The Wildest Things That Nurses Have Seen In The E.R. Will Make You Squirm

By: Lilli Keeve | Last updated: Oct 07, 2023

One of the most challenging and taxing jobs is working in an emergency room. But, it’s also the most rewarding. The heroic nurses and medical professionals have witnessed some outrageously interesting and crazy things in the E.R.

When you read about these stories, you probably won’t believe that they’re real. Be warned – they’re also pretty gross. So, don’t say we didn’t give a heads-up! 

Hurry, Call 911!

Even when certain things aren’t actually funny, they appear that way if you’re a teenager or young person. When you’re that age, pranks happen a lot but are mostly harmless. In some cases, they go way too far, though. 


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Take, for example, this prank that went wrong. Hopefully, this girl had a decent sense of humor and was able to get past it, even though it was pretty embarrassing and traumatic. If this happened during the time when cell phones were around then she would be in trouble. 


Happy Birthday, Indeed

It’s a big milestone when you turn 21 and it’s a momentous occasion that should be celebrated all out. So, when somebody throws a wild party, things are bound to get a little out of control, especially when drinking is involved.


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But, what this guy did was quite crazy, and it landed him in the E.R. As awful as this sounds, it would be hard to not laugh at the situation because of how insane it is! We feel for the poor guy. 

Bugs, Bites, And More In The Great Outdoors

Spending time outdoors will inevitably result in seeing lots of insects (and getting bug bites, as well). Many people get bites, but they usually are pretty minor, which was not the case for this unfortunate soul.


Source: BeMyTravelMuse

While we commend all the nurses working in the E.R., we can’t help but think that if the woman had just gone to a local hospital, it wouldn’t have been as severe and gross! This makes us not want to go camping ever again. 

Wait…What Fell Off?

Being a doctor or nurse isn’t for everyone. In fact, most people probably err on the side of caution before considering going into the medical field, unless it’s been a lifelong dream of theirs. Dealing with a necrotic foot is definitely one of the big reasons we wouldn’t have made it as an E.R. nurse. 


Source: Advantage Care Physicians

Imagine witnessing somebody’s toes falling straight off. You would never be able to unsee that and the image would be seared into your memory forever. No, thank you! 

Horror At The Laundromat

Having a child means that you have to constantly keep an eye on them at all times. It’s exhausting when you have other things to do and hesitate to watch them for even a minute. Hopefully, nothing as horrific happens to an unattended child as the one in this story. 

Source: Source: Unsplash

We feel bad for the grandmother who must have been beyond traumatized by this experience. And, those who were working in the E.R. that one night must also have been pretty horrified. Lesson learned! 


Beware Of Bites

It’s common sense that when you get a cut, you need to keep it clean to prevent it from getting infected. This passenger obviously didn’t follow the proper guidelines which made his situation even worse. 

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Doesn’t this sound like something right out of a horror film? Surely, it must have been exactly that for the E.R. nurses. Flys and maggots living inside of his infected cut? Yes, that’s extremely disturbing and creepy! If there’s anything we’ve learned by now, it’s to be wary of bugs. 


Cheese, Please

Cheese is something that everybody loves (except for those who are lactose intolerant or vegan). Full of calcium and versatility, cheese can pretty much go on anything and be delicious. 

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Well, this person clearly didn’t chew their cheese enough – they gobbled an entire chunk, instead. An 18-ounce chunk was stuck in their gastrointestinal tract and we are trying to figure out how that even occurred. Yeah, we do like cheese but we also know better. Perhaps the nurses in the E.R. were deterred to never eat cheese again. 


Bad T(Eye)ming

Living in a metropolitan city comes with both pros and cons. The biggest and most concerning downside is there is a higher chance of crime happening to you or someone you know. Unfortunately, this man was in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

Source: Healthline

We are impressed that this man didn’t completely lose it (or his eye) for that matter. Thank goodness he got to the hospital and got the assistance he needed. Bless the E.R. nurses and tirelessly working staff! 


Eyepatch, Please?

Participating in any kind of outdoor sport involves some sort of potential risk. Most of the time, nothing serious happens and it’s all fun and games. However, in this example, the person was pretty unlucky. 

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Furthermore – how did that arrow even get there? That’s the million-dollar question. It’s definitely a sight you likely don’t see every day as an E.R. nurse. It certainly must have been a memorable sight (pun intended). Next time you try to impress your buddies, maybe reconsider the risky thing you were about to do. 


Jet-Sking Woes

Jet-skiing sounds fun, right? Riding at high speeds on the water and having the time of your life. Well, as appealing as that may sound, do it at your own risk. After reading this story, you will probably reconsider water sports for good. 

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We couldn’t even fathom the gruesome sight of this befallen and injured person being rushed into the E.R. Although the nurse who witnessed the jet skier didn’t know how his story ended, we can only hope that he made it out alive and well. 


I Don’t…

There is always the potential danger of injury when working with power tools. It’s extremely important to remain vigilant and cautious in your workshop. It sometimes doesn’t matter how extra safe you are, things can still happen unexpectedly.

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We give props to the man who endured this entirely grueling experience, as the pain must have been unbearable. The nurses who handled his accident deserve gold medals and a lifetime of praise! Nurses are truly superheroes, but they wear scrubs instead of capes.


Another Eye Story For The Books

As we all know, accidents happen. You can be the most prepared person on the planet and still get hit with something from left field. Here, we have another instance of a workshop experience going wrong.

Source: EducationSnapshots/ Pinterest

It’s hard to imagine what it must have been like to look in the cup and see the man’s eyeball in there. Yuck! These nurses must have stomachs of steel because ours are already queasy just thinking about it. Bravo to the guy for being so quick on his feet and coming up with a solution. 


There’s Definitely Something Wrong Here

Intimacy is one of the most important elements of a relationship. For some people, it can be what makes or breaks one. When a prolonged period of time has passed without partner intimacy, it’s exciting when things get back to normal. 

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Out of all the insane and unsettling sights that medical professionals have witnessed, this one was probably quite up there as being the worst. How could that even happen? This story further confirms how confounding and bizarre the human body is. 


When Pigs Fly

When things get really intimate between partners, sometimes caution and worry disappear completely. While the extreme passion can be exhilarating, it can also be quite distressing, as it was for this couple. 

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The story here is something that doesn’t happen every day, so the nurse must have been pretty shocked and maybe a little amused. It’s awful for the couple (specifically, for the man who got stabbed by the ceramic pig’s ear). There must have been some jokes about pigs flying left and right in the E.R. after this incident!


The Bet That Went Too Far

People make odd (and sometimes dangerous) choices all the time, especially when they’re not in public. While we don’t want to judge them for their decision-making, doing things on a bet shouldn’t go this far. 

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What was going through this person’s mind? Was there a monetary incentive or were they just trying to impress their friends? Well, by now we shouldn’t be too surprised at the situations people get themselves into! With all the horrific things that the nurses and medical staff have seen, this one must have been quite interesting.


A Bit Too Long

Breaking anything is difficult and annoying to cope with, more so when the healing process is longer. In this case, the woman left her cast on for a whole year when she didn’t have to. Why did she think that was a good idea? Maybe she didn’t mind having the cast on and decided to keep going with it. 

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Imagine what the nurse’s reaction was when witnessing the horror-inducing sight. Again, this is something from a horror film. They probably had nightmares for weeks afterward! 


Chainsaw Antics

Where would we be without doctors? They do everything and more. Often, doctors have to consult with other healthcare practitioners and turn to them when they are in a jam. 


Dentists have probably seen many awful things in somebody’s mouth, but this one had to have taken the cake. Witnessing a person’s full-on mouth cut open from being chainsawed through? Yikes, another horrific sight! What a gruesome thing to see and for the nurses and doctors to operate on. 


Absolutely Gross

Personal hygiene should be an essential part of one’s everyday routine. However, for some people, they let it get away and then something like this happens. If this doesn’t scare you…

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Roaches already make most people squeamish, so it’s even worse to picture what this woman went through. We, too, would be scarred for life and would probably have the worst nightmares ever. The unimaginable things that nurses have to deal with make them the real heroes of our world. 


The Wrong Way To Use A Screwdriver

There’s many reasons why people have trouble relieving themselves. Old age, medication, or a host of other medical issues. It’s only natural that there are bound to be some problems, but this is the strangest way to address it. 

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While we commend coming up with a solution on your own, this particular one would not be the first (or last) on our list. The elderly gentleman couldn’t handle not being able to go any longer and had to do something, much to the nurse’s horror. 


Right Down The Middle

It can be dangerous working on a ranch or farm, with all the machinery, animals, and other potentially hazardous things. Tractors are already slow machines, so we don’t fully get how this happened. 

Source: ProAgri

Big props to the nurses and medical professionals who dealt with this horrifying E.R. situation. He “accidentally” ran over his foot with the tractor? It seems like he didn’t know what he was doing. Yes, accidents happen all the time, but this probably could have been avoided altogether. 


Reckless Behavior

Driving while under the influence of any substance is already against the law, yet people still continue to do it. Getting behind the wheel of a vehicle after having too many drinks could result in seriously injuring or taking the life of yourself or another person. Drinking and driving…just don’t do it!

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It’s a miracle the person in this story survived. Furthermore, the nurse who handled this person must have been incredibly strong to not fully pass out after what she experienced. 


A Not-So-Good Night

Working in an emergency room will surely bring out some of the worst images and sights the nurses and doctors have ever come across before. It’s even sadder when a child comes into the E.R. because nobody wants to see that.

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Naturally, if we were in that situation, we would do our best to help the girl calm down and ease her pain. That kind of sight would make anybody queasy, but, luckily, that’s why there are professionals to handle it! 


Another Horror Movie Tale

Imagine being in the E.R. and seeing this man walk inside. He must have looked like he just came from filming a horror film. Most likely, the nurse had no idea what she was going to be dealing with that night. 


Seeing somebody’s actual heart beating? That’s not something we ever want to see because that’s the kind of thing that will never, ever leave your brain! Let’s also pause on the fact that this man drove himself to the hospital. 


Ouch, Indeed

When you’re young and in your prime, you sometimes do silly things without giving them much (or no) thought. And, perhaps, you’ve had one too many drinks.

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So, when you’re under the influence and aren’t thinking properly, it wouldn’t be surprising if you landed yourself in the E.R. First of all, don’t try and climb a spiky iron gate while you’re not in your right mind! We couldn’t even imagine what the nurses and doctors felt when they saw this poor, yet idiotic girl. 


Not So Happily Ever After

Your wedding day is supposed to be the best and most wonderful day of your life. Hopefully, it’s all smiles, laughter, and love, and not something as tragic as this story.

Soruce: Pinterest

It’s beyond sad that the woman suffered a heart attack on the happiest day of her life. And, the fact that was her last day on earth was truly heartbreaking for the groom who had to be sedated – even more difficult when the medical staff told the groom about his wife’s passing. That’s something that can’t ever be forgotten. 


Four-Legged “Friend”

As much as we love dogs, they can also be unpredictable. Man’s best friend can also be man’s worst nightmare. For this unfortunate woman, being attacked by her son’s dog must have been a massive shock to the system.

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It’s unimaginable what the EMTs and nurses had to go through with this horrifying situation. The woman’s son must have felt awful and guilty about what happened to his mom. Luckily, she did survive, due to a miraculous thanks to the staff that didn’t give up. 


Under (Too Much) Pressure

Most should know that performing CPR is the first step you take when a person stops breathing. Although, when somebody is already in surgery, it’s even more challenging to perform the procedure. 

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This is another unfathomable and horrific sight that the nurses dealt with, and is yet another example of the essential work that nurses and doctors do to save lives. They are miraculous humans who are almost not of this world because of the lives they change. Supernurses to the rescue! 


Oh, Kids!

Kids. They do and say things that make us wonder where that even came from! They definitely have big imaginations that run wild, and, sometimes, they stick their fingers in a blender. Kids even respond to distressing situations better than adults. 

Soruce: Alamy

This kid acted like losing his fingers wasn’t even a big deal! That just goes to show they cope with severe events as they are rushed to the E.R. The nurse surely got a big laugh from the comment about his fingers probably tasting delicious. 


That’s Not A Good Idea

The kitchen is one of the best places in the home, but it’s also one of the most dangerous. If kids are in the equation then it could be really traumatic due to their inquisitive nature. 

Source: Joe Lingeman_

Screaming kids is not a pleasant sound. The nurse and parents had to deal with this poor girl’s massive screaming fit, which was an awful and disheartening thing to witness. Hopefully, those parents never have to go through something like that ever again! Bless the nurses.