you hold down a single button on the microwave for a few seconds (try the “1” button), it will activate “silent mode,” and you can now enjoy your microwave at any time of day, free from incessant beeping.


Flip the Side of the Yogurt Cup

We felt a little silly for not knowing this one, but we had to share in case you didn’t know either! Ever enjoyed one of those yogurt cups with the topping sidecar?


Well, they actually bend at the perfect angle to dump the berries or granola right on top. Maybe these things should come with instructions!


Seal a Screw with Nail Polish

Loose screws can be such a pain. If only there were a magic substance you already have in your cabinet that could help prevent this…

Oh wait, you totally do! Clear nail polish has a number of uses. You can paint it over the sides of a  screw to keep it tightly in place.


Use Painter's Tape for Perfect Caulking

Caulking is one of those tasks that nobody wants to do. It can be a huge mess, and it’s hard to get the perfect edge.


An experienced handyman once told us that you can use painter’s masking tape to get a crisp, clean line. Just make sure to remove the tape before the caulk dries fully.


Unclogging The Toilet

Clogged toilets can be a nightmare. However, instead of turning to the common physical methods of unclogging your toilet, a little bit of dish soap can have this problem solved for you.

Source: Family Handyman

Just pour one cup of dish soap into the bowl and let it stand for about 20 minutes to allow the soap to get rid of the debris causing the clog. Then, flush the debris with a bucket of hot water and your toilet pipes will be debris free.


Quickly Delete Entries in the Calculator App

If you’re one of the world’s 900 million-plus iPhone uses, you may find this hack to be a handy one.


Save yourself some grief next time you need to do some quick math. When using the built-in calculator app, you can simply swipe right to delete the last number you entered.


Silica Gel From Shoe Boxes Have Alternative Uses

Many people mistakenly believe those little bags that are found in shoe boxes are air fresheners. However, they actually are silica gel packets, which serve the purpose of absorbing moisture.

Time of India/ Carlos Fernandez/Getty Images

The packets of this gel also have different uses, including drying out a wet smartphone that you dropped in water or helping your clothes smell fresh. Therefore, next time you find these items in a shoe box, do not throw them away.


Use Your Dishwasher to Sanitize Items Like Toys

Your dishwasher isn’t just for dirty cups and bowls! You can actually wash and sanitize a variety of other options using this handy home appliance. Toss in children’s toys or pet food bowls for a deep clean. Plastic office supplies, bathroom containers, and even small trash cans can all be cleaned in your dishwasher.

Not only is this more efficient than washing these items by hand, but it saves you a ton of water too. You can also use the rinse-only cycle to wash vegetables, the steam setting to cook salmon, and much more.


Holes in Converse Shoes Have Two Purposes

It may be surprising to you, but two extra holes in the side of your Converse shoes actually have two purposes. That’s right – it is not just a specific Converse design. The first purpose is providing ventilation to your feet. The holes allow the air to circulate inside a shoe to help your feet “breathe” a bit more.

The second purpose is to let you be creative with laces. Yes, you do not have to choose traditional lacing techniques all the time – there are other more creative ways to lace your shoes by using these two holes.


The Design of a Fountain Pen

Have you ever looked at your fountain pen and wondered why it had a series of ‘fins’ along it? Well, this clever design is actually here to help prevent the ink from getting all over you. When you pick up these pens full of ink, the warmth of your hand causes the cartridge to expand, leading more ink to the pen’s tip.

YouTube/ Reddit

These helpful ‘fins’ or ‘combs’ are spaces where the ink can expand into rather than leaking out of the pen all at once. Essentially, this design helps manage ink distribution inside your pen, keeping the ink flow steady and readily available for when you need it.


The Small Dot on the Back of Your Smartphone

There is a small hole in the back of your phone between the flash and the camera. Many people may not know this, but it is actually a microphone. Its purpose is to reduce the amount of external noise when you talk.


In addition, it helps improve the quality when you are on the phone or when you are using a virtual assistant.


Toothpaste with Three Colored Stripes

Aquafresh is one of the most famous toothpastes in the world. It is sold in 127 countries around the globe and is used by over 260 million people. Its white, red, and blue stripes make the toothpaste quite distinctive. You may think that the combination of these three colors is simply a marketing hook.


However, in fact, each color is known for its unique purposes and ingredients. The white color contains substances to remove plaque and whiten teeth. Blue is known for breath-freshening and antimicrobial effects, and red contains the special elements helping to keep your gums healthy.


Why Do Electrical Plugs Have These Two Holes?

If you have ever looked at the prongs of your electrical plugs on various electronics and appliances you have throughout your home, you may notice that some prongs have holes in them. There are 3 different purposes for these holes. 

Source: Geekerhertz

The first purpose is for stability. Inside the outlet that you plug your electronics into, there are bumps that match up with these holes to create a firm grip. This not only helps the plug from falling out, but also helps for the plug and outlet to have more contact between each other. Another reason for the holes would be for safety. You can slide zip ties with notes or even a small padlock in between the two holes to seal the plug if it shouldn’t be used or if there are special instructions involved. The last reason is for practical monetary reasons as having holes in the prongs means that the manufacturers can use less metal.


Little Bumps on "F" and "J" Keys on Your Keyboard

If you are a trained typist, you definitely know the purpose of these two bumps. If you practice 10-finger typing, you can use “F” and “J” keys as the home keys where your index fingers rest.


They help you find the way back to the home position without the need to look down at the keyboard. Moreover, these bumps also help blind people with typing.


Easily Clean a Pan

What’s your least favorite chore? For us, it’s doing the dishes. Standing in front of a soapy sink with a sponge and a dirty pan is just not fun.


Save yourself the hassle next time and boil a little water in the pan before you clean. Add some vinegar too if it’s nonstick. The results are magic!


Why Do Ballpoint Pen Caps Have Holes?

Most of us used ballpoint pens throughout our school years. Did you ever wonder why there was a tiny hole in the cap? Believe it or not, this hole has a very specific purpose – it is designed this way in case the cap gets swallowed by a child or pet.

Shutterstock/ Pinterst

The hole in the cap will help the air flow continue through the cap. This means that with the help of the cap’s design, the person who swallowed it will still be able to breathe. While you absolutely shouldn’t be swallowing pen caps, it may help save an innocent child’s life who didn’t know any better.


Little Pockets on Your Jeans Have a Secret Function

This tiny pocket is so small that it is hard to believe that you can use it for storing something. In reality, this pocket that sits inside a real pocket has a long history.


It appeared on the jeans of cowboys in the 19th century, and its primary purpose was for keeping their watches safe. It has also served many other functions, such as a coin pocket, ticket pocket, key pocket, or even a match pocket.


What's With The Plastic Ring on Soda Caps?

On every plastic soda bottle you’ll see a thin, plastic ring right below the bottle cap. Aside from fidgeting with it or spinning it around the neck of the bottle, does this plastic ring actually serve a purpose?

Well, as a matter of fact it does! The plastic ring on these bottles are very important for keeping your beverage fresh. The ring helps seal the cap tightly down on the bottle so the soda does not go flat prior to when you want to enjoy it. Furthermore, if you ever find this plastic seal on your bottle broken before you twist open your soda yourself, you’ll know it has been tampered with and should not be consumed.


Ridges on the Edge of Coins

One of the most common questions people ask about their coins is why quarters and dimes have ridges along the edges. The answer to this question goes back to the 18th century when quarters and half-dollars were made from gold, and other coins were made from copper and silver.


This actually was a security feature that helped prevent the casual fraud from scraping off tiny bits of gold and silver. Nickels and pennies were never made of valuable and expensive materials, so there was no need to add ridges to them.


Holes at the Top of Your Running Shoes

If you have ever had a pair of good running shoes, you may have noticed that there are extra holes near the tops with the same appearance as the regular shoelace holes. Many people find them awkward and unnecessary because they simply do not know their real function and have no idea how to properly utilize them.


These holes were created so that runners can lace their running shoes in many ways in order to get the customized support they need while they run. Looping your laces through the top holes will hold the shoe tighter to your foot while also stopping the shoes from rubbing against your skin if you aren’t wearing socks.


Women's Shirt Buttons Used To Tell Social Status

You may not know it, but the position of the buttons on a women’s shirt and blouse is symbolic and has a special meaning. Back in the day, buttons placed on the left indicated that a woman belonged to the upper class and is probably dressed by her servants.


In contrast, if the buttons are on the right, it told the world that most likely you were a farmer or commoner, and you were probably dressed by yourself.


Metal Rivets on Your Jeans Have a Purpose

It may be surprising, but all of those metal rivets in your jeans have a function. They do not exist for a fashion statement only. They are strategically placed on certain areas where jeans used to fall apart. Jeans have a long history.


In the past, they became really popular among the working class, such as farmers, laborers, miners, ranchers, and other workers with very physical jobs. They all wore jeans, and the metal rivets on them helped to keep their jeans from ripping apart at the seams during their work.


The Unique Design of the Toblerone Chocolate Bar

Toblerone was created by Theodor Tobler and Emil Baumann in Switzerland in 1908. It is well known for its distinctive triangular shape and packaging. Most people mistakenly assume that this triangular shape is a shoutout to the magnificent Swiss Alps. However, the design of this chocolate bar is more functional and practical than for aesthetics.


This chocolate is not meant to be eaten all at once but savored slowly piece by piece. The pieces of Toblerone are in triangles so that if you push on the end of one piece with your thumb, it will snap off easily and give you a perfect sized serving of delicious chocolate.


M&Ms Stands For Mars and Murrie

The “m” printed on M&Ms was an important marking to distinguish the real candy from fake versions. After wartime, M&Ms were made available to the public. Forrest Mars bought out Murrie’s shares in the company.

Two years after this acquisition, the company decided to print the candies with a black “m” which eventually became the iconic white marking we know and love today. Customers were encouraged to “Look for the M on every piece” to ensure they were getting the real M&M candies.


Escalator Brushes Are Not for Polishing Shoes

You may have used the escalator brushes for cleaning your shoes, but they are actually an important safety feature. One of the most common reasons for escalator accidents is due to people getting their bags, clothes, or shoelaces stuck in the escalator from standing too close to the sides.

These nylon brushes do not allow you to stand too close to the sides as they push your feet away from the escalator’s side panels. These brushes have helped prevent thousands of accidents.


Don't Be Afraid of the Holes in Airplane Windows

We all freaked out a little bit when we noticed a small hole in the airplane window for the first time. This hole has two purposes. The first purpose is compensation for air pressure.

Flickr/Chris Waits

When the airplane reaches cruising altitude, there is a significant pressure difference between the inside and outside of the aircraft. The hole in the airplane window helps regulate this difference. The other purpose of it is to prevent the window from fogging up.


Need A Tweezer In A Pinch?

This next hidden feature is great for when you’re traveling or away from your home and require emergency tweezer use, but you don’t have any tweezers around. This may sound silly but, three coins can do the trick! In general, most people have three coins laying around their bag, wallets, or cars at any given point in time.


If you happen to be running into an important business meeting and notice an embarrassing hair protruding from your nose or chin, simply hold three coins in the way shown above and use these everyday objects as your makeshift tweezers to save the day. This trick can also be useful if you or even your kids get splinters while out and about and don’t have handy tweezers around.


You Were Never Meant to Blow Your Lollipop Like a Whistle

Did you blow into those lollipops with the little hole at the top when you were a kid? Maybe your kids are still doing the same, but that’s not the purpose of those holes. So why are they there, you might ask? To save your life!

The hole allows the candy to adhere securely to the stick, ensuring it doesn’t come loose and slip down your throat. It eliminates a choking hazard.


Fast Food Lids Have a Second Purpose

Have you noticed that fast food cups drip a lot of condensation, making a big mess? You can avoid that problem by removing the lid and using it as a coaster.

u/Jt_clemente / Reddit

The little bumps on top of the lids are designed to hold a cup in place when used as a coaster. No, they’re not just there to amuse you for a few minutes while you push in the various buttons.


Your Favorite Backpack has a Diamond Shape Design for Historical Purposes

What’s that diamond shape design that you see on many backpacks? It might look stylish, but it’s actually a knockoff from alpine backpacks designed to hold ice picks.

Many bags designed for mountaineers had that little diamond piece to hold essential tools. However, today you’re more likely to use it to hook on your gym shoes or corded headsets.


"Pockets" Found on Women's Underwear

Most women’s underwear have little secret “pockets” sewn into them. No, they are not used for storing pads, tampons, or anything else fancy in there.


They are called a panty gusset and have a very specific purpose. Usually, the gussets are made of moisture-wicking, breathable materials in order to keep the privates properly ventilated and dry.


Pack Using the Rolling Method

When packing efficiently for a trip, look to flight attendants and Marie Kondo for advice. Both recommend rolling your clothes instead of folding them.


That way, you’ll have a neater-looking, more organized suitcase. Plus, your items will be less wrinkled and you’ll be able to fit more souvenirs to bring home!


Trouser Creases

Have you ever wondered if there was a purpose to those creases you see in fancy trousers? The answer goes back to the 19th century.

Trousers were being made in Europe and then shipped to other countries. Because of how they were folded and the long journey by ship, when they were received by the buyers the crease was not fixable. Because of this, they made it into a fashion statement.


Tic Tac Containers

If you have ever found yourself having trouble getting yourself just one Tic Tac, the Tic Tac company actually designed its box to help with that.

The little tab on the opening of the Tic Tac box perfectly fits a single Tic Tac. When you tilt the box at an angle, one Tic Tac will perfectly slide onto the tab!


The Punt at the Bottom of a Wine Bottle

You may notice there is a punt at the bottom of each wine bottle. This helps each wine bottle balance and stand upright.

The punt also allows sediment in the wine to settle into a tight space at the bottom of the bottle. This prevents it from being released into the wine as you pour it into a glass.


Turn a Sheet of Aluminum Foil Into a Funnel

Need a funnel but don’t have one on hand? Use a sheet of aluminum foil. Simply form the foil into a cone shape and you’ve solved your problem. There is only one instance where you’ll want to double up the foil and that’s with grease.

If you’re trying to drain hot grease off a pan or other cooking vessel, make sure to use two layers. Let the grease sit until it is totally cooled, wad up the foil, and toss it in the trash for a mess-free cleanup.


Barcode Readers Read the White Parts Not the Black

Have you ever wondered how barcodes work? The scanners emit rays of light onto the barcode of the product that you are scanning. When the light hits the barcode, the dark areas absorb the light whereas the white areas reflect it back.

This generates a waveform that corresponds to the light that was reflected. The waveform is then decoded by the barcode reader in a similar manner to how Morse Code dots and dashes are decoded.


Combat a Sunburn with Shaving Cream

Accidentally spent too much time in the sun and don’t have any aloe on hand? Shaving cream actually works as a great topical healing cream in a pinch. The menthol in the product offers a cooling effect, while any included shea butter can help moisturize the skin.


However, it is important to keep in mind that there are better products out there for sunburns, so only use this method as a last result. Also, this life hack should never be used for a severe burn, which needs a much stronger product.


Keep Houseplants Watered and Happy

If you’re terrible about remembering to water houseplants, here’s a trick to try out. Take a small plastic water bottle and puncture it with a hammer and nail in a few places along the side. Fill with water and secure the lid. Turn it upside down inside the potted plant and bury it slightly under the soil.


This allows the water to leak out slowly, giving the plant a drip of water a little at a time without you having to remember it.


Whiten Your Teeth for Cheap

There is no longer a need to spend a fortune on professional whitening strips! Let an inexpensive banana peel do the job. Simply rub the inner white side of a peel against your freshly brushed teeth for about 2 minutes every day.

The astringent salicylic acid is plaque-busting. The citric acid in banana peels gently bleaches your teeth, effectively lightening surface stains on your teeth without wearing down the enamel. With this simple trick, you’ll have bright pearly whites within a week!


You've Been Adding Cheese To Your Burgers Wrong

The cheeseburger is a culinary masterpiece, especially when grilled over some hot coals, but you could be making a critical mistake.

Imgur/ Aer0eng

We all love melty cheese, but wait until it’s off the fire to add your cheddar. It will still melt, but it won’t coat the grill and make it harder to clean.


Metal at the End of Measuring Tape

The small piece of metal at the beginning of the measuring tape has several purposes. Firstly, there is a small slot that can be placed around a nail to keep it in place while you measure.


You’ll also notice that the edge of the measuring tape is a bit serrated. The reason for this is to make it easier to mark a wall or other surfaces if you don’t have a pencil behind your ear at the time of measuring.


The Tab on the Rearview Mirror

The small (seemingly pointless) black tab on your rearview mirror is there for a very particular reason, actually. The tab allows you to change the position of the mirror to that you can control the glare of the lights from behind you.

Source: Dailymail

You can tilt the mirror to reduce the brightness of the blaring headlights behind you by manually adjusting the angle, thereby deflecting the light while still being able to see that there is a car behind you.


Loops on Grocery Cart

While most of us have likely never thought about the small loops on our grocery carts, there is a very particular purpose for them. It always seems like you can fill the cart to the tippy top no problem, but when it comes to scanning and bagging all the items it’s a crazy game of Tetris.


Nothing ever seems to fit back in the cart the way it’s supposed to. These loops are there to help you out in situations like these. Not only can you hang extra baggage off these loops you can always store things like 12-packs of soda on the side to open up more cart space.


Golf Ball Dimples

The small dimples on a golf ball actually serves a purpose! However, they weren’t always designed this way. The change came about when experienced golfers began to notice that balls with nicks and bumps would travel further than perfectly round balls.

Credit: CC0, via Pixabay

The imperfections would create turbulence and reduce drag. Eventually, manufacturers began to design balls with these dimples, creating more lift and greater distance traveled.


Holes in Pot Handles

Most of us have never used the holes in the pot handles, however, they do serve a purpose. The first is so we can optimize our kitchen space and hang the pots from the hooks when they need to dry or are not being used.

Source: Dailymail

The other hidden feature is to keep your saucy stirring spoon from dirtying anything in your kitchen.


The Cylinder Toward End of Cable Cord

Have you ever noticed the large cylinder-shaped bulge toward the plug in of the cord? There is a name for this bump, they’re called chokes or ferrite cores.

These chokes are magnetic iron oxide that helps prevent any high-frequency electromagnetic interference. Those are a lot of big words, so in more simple terms, you know when your phone gets too close to a speaker and makes that horribly pitched noise. This interrupts that.


Wings on Your Apple Power Cord

If you’re a MacBook user, you may have noticed some “wings” that you can pull up on the power cord. You wouldn’t be alone if you didn’t initially get the purpose.

If you flip the wings, you’ll notice it becomes much easier to wrap the cord around the power block. This makes it neater and tidier to wrap. Just a small hidden detail for those who like to be extra organized.


Paper Condiment Cups

These tiny paper condiment cups, which seem to only hold an incredibly minuscule number of condiments, serves more of a purpose than meets the eye.

After you fill up your ketchup, the idea was that upon returning to your seat at the restaurant, you’d open the cup. The small cups are meant to be unfolded and used as a small condiment plate of sorts.


Long Neck Bottles

If you enjoy yourself a beer from time to time, it may interest you to know why the beer bottle is shaped the way that it is. The reason your bottle has a long neck is to make the bottle nice to hold for longer periods of time. It also makes it easier to pour into a cup.

Source: Dailymail

Furthermore, some bottles have more bulbous necks to collect sediments and particles in unfiltered beers. And lastly, the long necks distribute heat throughout the entire bottle.


Color Coded Ice Cream Scoopers

Have you ever noticed the different colored scoops at ice cream shops? This is not just random aesthetic. Each color represents a different sized scoop.

Ice cream scoops can be served in over a dozen different sizes and is based on how many scoops can go in a cup and how many can full up a 32-ounce container.


Notebook Margins

Notebook margins, does anyone really know what they are for, or why they are different types? Believe it or not, those margins weren’t invented as a guide for how many sentences you could fit onto one page, or even as a little bonus space for your teacher to write notes while correcting a paper, But that was not their original intention. This signature design is actually thanks to a source typically viewed unpleasantly, rodents.


Manufacturers of paper began to apply margins to writing paper for the purpose of protecting your written work. In earlier eras, rats were a common unwelcome houseguest in many people’s homes, and one of their favorite snacks was  paper. Applying wide margins to the paper safeguarded against losing important work by leaving blank spaces around the edges for the rats to chew through first, and to protect the writing on the outer edges from general wear and tear.


Brass Door Knobs

Have you ever wondered why door knobs always tend to be made of brass? A lot of doorknobs are made out of brass because it destroys bacteria. So, these types of doorknobs are essentially germ-proof. Perfect in a household  or school with lots of kids and germs present. 

Gear Patrol

Using copper and brass as forms of antibacterial properties is rooted in history. Ancient Egyptian medical artifacts documented the application of the metals to treat wounds and sterilize water.


Half-Belts On Coats

The martingale, or the half-belt on the back of a coat or  jacket, is regularly mistaken by most as a fashionable touch, when, in reality, it originated for a much different purpose. Although now the piece is added as a finishing touch to a formal jacket, it was originally developed for men in the military.  

Oversized jackets were issued that could double as blankets during cold nights.. The half-belt was used to gather the extra material and hold it in place so soldiers could walk around without the excess fabric getting in their way.


Two In One Tools

You can use your screwdriver with the help of a wrench.  A lot of screwdrivers can be easily slid through the circular end of a wrench. The ribbed end of the wrench grips around the ribbed end of the screwdriver helping to create a lock between the two tools.


By doing this you are able to create more torque. This feature is especially helpful at complicated heights and angles.


The Purpose of The “Dots” On A Microwave 

Walk into any present day kitchen and almost every single one has a microwave. Since the first domestic Radar Range microwave was introduced in 1967, people around the world have been popping their popcorn and heating up their leftovers with the appliance. While it’s become a common commercial and household item, it still brings up some concerns for safety.

Fear not, microwave ovens are designed to keep in radiation. Against the glass, there is a protective mesh screen dotted with tiny holes. These holes are spaced appropriately so that the long microwaves are kept bouncing inside the chamber, while also safely allowing you to look through the glass front and view your food’s progress.


Frit on Automobile Windows The Sun

The Frit or more commonly referred to “what are these black dots on the bottom/ tops or windows and windshields?” serves two main purposes. Firstly, it prevents ultraviolet rays from deteriorating the window sealant.

 This is important because it keeps rain and water out of the car while holding the glass in place. Secondly, frit offers a more abrasive surface for adhesion to help seal and create a long lasting barrier from outside elements. It also helps to stop you from seeing the “messy part” of the seal.


Shirt Loops

This one may be a pretty common hidden use, but we thought we would share it regardless. The extra piece of fabric that sits right where the pleat meets the yoke in the center of the back of a dress shirt actually has a purpose.

These extra loops began appearing on dress shirts by the menswear brand GANT in the 1960s and were named “locker loops”. The purpose of them being to keep students’ shirts wrinkle-free in Ivy league locker rooms while the students were in their gym attire.  


Plastic Loops On Women’s Clothing

Now women’s clothing does not have “shirt loops” like mentioned in the previous slide, but they do have these plastic loops that tend to be cut off right along with the price tag.  Our advice moving forward is to rethink this decision as they actually hold a purpose!

Outfits are fitted with plastic loops so that clothes can be hung on hangers properly. This is because not all articles of clothing are created the same and some are made with heavier material, or wider necklines needing the plastic loops to secure the piece to a hanger properly. If you cut the plastic loops out you risk not being able to properly store your new pieces. This could even result in damage to the clothing.


Loops On A Shopping Cart Seat

So we previously touched on what the loops on the sides of the grocery cart are for, but did you know there was a purpose for the ones on the back of the seat your toddler sits in? You would certainly think something you use so often would be self-explanatory, but not many people know what these specific loops are used for. 

Close-up of male left hand pushing a coin release lock shopping trolley stocking up fruits and vegetables during Singapore "Covid-19 Circuit Breaker" period. Grocery shopping is one of the essential services allowed for people to buy essential items.

Sometimes the purpose of everyday items gets lost amongst its main function, which in this case is to cart your groceries around while you shop. The manufacturers of grocery carts are more forward-thinking than they are given credit for. These specific loops are for your fragile items like bread and eggs so they don’t get crushed among your other groceries.


Utility Knife Cap

You might have noticed that most utility knives or box cutters these days come with a thick plastic cap at the end, somewhat similar to a pen cap. While it’s pretty easy to assume due to the nature of  its shape that it’s meant for clipping to your shirt pocket or work-belt (which it actually can) the plastic cap is meant to serve an entirely different purpose. 

The plastic cap can be pulled off of the end of the utility knife and the slit in the end can be used to break off the tip of your blade to reveal a brand new, sharper razor blade. Using the cap instead of your hands to break the scored blade off from the rest of the knife makes it quick, easy, and prevents any unwanted injuries!


The Metal Plates On Staplers

Have you ever noticed the metal plate toward the front end of your stapler? If you just assumed it was there as part of the stapler’s make up you would be in good company as the majority of people do not give this little plate a second thought.  Most are shocked to find out that firstly, staplers actually have settings. Seriously. 

The metal plate is called an anvil, and if you turn your stapler upside down you can adjust it by spinning the wheel until it lines up with the seemingly random hole in the metal plate. This essentially puts your stapler into “temporary staple mode”and will adjust the arms of the staple outward making it easier to remove and less noticeable when the staple is removed.


Plastic Lids As Coasters

The sole purpose for the lid on a plastic cup is pretty obvious. It’s to keep your drink inside the cup. But did you know there is a second way to use the lid of a disposable cup? 

The seemingly basic design of disposable plastic lids is really pretty versatile! The lid once removed from your cup doubles as a coaster. The way the lid perfectly hugs the base of your cup is no accident. These plastic lids are manufactured with this function in mind, and each size fits the corresponding cup’s base.


Letter Arrangement On A Keyboard

Admit it, you have probably at one point in your life questioned why the letters on keyboards are laid out the way they are. Most would assume it would have been laid out in a specific order, maybe even alphabetical perhaps? There is a reason for this. The first keyboard ever invented belonged to the typewriter. 

Originally, keys were arranged in alphabetical order but that way of typing came so naturally because of our ability to remember the alphabet, typists ended up typing too fast and the key “arms” were getting crossed with one another and stuck. Keyboard manufacturers had to randomize the order of keys to intentionally slow down typists to keep the machine running properly. Oddly enough, no one ever tried to change it back.


The Little Threaded Bands On Audio Jacks 

The deep ridges or threads on audio-jacks aren’t just there for a tighter fit when plugged into a phone, or tablet. These bands actually have an intended purpose. The bands are made of an insulating material used to protect the wires while the sound is being transmitted through the wires. 

Additionally, the number of bands indicates which end goes where. Three bands equate to one band per left and right ear, and the third band for grounding, and should be plugged into the stereo or amplifier, while 2 bands indicate the end that plugs into a device.


Rubber Bumps In The Grooves Of Your Tire Tread Firestone

These little rubber bumps are so inconspicuous, you might never notice them unless something leads you to check the tread on your tires. Oddly enough, that is exactly what they are meant for. The little-raised edges inside the grooves of your tire’s tread are there to let you know when it’s time to get yourself some new tires.

Lots of people use the penny trick to do a quick check to see if the depth of their tire tread is still ok, but an easy way to tell if you need to get to the tire shop is if the edges of your tire tread are even with the bumps. If this is the case you are driving on legally unsafe tires and you should get yourself to the mechanic quick!