These are the Laziest People We Have Seen Across the Internet

By: Kate Row | Last updated: Aug 06, 2023

We are all probably guilty of being lazy sometimes. It happens! And occasionally we do need to allow ourselves to be a little lazy to recharge and refresh. But, some people take being lazy to a whole new level and it can be exceedingly annoying.

Check out this list of some of the laziest things people have done that sparked outrage across the internet. Be prepared to be shocked and probably more than a little annoyed. Do yourself a favor and don’t be one of these lazy people!

The Lazy Eater

Most of us can probably remember a time that we reached for something in the fridge only to find an empty dish. It can be downright infuriating! It’s not that hard to throw the dish in the dishwasher instead of placing the empty thing back in the fridge for someone else to deal with.


Source: SneezyHydra/ Reddit

This person not only finished off the leftovers but then left the dish in the fridge completely empty. They even left the spoon! Next time, just wash the dish.


No Excuse

There really is no excuse for this one. The worst part is, it appears more than one lazy person is guilty of throwing the towels on the ground. The trash can is literally just inches away.


Source: muammargaddafisghost/ Reddit

We can’t imagine a world where it is much harder to reach over and throw the tissue into the trash can than it is to throw it on the ground. Come on people!

Do You Really Need All Three?

Now this one is just peak laziness. When one T.V. breaks and you have to get a new one, the normal thing to do would be to throw out the old broken one and replace it, right?


Source: skeeverbutt/ Reddit

That’s what we would think, but this person clearly had other plans. Not only did they keep 1 broken television, but they stacked another one on top of that and then rounded it out with a third on top. This is ludicrous!

Classic Karen

Now this one really grinds our gears. For anyone who has ever worked in a store, you know just how irritating it is to find trash like this hidden in the aisles. Karen couldn’t have waited to throw the cup away when she got to the register?


Source: SergeantJinto/ Reddit

Instead, she left the trash for someone else to clean up. Some people just never learn, do they? Not only is this move lazy, but it’s just plain rude as well.

How to Avoid Doing Dishes 101

This woman was wondering where all her dishes went and was surprised to find them in a trash bag! As it turns out, her lazy roommate was throwing dirty dishes away instead of cleaning them!

Source: bjarbeau/ Reddit

We get that doing the dishes is not necessarily the most fun task in the world but throwing them away to avoid doing them is downright insane! It’s not that hard to do a dish here and there. This is a ridiculous habit and one that will end up breaking the bank when you have to replace all your dishes every week!


We’re Not a Fan of This Art

We are all for experimental art but this is not the way to do it. We can’t decide if this is laziness or just plain rude! It looks like more than one “artist” wanted to test the colors and decided to do it right on the floor of the store.

Source: Just AnotherHuman007/ Reddit

We’d like to tell these folks a little secret; the color of the paint is the color of the bottle cap! No need to deface the floor. We feel for the employee that has to scrub this mess away.


The Shopping Cart Test

Abandoning the shopping cart in the parking lot is truly one of the peak forms of true laziness. This photo perfectly encapsulates why it’s so obnoxious. The sidewalk is completely inaccessible with all those carts in the way!

Source: Sarah Coffey Pruett/ Facebook

It really doesn’t take much effort or time to replace the carts in the right spot so that they are out of the way for people and cars. Don’t be one of these people!


Just Grab a Latter Next Time

One thing you don’t want to think about when eating your chicken dinner is someone’s bare feet being pressed into it! We find it odd that she thought taking her shoes off was going to be more sanitary than her bare feet.

Source: alien_eye/ Reddit

Both are purely gross. Did she not think of asking someone for help or perhaps grabbing a ladder instead of climbing into the display to hang the sign? We understand work gets busy but this is a surefire way to lose customers.


Caught Red Handed

Someone caught their neighbor red-handed. Apparently, this lady walks her dog every day and is the reason fro all those blue bags in teh tree.

Source: scrawny11/ Reddit

She actually takes the time to pick up her dog poo but then throws the bag in teh tree afterward! Doesn’t that just defeat the purpose? If you’ve picked it up you’re already so close to finishing the job. This is just plain ridiculous.


Never Trust a Lazy Person With Sunscreen

This poor guy trusted the wrong person with the sunscreen. It looks like someone used the spray on his back but forgot one important step: Rubbing it in!

Source: Kratsas/ Reddit

So, he was left with this painful-looking sunburn in stripes across his back. He looks more like a tiger than a person with those stripes! He is surely going to be left with one awkward-looking tan.


Wow, Just Wow

Some people actually impress us with their laziness. We can’t imagine what was going through their mind when they thought to put the toilet paper back in this way. The roll is literally designed to rest on the hook.

Source: Reddit

We have to commend the creativity I suppose but it’s also just completely non-functional. Sometimes, all we can do is laugh at the laziness. At least this one is harmless.


Sneaky Cheesy Cheetos

This gives multi-tasking a whole new meaning of lack their of. If there ever was an award for using and not using your hands at the same time, we think that this guy’s got it in the bag.

Playing video games while still managing to get cheetos in your mouth is the laziest yet most innovative thing we think you can do. Seems like being lazy here took a little to much effort.


Common Sense is Hard to Come By

This is one good way to make sure your alarm is completely unusable. Someone moved into their apartment to find the landlord had this completely painted over rather than painted around.

Source: marblesbykeys/ Reddit

We find it hilarious but we would probably feel differently if it was our own place! We just hope the landlord paid to have this fixed for the tenant. We’re not even sure how it could be fixed!


Self-Care For People Who Don’t Care

Leaving the bathtub looking like this is plain unacceptable to us. We can appreciate using a bath bomb and setting up some candles for a nice relaxing self-care bath, but you have to be willing to clean up the mess afterward.

Source: AL3XAND3R_GTZ/ Reddit

Not to mention, it’s not that hard to run some water and clean this mess up. Maybe their excuse is that the bath relaxed them so much that they just couldn’t bare the idea of cleaning.


On the Inside Looking Out

How could anyone spare using their arms from the comfort of their own couch. We know it’s hard to believe but this kid did just that. He took being lazy to a whole new level.


It seems like a bit more effort than necessary to bring a glass table all the way over for this but it looks like this guy isn’t going to get up for a long. Do you think he has a solution for when he needs to press pause?


Determination or Pure Laziness?

This gamer was determined to beat his personal record on a live stream but took things a little too far. Can you guess what is in those jugs on the floor? Yuck!

Source: themuffinmanV3/ Reddit

Nothing is so important that you can’t excuse yourself to use the restroom. We can appreciate dedication but this is just too nasty. We can’t say gaming is worth sitting in this room for hours on end.


Another Toilet Paper Fail

Here is another example of peak laziness in the bathroom. No one likes the person that leaves the empty toilet roll for the next person to deal with. This person did replace the roll but didn’t manage to throw the other one out.

Source: trianglefor2/ Reddit

All they had to do was toss that empty roll right in the trash can before they added the new one! This one actually shocks us. Do they plan on just continuing to add rolls there forever and ever or do they assume someone else is going to make the problem disappear?


The Home Owner Hack

They say if you’re a home owner you should be investing in taking care of your home more than anyone else. What if you were so lazy that you figured out away for the home to take care of itself?

This home owner tied their lawn mower to a post so it could mow itself. We aren’t sure how effective this would be long-term but it sure seems to be mowing along without him.


Laziness Over Efficiency

The sad truth is that the many helpful tools that technology has given us in this day and age have made life easier but have also made many of us lazy. This photo is just a perfect example of that.

Source: expat100/ Reddit

People would rather wait in that big long line instead of actually walking up a flight of stairs. I suppose we could understand if you had a big suitcase to lug, but most of these people would be perfectly capable of taking the “hard way” and would rather crowd the escalator instead of facing those stairs.


How NOT To Clean Wax

This Redditor came home to find his sister had spilled wax everywhere. One thing we all know about wax is that it dries hard. And when that happens it is not easy to clean up.

Source: WaltzRevolutionary10/ Reddit

Clearly, his sister had tried to clean the mess before she gave up and left the mess for him to find. We can’t be sure what made her think that a broom and dustpan was the right method for cleaning this. Ridiculous!


If You’re Going to Paint, Finish the Job

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for a lazy person to start a job and quit halfway through. It’s kind of what they do. It looks like this person signed up for a task that was harder than they had anticipated.

Source: WaltzRevolutionary10/ Reddit

They painted the entire wall until they reached the coat rack. Instead of doing the rational thing and removing the hats and coats from the rack to paint the wall behind them, they just went around them and called it a day. Now they have this lovely paint spot to look at.


Is This Real?!

This one made us do a double-take. It’s no secret that dogs need ample exercise every day, especially if they are big dogs like these. It appears this dog owner has his own lazy way of “walking” them.

Source: _paolaliss_/ Twitter

This method actually involves no walking of his own. He hops in the car and rolls down the window to hold his dogs’ leashes as they walk alongside the car. That’s one way to get around getting good exercise.


Just Plain Rude

We are all probably guilty of sneaking snacks into the movie theater. This is usually perfectly harmless, but when inconsiderate kids leave their trash behind for someone else to clean up, it’s just not okay!

Source: maebyline/ Reddit

Also, we’re not here to judge people’s snack choices but do you really need entire boxes of cereal? If you’re going to bring snacks, don’t be so lazy as to not throw away the trash when you’re done.


Being a Fly on the Wall

Whoever painted this wall is not only lazy but clearly not an animal lover. They painted over not one, not two, but three bugs! Now those poor little guys are stuck in the wall forever like they’re part of the house.

Source: DimitriTooProBro/ Reddit

Not to mention this poor homeowner has to look at them whenever they walk into the room. Couldn’t the painted have given eh wall a wipe-down before painting?


Walking is For the Weak

I think that we have reached peak laziness when we refuse to walk. If perusing the aisles of the grocery store on foot is really too much, then we’re worried! This man needed groceries but just wasn’t in the mood to walk around.

Source: iseeyoustandingthere/ Reddit

So, he opted for wheels instead. While this might be one of the laziest ways to maneuver around the grocery store we must admit it looks pretty fun.


The Bare Minimum

Shoveling snow is no easy task and we can probably give this person the benefit of the doubt if they were in a rush but this does not seem like a safe way to drive.

Source: occolla/ Reddit

It looks like they scooped away just enough snow for them to be able to see. If they had a passenger in the car they sure wouldn’t be able to see a thing; not a very fun drive for them.


Leave Things as You Found Them

Didn’t we learn as kids that you’re supposed to leave things as you found them? This person clearly doesn’t remember that important lesson and decided to leave raw chicken in the chocolate aisle!

Source: All_dex-no-flex/ Reddit

Now, that food is going to go bad. What a waste! It’s hard for us to believe that real-life adults are doing this at grocery stores.



Have you ever opened the fridge and smelt something so foul that it knocked you back? And then you have to go searching for the culprit. Usually, it’s some old meal shoved in the back that has been sitting there for weeks.

Source: flergityberg/ Reddit

This person clearly needs to be more diligent about cleaning the refrigerator. This amount of mold is truly terrifying. And it’s such a waste. We hope they learned their lesson.


Avoiding Obstacles

It appears even street painters can be lazy. This person decided to simply paint around the bush instead of continuing straight. We can’t imagine he held onto his job after this little stunt.

Source: Riresurmort/ Reddit

How much more difficult could it have been to just paint the road normally? Perhaps someone was supposed to cut the plant back before the painters got there. Regardless, someone here was lazy.


Someone Needs to Take a Trip to the Trashcan

We can almost smell this car just from this picture alone. We can only imagine the other trash they have accumulated as well.

Source: Cien_Almas/ Reddit

Many of us have been guilty of leaving some trash behind in the car from time to time but this mountain of cigarette butts is just unacceptable.


Unnecessary Shortcuts

These shortcuts are perfect examples of peak laziness. People just couldn’t stand the extra 10 steps it would take to go around the grass so they forged these completely unnecessary shortcuts.

Source: veggie-man/ Reddit

And the grass has to suffer! The worst part is that clearly there have been many people that followed the old lazy trail even though the sign specifically warns against it.


Lazy and Hypocrital

What’s worse than someone who is lazy? Someone who is lazy and hypocritical. This person is displaying both undesirable traits on her dating profile. She claims not to like lazy people.

Source: BiggerFoote/ Reddit

But, she is clearly lazy herself because she wants someone to financially support her. Well, we hope she finds what she’s looking for!