Famous Couples From Back Then To Today

By: Lilli Keeve | Last updated: Aug 05, 2023

Marriage is a tough thing, no matter if you’re a celebrity or not. All relationships consist of challenges, and most couples are doing their best to make it work out. When you’re in the public eye, however, everything is heightened.

These are some celebs that have gone through a lot in their marriages and have remained intact. Indeed, this proves that love is the strongest force in the world! 

Dax Shepard And Kristen Bell

These lovebirds are known for being vigilant about children’s privacy but have been very public about their relationship with each other. They have been hitched since 2013, and have two daughters, Lincoln and Delta. But, things haven’t always gone smoothly for the couple. 


Source: Kevin Mazur/ WireImage and Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Turner

Naturally, Dax and Kristen have gone through their fair share of ups and downs – Dax was in an open relationship before meeting Kristen. They are very content with where they are now despite the bumpy road.


Justin Timberlake And Jessica Biel

The backstory behind Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel’s relationship history is quite vast. In 2007, the “Say Something” singer and the actress first became romantically linked with each other. Even though they did split for a brief period of time in 2011, their wedding ceremony happened in Italy on October 12, 2012. It took place at the famous St. Mark’s Basilica.


Source: Astrid Stawiarz/ Getty Images and Rodin Eckenroth/ Getty Images

Justin and Jessica have shared many life-altering experiences throughout their journey together. They experienced the birth of their sons, professional endeavors, and unforgettable birthday celebrations. The pair is still going strong, even after all these years!

John Legend And Chrissy Teigen

John and Chrissy have had two children (Miles, 4, and Luna, 6) since they got married almost a decade ago. And, a third child is apparently on the way. On September 14, 2013, John and Chrissy were wedded to each other. 


Source: Johnny Nunez/ WireImage and Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for City Harvest

On a podcast, John shared his thoughts on the journey with Chrissy. He said, “We’ve been through enough together. As a result, it has strengthened and fortified us. As a result of these tests, we’ve grown together and learned new things about each other.” The two are still together and seem to be happy. 

Ellen DeGeneres And Portia de Rossi

Held on August 16, 2008, at their home in Beverly Hills, Ellen and Portia wore Zac Posen for the special ceremony. Although there were rumors swirling around over their split, they saw them in a positive light since the rumors weren’t based on any solid truth. This is likely the case with celebrity romances. 


Source: Frank Trapper/Corbis via Getty Images and Kelly Sullivan/Getty Images for RH

After 14 years of marriage, the couple is still enjoying their lives together. Throughout the crazy rollercoaster ride of buying and selling over 20 homes, Ellen and Portia remain happy. 

Sacha Baron Cohen And Isla Fisher

Sacha and Isla truly seem to be a perfect couple. They are among some of the funniest and most talented stars in Hollywood and have sustained an enduring relationship. The pair met over 20 years ago and have been married for over a decade! 

Source: Jeff Kravitz/ FilmMagic and Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/ FilmMagic

The celeb couple has been private in terms of their relationship and family life. When they talk publicly about each other, it’s filled with nothing but love. With three kids and one dog, Sacha and Isla definitely plan to remain with each other long-term. They continue to blossom in their relationship after they first met and moved to Australia. 


David And Victoria Beckham

At a soccer game in 1997, David Beckham and the-then Victoria Adams were first introduced to each other. With their love quickly escalating, David proposed to Victoria within the first year of their meeting with a marquise-shaped diamond ring.

Source: Bill Davila/ FilmMagic and Darren Gerrish/WireImage for White Company

They welcomed their first child in March 1999 and got married four months later on July 4. In their 20-years-and-counting of marriage, they had three more children and exchanged vows again in 2017. Their story proves that true love does exist!


Freddie Prinze Jr. And Sarah Michelle Gellar

Without a doubt, Freddie and Sarah were the “it” couple of the 1990s. You’d be pleased to know that they are still happily together 20 years later. The actress of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fame and the handsome heartthrob of the teen comedy She’s All That met in 1997 on the set of the horror slasher, I Know What You Did Last Summer. 

Source: Frank Trapper/Corbis via Getty Images and sarahmgellar/ Instagram

During an accidental encounter in Mexico years later, it wasn’t until then that the co-stars became more than just friends. And, in 2002, they tied the knot at a Mexican resort. Seven years after, they welcomed Charlotte Grace first in 2009 and then Rocky James in 2012.


Michael Douglas And Catherine Zeta-Jones

For the past 20 years, Michael and Catherine Douglas have been married to each other. They first met in August 1998 at the Deauville American Film Festival in France after being introduced by Danny DeVito. On November 18, 2000, they had their wedding at New York’s Plaza Hotel. 

Source: Chris Farina/Corbis via Getty Images and Rich Fury/ Getty Images

Michael and Catherine have two children, Dylan, 19, and Carys, 19. Michael’s son, Cameron, 42, comes from his previous relationship. After a brief separation in 2013, the pair are still together to this day. 


Jay-Z And Beyoncé

This celebrity couple began dating in 2001, even though they met a year prior. They secretly wed on April 4, 2008. Due to the nature of being in the public eye, there were many cheating allegations pertaining to their relationship. Even Jay-Z admitted to his infidelity in June 2017 but is grateful that Beyoncé forgave him. 

Source: Ray Amati/ Getty Images and Dave J Hogan/ Getty Images

They have three children: Blue Ivy who was born in 2012 and two twins, Sir and Rumi, who were born in 2017. For over 20 years, the couple has been staying strong! 


Tim McGraw And Faith Hill

As one of the longest-lasting couples in the music business, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are still together! Both avid fans and lovers of country music, they first met briefly in 1994. They weren’t reunited, however, until 1996 when they went on their joint tour – this was where they truly became close. 

Source: KMazur/ WireImage and Dimitrios Kambouris/ Getty Images for WarnerMedia

Having been married for 25 years and counting, the two have been involved in a few recording projects together. In addition to appearing on television and raising three daughters, Tim and Faith continue to remain happy with their lives. 


Mark Consuelos And Kelly Ripa

As one of the sweetest meet-cute stories in Hollywood, Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos met on the set of All My Children in 1995. With the instant chemistry and sparks flying, and, after Consuelos joined Ripa’s daytime drama as her love interest, they started becoming more intimate. 

Source: Barry King/ WireImage and Jeff Kravitz/ FilmMagic

Although their first year together was wonderful, they did split temporarily. The split didn’t last long, as Ripa noted later on. In 1996 the following week, the two got married in Las Vegas. They’ve welcomed three children into the world: Lola, 21, Michael, 25, and Joaquin, 19. 


Will Smith And Jada Pinkett Smith

In 1994, even though Jada Pinkett Smith actually auditioned for a role in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, she and Will’s relationship was developed off-screen. It was in 1997 that the two tied the knot. After 28 years of marriage, Will and Jada’s two children are also in the limelight: Willow, 21, and Jaden, 23.

Source: SGranitz/ WireImage and Mike Coppola/ Getty Images

Trey Smith is Will’s first son from a separate marriage. Jada confirmed in 2020 that she had dated August Alsina while she and Will were on a break, and the media was buzzing with that news. 


Ted Danson And Mary Steenburgen

After Ted Danson ended his second divorce (which was with Whoopi Goldberg), he and Mary Steenburgen met. The two married each other after meeting two years prior on the set of Pontiac Moon. Ted and Mary secured their marriage on October 7, 1995. 

Source: Brenda Chase/Stringer via Getty Images and Charley Gallay/ Getty Images for Netflix

Danson became a stepfather to Lilly and Charlie after their wedding, and Steenburgen stepped into the role of stepmother to Alexis and Kate. They’ve been married for 25 years and have never left their honeymoon phase! Now, that’s a true and rare kind of romance. 


Elton John And David Furnish

Elton John and David Furnish met each other in the most unexpected way while at a mutual friend’s dinner party in 1993. With the chemistry off the charts, the two set up their first date the day after the party. 

Source: KMazur/ WireImage and David M. Benett/Contributor via Getty Images

Becoming civil partners in December 2005, John and Furnish got married nine years later because same-gender marriage was legalized. The couple is parents to two sons: Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John (who was born in December 2010 through a surrogate), and Elijah Joseph Daniel Furnish-John (born in January 2013 through the same surrogate). 


Matthew Broderick And Sarah Jessica Parker

Because of their combined love for theater, Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick met in 1991. They got married in 1997, a year before Parker’s hit HBO series premiered. In the span of their being together for nearly 30 years, they had three children: Tabitha Hodge, James Wilkie, and Marion Elwell. 

Source: Vinnie Zuffante/Michael Ochs Archives/ Getty Images and Shannon Finney/ Getty Images

The couple’s 25th wedding anniversary was on May 19, 2022. Parker posted on her Instagram a photo of her leaning against Broderick and another one of their wedding invitation to honor their anniversary. 


Kevin Bacon And Kyra Sedgwick

Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick have been married for more than three decades, and their love knows no bounds! They first met each other in the 1970s when Bacon was performing in a play. On June 23, 1988, the two had their first child, Travis. 

Source: Rick Maiman/Sygma via Getty Images and Stefanie Keenan/VF22/ WireImage for Vanity Fair

Bacon and Sedgwick welcomed Sosie, their youngest child who is also an actress, on March 15, 1992. For 34 years, the pair have raised two children, tried to stay out of the tangled web of Hollywood, and still remain in love.


Tom Hanks And Rita Wilson

In the early 1980s, while starring on the ABC sitcom Bosom Buddies, Hanks and Wilson became acquainted with one another. Even though at the time, Samantha Lewes was Hanks’ sweetheart, their relationship went public in 1986. After Hanks and Wilson began dating, the couple married two years later in 1988. 

Source: Barry King/ WireImage and Jeff Spicer/ Getty Images

The couple had two children: Truman Theodore Hanks and Chester “Chet” Hanks. They have been partners (both professionally and personally) for a long time. Not only have they acted together, but they’ve also made films, raised two sons, and supported each other during their weakest moments. 


Stedman Graham And Oprah Winfrey

In 1986, when Oprah Winfrey’s show debuted, she had begun dating Stedman Graham. Miraculously, the pair are still together to this day. They didn’t have any children together for nearly 40 years of marriage, but Graham does have a daughter from another relationship. In 2015, he also became a grandfather. 

Source: Ron Davis/ Getty Images and Paul R. Giunta/ Getty Images

Winfrey and Graham called off the wedding a year after their engagement. However, it was rumored that they secretly tied the knot from a fabricated report from a magazine. Some believe that if they would have gotten married, their relationship wouldn’t have lasted. 


Christopher Guest And Jamie Lee Curtis

Well, this certainly doesn’t happen much anymore! After Curtis discovered Guest in a 1984 magazine, she contacted him about going out. Amazingly, she heard back from him and went out on a date the following day. The two got married in December of that same year.

Source: SGranitz/ WireImage and JNI/Star Max/ GC Images

Curtis and Guest have two adopted children: Annie, 35, and Ruby, 26. On July 29, 2021, they announced that their son, Thomas, was transgender. Thomas became Ruby in March 1996.  


Kurt Russell And Goldie Hawn

Russell and Hawn started dating after their prior marriages ended in 1983. It was that very year that they met each other on the set of Swing Shift. Hawn fell in love with Russell after he told her this corny pick-up line: “It looks like you have a great figure.” 

Source: Barry King/ WireImage and Gregg DeGuire/ WireImage

In 1983, they had their first child, Wyatt, while also being responsible for raising their children from the other marriages. Along with Wyatt, they raised Hawn’s children, Oliver and Kate, as well as Russell’s son, Boston. The couple has been dating for nearly 40 years, but they don’t have any plans of getting married yet. 


Ozzy And Sharon Osbourne

In 1970, Ozzy’s second wife, Sharon, was introduced to the rockstar. Their relationship turned romantic in 1979 when she was only 18 years old. 

Source: Getty Images and Zimbio/ Pinterest

Ozzy and Sharon got married in 1982, later becoming parents to Kelly, Aime, and son, Jack. They did split a second time but returned to renew their vows in 2017. It’s wonderful that the couple came back to each other and continued sharing their lives together!


Lily Tomlin And Jane Wagner

Tomlin and Wagner got married in 2013 on New Year’s Eve after being together for more than four decades. Wagner was an actress on the show Desperate Housewives and Tomlin had been in the business since the mid-1960s. Wagner didn’t foresee that same-gender marriage would become legal while she was alive.

Source: Oliver Morris/ Getty Images and Manny Carabel/ Getty Images

The couple made the decision to not have any kids because of all that’s happening in the world. They did, however, celebrate their 50th anniversary in 2020. 


Enrique Iglesias And Anna Kournikova

The two have been married for 21 years and are also parents to three children. Not much (aside from this) is known about their relationship, though. Iglesias and Kournikova, who is a famous tennis player, met in December 2001 while filming Iglesias’ “Escape” music video. Anna played his love interest.

Source: Ralph Notaro/ Getty Images and Justin Campbell/BuzzFoto/ FilmMagic

In January 2018, they announced that they were expecting two children: Nicholas and Lucy. The twins were born on December 16, 2017. They are still together to this day. 


Courtney B. Vance And Angela Bassett

As Hollywood legends, Vance and Bassett first met while at Yale School of Drama – and that’s where they quickly took a liking to each other. Their success hasn’t only been reflected in their acting careers, but also in the longevity of their marriage. 

Source: SGranitz/ WireImage and Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/ FilmMagic

Since tying the knot on October 12, 1997, the happy pair have been together for 24 years and counting. They became parents in 2006 with the welcoming of fraternal twins, Slater and Bronwyn. 


Nick Offerman And Megan Mullally

While they were acting in a play together in 2000, Offerman and Mullally met. Nick’s appearance wasn’t that cute, as Megan recalls. Despite that statement, they have been married for 17 years. Offerman and Mullally have been collaborators on many projects, including Megan’s sitcom smash hit. 

Source: Michael Schwartz/ WireImage and Daniele Venturelli/ WireImage

They don’t have any kids, even though they have been married for quite a long time. But, they still have a lot of love for each other, and even co-wrote a book that was published in 2018. It’s called The Greatest Love Story Ever Told


Ben Stiller And Christine Taylor

Having co-starred in a host of projects together, Stiller and Taylor have been married since 2000. They did hit a bumpy road but got through it. Their relationship never definitively ended, and Taylor, 50, and Stiller, 56, shared how they rekindled their marriage after, nearly five years ago, they got separated. 

Source: J. P. Aussenard/ WireImage and Bruce Glikas/ WireImage

The pair didn’t date others while they were split up, a source divulges. They did announce in February 2022, that they were getting back together. Stiller and Taylor have two children, Ella and Quinlin. 


Hugh Jackman And Deborra-Lee Furness

Jackman and Furness have had one of the most fortunate Hollywood relationships. With an age gap of 13 years, the two Australian actors have been dating since the mid-1990s, which reaffirms that age is truly just a number.

Source: Paul Hawthorne/ Getty Images and Dominique Charriau/ WireImage

The couple’s wedding rings have a special Sanskrit message inscribed on them. The rings were exchanged between Jackman and Furness in Melbourne, Australia on April 11, 1996 – it wasn’t even a year since they had first met each other! The pair made the choice to adopt: one daughter in 2000 and another in 2005. 


Rob And Amber Mariano

Rob was a competitor on the reality show Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains and subsequently became the Sole Survivor two seasons later on Survivor: Redemption Island. Mariano got engaged to Amber during the season finale and, in 2005, their wedding special aired on CBS. The two have been together ever since that fateful day!

Source: Mychal Watts/ WireImage and David Livingston/ Getty Images

Their first daughter, Lucia Rose, was born into the world in 2009. Carina Rose, their next child, was born in 2010. In 2012, the family welcomed Isabetta Rose, and then Adelina Rose in 2014. 


Samuel L. Jackson And LaTanya Richardson

While they were in college, Jackson and Richardson Jackson first met. And, it’s been over four decades since they tied the knot! The couple is serious about staying together and has promised each other to stick with their marriage. 

Source: SGranitz/ WireImage and Momodu Mansaray/ Getty Images

They got married in 1980, and their producer daughter, Zoe, is an Emmy winner. The pair have said that their dedication to remaining in a relationship (and their obvious love for one another) is keeping them going. Again, true love prevails here!