These‌ ‌Celebs‌ ‌Were‌ ‌Bold‌ ‌Enough‌ ‌to‌ ‌Share‌ ‌Their‌ ‌Unedited ‌Photos‌ ‌on‌ ‌Instagram‌

By: Lisa Lee | Published: Sep 10, 2023

Instagram will have you believe that everything is fantastic in everybody’s life, except yours. This popular app allows its users to feature (and boast about) time spent in elegant cafes, extravagant restaurants, and exotic holidays. Needless to say, we don’t tend to share awful hair days via social media.

Nevertheless, a few big names have used their accounts to post raw, unedited moments from their lives, reminding us that everybody is human and that (gasp) nobody is perfect. We rounded up 40 celebrities who weren’t afraid to show the world their flaws while living their lives in the real world. These IG pictures are too relatable to ignore.

Dwayne Johnson Isn’t Always The Boss

Parents are familiar with the saying, “No matter how old you are, when a little kid hands you a toy phone, you answer it!” Even superstar Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson demonstrates this as he mounts his famously large frame on an exceptionally little mechanical boat ride with his little girl.


We’re not sure whether his little girl asked him to or if he decided to take the initiative on his own. But all parents know how fruitless it is to decline! Dwayne definitely knows who the real boss is.

Bruno Mars Makes Mama Proud

We owe it to our parents to accomplish something that will make them proud, to compensate for all the stress we put them through as kids. Bruno Mars did this for his mom when he snagged his secondary school diploma. 


The singer posted a snap on Instagram of his graduation day, complete with his signature curly hair. It looks like Bruno gave his mom more pride and joy than his singing voice brought him fame and fortune.

Jennifer Garner’s Bad Hair Day

Everyone we know has had a bad hair day at least once in their lives. Actress Jennifer Garner didn’t hide her unfortunate hair malfunction, but instead, she turned it into a meme for the ages… or at least a great meme for her huge Instagram following. 


Even if we ever felt like sharing our messy hair days, the majority of us probably wouldn’t get the same reaction from hundreds and thousands of people! Even if we shared our best hair day ever, we probably wouldn’t get anywhere near her numbers. 

Timothée Chalamet Might Have Been Feeling Charming

Feeling adorable, might delete later, right Timothée? A sentiment we selfie-takers know well: A quick snap of self-appreciation that calls for a sneaky little post. A bed-headed Timothée shared a risky snap to the delight of his millions of Instagram followers. 


As evidenced by the Ellen shirt and partially consumed breakfast in the background, this was no pre-meditated shot. This is a scene we can relate to (especially the champagne in the ice bucket), but we don’t feel as cute as Timothée is.

Selena Gomez Proves That Spaghetti Can Be Messy

While regularly dazzling fans across the globe with her beauty, charm, and talent, this lunchtime scoop illustrates that slurping pasta does (without a doubt) put us all on Selena Gomez’s level, elegance-wise. It’s a comfort to realize that the extremely sloppy art of eating spaghetti leaves even the prettiest of us looking absolutely off-kilter.

What can we say? We’re grateful that Selena was brave enough to share her unfiltered photo. We won’t feel so unpretty next time we’re eating our favorite pasta.


6. Will Smith Keeps It Real

Countless times, we’ve talked ourselves out of getting into an exercise routine. Will Smith gave us a brief look into his stay-in-shape battle as he shared a photo on Instagram expressing, “[I’m] in the worst shape of my life.”

We’re accustomed to seeing a very fit Will jump, swing, and run between blasts, zombies, and robots. Realizing that even superheroes let their exercise routines go from time to time leaves us feeling humble. Maybe we’re not so bad after all. Then again, if that’s the worst shape he’s ever been in, that’s not so bad.


Kim Kardashian Suggests That 90’s Fashion Is Cool

Have you felt anxious about your old 90’s photographs resurfacing? Kim Kardashian made a bold move by posting a flashback to a time that would wrench up the wince factor in the majority of us if it was one of ours. She commented that this was the day she was grounded for taking part in “borrowing” her mom’s car for a road trip.

Amusingly, we figured the grounding would have been because of her style choices… just kidding. Our takeaway is that this fearless 90s fashion snap is timeless.


Billie Eilish Reminds Us That Work Is Tiring

Of all of Billie Eilish’s famously detached expressions, this particular image is one we can all relate to: being exhausted from a long, tough day of work. Whether it’s a recording studio, a bookkeeping firm, or a racetrack, the workplace takes its toll on all of us.

Following a difficult day, Billie posted a fairly real selfie that required no caption, but she captioned it anyway: “i’m tireddddddd.” We feel you, Billie!


Shawn Mendes Spoon Drop

Truth be told, when we imagine Shawn Mendes spooning, an avocado doesn’t usually enter into the equation… but we’ll take what we can get, and what we got was this extremely cozy Instagram snack.

We’ve tip-toed to the fridge in the wee hours of the morning, so we can relate. But an avocado? Well, Shawn’s well-sculpted abs do speak to the advantages of picking avocados over roast chicken or chocolate… Guess we’ll start eating avocados now too. 


Italia Ricci As A Plumber

Italia Ricci needs no professional help when it comes to repair work. Like many of us, when something needs to be done well, she does it herself. While she took care of the problem, the job wasn’t without its losses. She left us with a caption: “In loving memory of my manicure.”

Look at her baby son admiring her handiwork. Maybe this was the moment he was inspired to pursue plumbing professionally in his later years. Who knows? 


Kate Beckinsale Amuses an Audience

Kate Beckinsale gathered a group of adorable cats and dogs during a bikini waxing session. The actress jokingly remarked, “… this bikini wax I just got drew a bigger audience than at least four movies I have done”.

Every pet lover is very much aware that privacy is impossible with regards to the furry members of the family. We are sure that this isn’t the nastiest crowd she’s ever confronted. If anything, they look quite concerned.


Reese Witherspoon Finds an Alternative

We understand the need to eat more greens. Why not just ask social media to redefine the word “salad” as Reese Witherspoon did?

Subtly labeling a gigantic treat as “salad” in her Instagram post unquestionably gives us pause. It’s certainly one way to justify picking a tasty, chocolatey carb over something more nutritious.


Arnold Schwarzenegger Has His Work Time Disrupted

Working remotely has given us all insight into what kind of things our pets get up to while we’re hard at work. Indeed, even A-list celebrity Arnold Schwarzenegger gets no rest from his giant animal companions when they need attention.

Then again, few of us would actually know what it’s like to have a fully-grown donkey interrupt our Zoom meetings, but we can imagine it’s similarly aggravating when our fuzzy colleagues cross into our intimate work area.


Zara Larsson Forgets Her Manners

Ask, don’t reach for the vegetables. No talking with your mouth full. Try not to lick other people’s food. Singer Zara Larsson either forgot her manners, or she was way past hungry. Here she is launching her tongue at sweet, succulent oyster meat.

We also forgo cutlery convention when the food placed before us looks this good. We don’t mind, as long as our hunger is satisfied!


Ali Wong Finally Decides To Shampoo

Is it finally time for us to treat our hair to a well-deserved wash? We’ve asked that countless times. Ali Wong shared some insight into the last time she asked that question of her hair.

She commented, following the long-overdue wash, that “a moth flew off of my hair” once she let her hair down. Yikes.


Millie Bobby Brown Exposes Her Flaws

Regardless of how famous (or ordinary) we are, we all have to take care of our skin. Sometime after rubbing her face in her dog’s coat, Millie found two pimples glaring back at her in the mirror. As well as confiding in her massive fan base, she also let us in on an industry skincare secret. 


Thank you for reminding us to keep our skin healthy with the great skincare tip, Millie!


Ed Sheeran Can’t Handle Wine Either

When Ed Sheeran’s good friend, DJ Khalid, hit one million subs, he took a moment to toast him with a glass of wine. He performed the toast with a little too much vigor, however, as captured by this compelling frame:

We’ve all been there. Well, maybe not there exactly. Still. How does Ed look cool with a splash of wine on his face, and we don’t?


Russell Brand Is Painted by His Daughters

Russell Brand tends to embrace the whimsical side of life. Here’s a close-up of his face scrawled with vibrant lines and colors. Initially, we thought it was part of an initiation ceremony into an obscure spiritual group of some kind.

Brand clarified with the caption:  “I have toddlers.” It seems his face played the part of “canvas” to inquisitive little painters. It’s good to know that both this dad’s heart and head are in the right place.


Kaley Cuoco in a Gown Enjoys Pizza And Wine

Kaley Cuoco has charmed herself to us all through her acting profession for being marvelously funny. As such, we’ve discovered we share much more of the silly with her, as proven by an Instagram post of her sitting leg over leg on the floor encompassed by half-eaten food.

Okay, this isn’t her best look, but isn’t it really how we all aspire to end our day, deep down? This is what we want to come home to at the end of a long day: champagne, pizza, mac and cheese, cupcakes, and indeed, an actual cake. Party animal!


Ashley Tisdale Is a Juggling Mom

Ashley Tisdale helps us to remember two important facts about life: you have to take care of yourself, and a woman’s work is never done. We sympathize with Ashley, here by the pool in her swimsuit, carrying a child in her left arm and an empty cup of momma fuel in her right.

Ashley is a paragon for mothers everywhere. She is at once a symbol of the eternal efforts women put in and an ideal for which we can strive. You do you, Ashley! You’re one amazing woman.


Lena Dunham Submits To Her Falafel

Actress and filmmaker Lena Dunham opens a new era of Instagram foodie photography. She seems frozen in delight as she savors a falafel wrap in a London cafe. We too know the joy of comfort food.

Lena inclines toward her falafel wrap with a look of care. We hope Lena covered her mouth once the food mission was complete!


Courtney Cox Gets Her Brows Shaped

Surprise! It looks like Courtney Cox’s eyebrows are triple-thick. Was she getting ready for a role as a two-bit birthday entertainer perhaps?

While our little tweezers do the job, for the most part, Courtney penned a caption explaining that she was going through microblading and the bigger-looking eyebrows were prep cream. Not a glamour snap, but it’s cool! 


Nick Jonas Reminds Us That Every Vote Counts

It may be extremely boring, but voting is also important! Even if it feels like the two-party system is really just a one-party system with two heads, it’s easier to push for change when we make our voices heard through voting.

That’s presumably the message Nick Jonas wanted to share with his millions of Insta followers. Thanks for the reminder, Nick!


Hugh Jackman’s Promise To a Frozen Fan

Although washing machines were revolutionary devices, not everyone has access to one in their home. It seems that poor Hugh Jackman isn’t making enough to afford one these days, with his example of a laundry mishap that presumably took place at his local laundromat.


As you can see from the comments, hundreds of Frozen fans are coming out of the woodwork to get a piece… of their wardrobe back. It’s okay, Hugh. You don’t have to be ashamed. Frozen was a pretty good movie!


Isla Fisher Frustrates Species With Her Pout

Every one of us has donned a duck face at some point. Isla Fisher struck a somewhat ape-like pout and had the courage to put her selfie next to an image of a very delightful baby orangutan! How cute!

Her Instagram caption read: “Who wore it better?” I’m not sure if you can wear hair, but you certainly have a better hairstyle than a wild animal, Isla!


Julianne Moore’s Reel Features

Academy Award winner Julianne Moore posted a video of her glam process for her first Insta reel. The short clip shows Julianne carefully working her fingers across a facial mask.


We can all identify with the face mask process, but not the result. What a glamor queen!


Josh Brolin’s Halloween Treat

While plenty of kids will have gone out these past few years as a certain giant purple titan, the actor behind the motion-captured Thanos, Josh Brolin, opted to do the reverse. He decided to de-age himself for real to an age that he presumably believes is an appropriate one for trick or treats.


While we probably wouldn’t have the guts to go out like that, Josh’s confidence is sure to win him large quantities of candy corn and other treats. What a dad!

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John Mayer Gets Sentimental

It’s always weird going back to the place you grew up in. Regardless of whether it’s years or months, a trip to your old neighborhood can draw nostalgia from even the toughest souls.

John described what it felt like to look upon his old haunts as seen through the window of a tour bus. It must have been quite the view, from the inside and outside of the bus.


Kevin Hart Proudly Wears Crocs

Many people get judgemental when you walk up with your Crocs. All in all, they’re just accessories that keep your feet clean and safe while you walk, but many see them as the ultimate fashion faux pas.

Like Kevin, we also aspire to go about life in a shirt, tie, and Crocs. Disregard what the haters say, they’re breezy and comfortable, and in 1,000 years, we’ll all be wearing smart-dust anyway. Let loose!


Jennifer Garner Cries After Watching a Series Finale

We have been big fans of The Office since season one, and the finale certainly put a tear in our eyes. We weren’t alone. Jennifer Garner was also there with us, figuratively speaking.


Jennifer Garner may have been late to The Office “afterparty” (seeing the finale around ten years after it aired!); however, she wailed in slow motion to all her Insta-fans right after watching the last scene. Thank you for keeping it real, Jennifer.  We feel for you.


Mindy Kaling’s Parenting At Its Finest

Mindy Kaling asked her followers on Instagram to “Let me know you’re a parent without letting me know you’re a parent!”.

This is how she did it: by checking her watch while filling a blue tub. We totally relate, Mindy! Thanks for sharing! 


Elle Fanning Reminds Us To Wear Masks

Wearing a mask in public now is like wearing pants in public. It’s only decent. Many people spend more money than we make in a year on a good pair of pants. Why can’t facemasks be trendy too? Here Elle Fanning demonstrates that they can be!

Elle reminds us to #wearadamnmask by sharing a pic of herself wearing her lovely Aurora mask, adding some positive vibes to our typical dull blue days. Thank you, Elle!


Hailee Steinfeld Covered With Mud

We’ve all been there: covered in mud by the roadside, holding on to a bottle of warm water, crying for help in an unfamiliar place. It happens to us all. Here’s Hailee Steinfeld revealing how she deals with getting coated in wet dirt.

You see, mud coats aren’t just for kids: they’re for superstars too! Her Insta followers lapped it up as Hailee revealed her incredible skin after the treatment.


Blake Lively Goes Green

Sometimes in bed, when you look up at your spouse from a comfortable position, you notice something about them that you’ve never seen before: the big fat booger sitting on the rim of their nostril. You reach for it in rapturous anticipation…

Good news, gross one! You’re not alone! Here’s a snap of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, with the caption, “I picked a decent one.”


Anne Hathaway Recreates a Scene From the Princess Diaries

Do you too have too many pillows but not enough princess outfits in your wardrobe? Anne Hathaway has you half-way covered. We guess this dress would need a little more double-sided tape than usual.

If the pandemic goes on any longer, we think this look might really catch on. You don’t even have to roll out of bed to get into something both chic and comfortable.


Grace VanderWaal Proves That Dreams Can Become a Reality

All of us were really kids once. We also once had hopes and dreams. Many of us imagined ourselves performing on stage or appearing on the big screen as big-time movie stars.

Grace VanderWaal shared an adorable photo of her as a child striking a cute pose with her Bratz poster. If she knew that within ten years, she would be a celebrity sensation, you bet she’d be excited. Sometimes, dreams do come true.


Kylie Jenner Shows Her Makeup Post Liquor Shots

It’s usually a good idea to put on makeup before you hit the town. In this case, Kendall and Kyle had a good time putting their makeup on after getting back home from a big night out. They had fun entertaining their Insta-followers by whipping up an impromptu makeup tutorial!

Not bad, though, right? We think that muscle memory still kicks in long after the shots do. We think it’s the fashion of the future.


Emilia Clarke Faces Her Fears

It’s not quite like facing off against a horde of Dothraki, but it’s a terrifying prospect nonetheless: falling to the Earth with nothing but a parachute on your birthday. He’s Emilia at her most frightened:

What’s worse: plunging to the Earth at 120 miles per hour or adding one year to our age? Too close to call. Maybe we’ll look as brave as Emilia does when we face those fears.  You go, girl!