The World’s Most Terrifying Robots

By: Kate Row | Published: Sep 21, 2022

It seems like there are new technological advancements coming out everyday, which is really exciting! We are living in a time of great change. Although advanced computers can be scary as well. Haven’t we all seen movies about the dangers of human advancement and the potential takeover of computers?

But as humans we just can’t help ourselves. We are programmed to keep learning and advancing. These are some terrifying robots that will have you checking over your shoulder and questioning if robots are really worth it.


PETMAN is a product that the military created to test out battle suits on a human shaped robot before they are sent into battle on real soldiers. However, the rumor is that the PETMAN will even be used on the front lines of battle!


This robot gives us the chills because it’s almost too human! It looks, acts, walks, and even sweats like a real human. When it’s all suited up it’s hard to tell the difference between the PETMAN and a real soldier. Creepy! At least they’re on our side… for now.


Talking Robot

Robots are becoming more and more human-like. Engineers in Japan created this human mouth-shaped robot that can talk and even sing like a human. It’s made of a silicon mouth, rubber rose, and 8 vocal cords!


Originally, it was used to help the deaf and auditory-impaired with voice training, but it has advanced even beyond this. This robot can now listen to its own voice and make changes to sound more human-like.


Robots are usually created to help us mere humans with various tasks. REEM was designed to be a receptionist, tour guide, or public speaker in offices and malls all over the world. It can even speak multiple languages. I can only speak one so it already has me beat!


Since its creation, REEM has learned many new behaviors as well. It can sit, walk up stairs, and grab items like any other human. Does this mean we’re all going to be out of a job soon when REEM takes over? Let’s hope not.


LS3, or the Legged Squad Support System, is a (super scary) 4-legged robot created by the U.S. military to help transport heavy items. This robot looks something like a computer crossed with a dog and can carry up to 400 pounds.


It also knows how to follow commands and follow the leader. Impressive, but my dog can do the same. The LS3 currently weighs over 1,000 pounds so there are still improvements to make before it can be fully used by the troops.


At first glance, we didn’t even know we were looking at a robot here. It is way too human for comfort. We thought these were twin brothers! These bots could be walking around right under our nose and we wouldn’t even know it.

Geminoid was designed to look just like its creator. It shares the appearance, voice, and hair of the professor! It can even understand and process language. Will these things be walking amongst us soon enough? What if we will all eventually have a robot twin?



Robots are everywhere! If you think that’s a shark you’re almost right. It’s the robot called GhostSwimmer which is made to look and swim exactly like a shark. This way, it can collect data and information without being detected by the real animals.

Basically, the GhostSwimmer is our ocean spy. It’s being tested currently and the U.S. Navy hopes to be able to use it to their advantage in the future. We’re not sure what would be scarier: running into a real shark or the GhostSwimmer.



Robots are constantly being improved and advanced. RHex is an advanced version of an earlier robot that is designed to handle the elements. It can scale snow, plants, sand, mud, and rocks. Basically, he’s a better outdoorsman than most of us.

It is strapped with cameras on the front and back and has been in testing for years. The U.S. government feels confident that RHex is equipped to handle almost any kind of terrain.



Sophia is too human-looking to be a robot and too robot-looking to be a human. She exists somewhere in the middle. Sophia is the very first example of advanced AI interacting with humans. Scary!

She can process words, mimic behaviors, and make different facial expressions. To top it all off, Sophia is the very first robot to earn citizenship in a country! She is blurring the lines between machines and humans. It’s exciting, but she really gives us the creeps.



While many creepy robots are very human-like, there are some interesting ones that come in smaller packages. These robot ants are built to look and act just like real ants. They work in groups and react to stimuli around them.

If that weren’t impressive enough, they can also communicate with each other and work together to solve complex problems. They are the very first of their kind. These little guys might seem non-threatening, but if a giant group showed up at your door you’d probably be pretty scared.



The Eulume is an underwater robot that is built to look like a serpent. Its purpose is actually very innocent. It can repair irrigation tubes and cables that are too far below the ocean’s surface for submarines or divers to reach.

It’s predicted that these guys will soon be used all over the world. While their job is innocent enough, we’re not sure why they decided to make them so creepy-looking. Slithery black bodies and red eyes seem unnecessarily scary to me.



CB2 is the kind of thing nightmares and horror movies are made of. It was created to test if we could teach robots language the way we teach children. With new advancements it learned to copy human movements.

If the way it looks wasn’t scary enough for you, CB2 also has cameras in its eyes and sensors under its skin that can detect human touch. Technology advancement are great. But at what cost?


Female Figure

It seems like the Female Figure was created with the sole purpose of frightening us. The bot looks like a woman in a white dress wearing a terrifying goblin mask. Not to mention, she’s covered in dirt for no reason at all.

She can sing and dance to pop songs and has facial recognition software. Yes, that means she can recognize you, so don’t let her lay eyes on you! She can speak, too. Personally, I hope I never have a run-in with her.


Super Monster Wolf

The Super Monster Wolf basically lives up to its name. Those are the three words that come to mind when we see this creature, along with “Ew!”. This terrifying creature was created for a reason. Wolves were being hunted to extinction in Japan in the 19th century.

The Super Monster Wolf was created to stop crop-eating animals from taking over. The glowing red eyes should be enough to keep anyone away, but it can also snarl, howl, and speak in a human voice for good measure. It’s meant to scare off animals, but it sure scares off us humans as well.



Robots are becoming scarily advanced. Now, some can even fly. The BionicFlyingFox is a robot bat that only weighs about a pound. Its lightweight nature allows it to glide through the air but it is still learning.

It needs help to take off and land but it learns more from every flight it takes. Soon enough, it will be flying all on its own, for better or for worse.