The Super Bowl’s Most Memorable Commercials We Can’t Stop Thinking About

By: Michael Legg | Last updated: Mar 21, 2024

The Super Bowl has been home to some of the most memorable and iconic commercials in advertising history. From Coca-Cola’s “Mean” Joe Greene in 1979 to Apple’s “1984” in 1984 and Budweiser’s “Puppy Love” in 2014, these ads have become ingrained in popular culture. The commercials are known for their star-studded casts, creative storylines, and the ability to capture the audience’s attention in just a few seconds.

With ad slots during the game being the priciest of the year, advertisers have consistently delivered some of the most creative and entertaining content, making the commercial breaks an integral part of the Super Bowl experience.

Coca-Cola: "Mean" Joe Greene (1979) - Super Bowl XIV

One of the most iconic commercials during the 1979 Super Bowl is from Coca-Cola featuring Pittsburgh Steelers defensive tackle Joe Greene and a fan. The commercial, created by the advertising agency McCann Erickson, was part of Coca-Cola’s “Have a Coke and a Smile” ad campaign of the late 1970s.


Source: Coca Cola / NFL Super Bowl Broadcast / Youtube

This commercial actually won a Clio Award for being one of the best television commercials of 1979.

Apple: "1984" (1984) - Super Bowl XVIII

The 1984 commercial was established to promote the Macintosh computer and was inspired by George Orwell’s novel. The ad went on to become a cultural icon and a watershed moment for product launches.


Source: APPLE MACINTOSH Ad by Ridley Scott / Super Bowl NFL Broadcast / Youtube

The commercial, which depicted a dystopian future and a young woman throwing a sledgehammer at a Big Brother-like figure, became one of the most acclaimed commercials ever made.

Budweiser: "Puppy Love" (2014) - Super Bowl XLVIII

Puppy Love was a commercial for Budweiser which featured the infamous Clydesdale horse and. A puppy. This commercial displayed the bond between the puppy and the horse, promoting the theme of friendship and connection.


Source: Budweiser Clydesdale Puppy Love Super Bowl 2014 Commercial / NFL Super Bowl Broadcast / Youtube

It was widely praised for its emotional impact and was one of the most popular commercials of the year.

Nike: "Hare Jordan" (1993) - Super Bowl XXVII

Hare Jordan is arguably one of the most iconic commercials featuring a combination of the iconic Michael Jordan and Warner Bros. This commercial served as the inspiration for the original Space Jam movie.


Source: Nike / NFL Super Bowl Broadcast / Youtube

The commercial, directed by Joe Pytka, was a playful and creative collaboration between Nike and Warner Bros., and it became one of the most memorable and beloved Super Bowl commercials of all time.

Budweiser: "Budweiser Frogs" (1995) - Super Bowl XXIX

Yet another Budweiser commercial on this list, the Budweiser Frogs features three frogs named “Bud”, “Weis”, and “Er”. Each of the frogs would croak in sequence, eventually forming the Budweiser name.

Source: Budweiser Commercial / NFL Super Bowl Broadcast / Youtube

It is often listed among the best Super Bowl commercials in history, ranking at No. 5 at MSNBC’s list in 2004.


Tide: Talking Stain (2008) - Super Bowl XLII

The Tide Talking stain commercial aired in 2008 during Super Bowl XLII, which features a job applicant with a shirt stain during an interview. This commercial was an instant success, even winning a 2007 Cannes Silver Lion award.

Source: Proctor and Gamble (2008) / Tide / NFL Super Bowl Broadcast / Youtube

The ad served as the launching pad for a new digital campaign and microsite called, where consumers were encouraged to create their own spoofs of the Talking Stain spot.


Honda: Yearbooks (2017) - Super Bowl LI

Rated as the second highest commercial on Ad Meter in 2017, the Yearbooks commercial was a major success. The ad displayed authentic yearbook pictures of TV, film, sports, and comic book legends like Magic Johnson, Stan Lee, and Steve Carrell.

Source: Honda (2017) Super Bowl Commercial / NFL Broadcast / Youtube

This commercial served as an inspiration to encourage viewers to chase their dreams.


Hyundai: Smart Park (2020) - Super Bowl LIV

This commercial by Hyundai was packed with some serious star power with Rachel Dratch, Chris Evans, John Krasinski, and David Ortiz. The commercial aired during Super Bowl LIV in 2020, which was used to promote the all new Sonata. The Sonata wanted to display the cars’ ability to park remotely using the key fob.

Source: Hyundai / NFL Super Bowl Broadcast / Youtube

The commercial humorously highlighted the Boston accent and included various local “Easter egg” details, such as filming in the South End and featuring a song recognizable to Boston sports fans, “Dirty Water” by The Standells.


PopCorners: "Breaking Bad" (2023) - Super Bowl LVII

Despite Breaking Bad ending a few years ago, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul teamed up to promote PopCorners.

Source: PopCorners / NFL Super Bowl Broadcast / Youtube

The 60-second ad, directed by Vince Gilligan, depicted Walt and Jesse back in the show’s iconic RV, cooking up a batch of air-popped snacks. The commercial even references the infamous line by Tuco “We’re going to eat a lot of snacks together.”


Disney (2023) - Super Bowl LVII

Pairing a major brand like Disney with the Super Bowl will surely get viewers to respond. This commercial specifically aimed to promote the company’s 100th anniversary. The commercial, “Disney100 Special Look”, featured scenes from iconic Disney films, series, stage productions, theme parks, and fans.

Source: Disney (2023) / NFL Super Bowl Broadcast / Youtube

The company was aiming to highlight the company’s historic legacy and its passionate pursuit of excellence, while also looking forward to new, heartwarming stories and experiences.


Always Like a Girl (2015) - Super Bowl XLIX

Always Like a Girl aired during the Super Bowl in 2015, aimed to go against the negative connotations associated with the phrase “like a girl”. The ad featured individuals being asked to run, fight, and throw “like a girl,” and highlighted the stark difference in how young girls and older individuals interpreted the phrase.

Source: Always #LikeAGirl Campaign Ad / NFL Super Bowl Broadcast / Youtube

The commercial ultimately aimed to empower girls and redefine the phrase to be associated with amazing accomplishments.


Google: Loretta (2020) - Super Bowl LIV

Google “Loretta” was an emotional commercial showcasing an elderly man using Google Assistant in order to remember his wife. The ad had a man reminiscing about his favorite memories with his wife while using the Google Assistant to recall old photos of the pair.

Source: GOOGLE Ad / NFL Super Bowl Broadcast / Youtube

The heart wrenching commercial was used to demonstrate Google’s ability to “build products that help people in their daily lives” and create an emotional connection with the audience.


E-Trade: Baby (2008) - Super Bowl XLII

E-Trade has been using the infamous talking babies in their commercials since 2008, during Super Bowl XLII. The commercial featured a baby using E-Trade in order to buy and sell stocks. Since then it has become a series of baby commercials that have remained synonymous with E-Trade. 

Source: E*TRADE from Morgan Stanley / NFL Super Bowl Broadcast / Youtube

The metaphor is hard to miss, E-Trade is so easy to use that a baby could do it. The campaign was highly successful, with the E-Trade baby becoming a memorable and iconic figure in most of their advertising.


T-Mobile: Scrubs Duet (2022) - Super Bowl LVI

While Scrubs has not aired for a few years, T-Mobile used Scrubs stars Zach Brad and Donald Faison for their commercial. The pair teamed up with Jason Momoa and Jennifer Beals as well. The ad depicted Braff and Faison, playing suburban neighbors, arriving at Momoa’s house with Super Bowl snacks, only to discover that the party was canceled because Momoa was waiting for the “cable internet guy.”

Donald Faison and Zach Brad in T-Mobile Commercial | Source: T-Mobile / NFL Super Bowl Broadcast / Youtube

The ad humorously incorporated the music of “Flashdance” and included a surprise cameo by Jennifer Beals, the original star of the ’80s classic movie “Flashdance.”


Old Spice: The Man Your Man Could Smell Like (2010) - Super Bowl XLIV

The iconic Old Spice commercial with the phrase “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like,” was a major success during Super Bowl XLIV. The ad featured an iconic character played by Isaiah Mustafa.

Source: Old Spice / NFL Super Bowl Broadcast / Youtube

The ad quickly became a phenomenon, with a media buy that targeted environments where couples would be watching together.


Tide: It’s A Tide Ad (2018) - Super Bowl LII

The It’s a Tide Ad was one of the most memorable Super Bowl commercials from 2018. The ad included actor David Harbour, mostly known for his role in Stranger Things. The commercial presents a series of stereotypical ads, but with the twist that they are all actually Tide ads, as evidenced by the spotless clothing of the characters. The concept was a hit, with the ad trending on Twitter during the game and winning prestigious awards in advertising, including D&AD’s Black Pencil.

Tide commercial feat. David Harbour | Source: Procter & Gamble (P&G) / Saatchi & Saatchi / NFL Super Bowl Broadcast / Youtube

The commercial was created by Saatchi & Saatchi, and was a pivotal role in creating buzz around the brand.


Budweiser: Born The Hard Way (2017) - Super Bowl LI

Yet another Budweiser commercial, Born the hard Way, tells a story of the beer’s creator and his journey from Germany to America. The 1-minute spot depicts Busch’s challenging voyage and his eventual success in brewing Budweiser, celebrating the American Dream and the bold vision to brew the best beer in the world.

Source: Budweiser Commercial / NFL Super Bowl Broadcast / Youtube

This commercial received major attention as it debuted just days after President Donald Trump’s executive action on immigration.

Advertisement When I Grow Up (1999) - Super Bowl XXXIII

When I Grow Up was created in order to promote the new website The 30-second ad, created by the Mullen advertising agency, features children expressing their aspirations for the future, only to contrast them with the harsh reality of adult working life.

Source: / NFL Super Bowl Broadcast / Youtube

This commercial highlights the importance of finding a fulfilling career and positions and using to help individuals find better opportunities.


Amazon: Alexa Loses Her Voice (2018) - Super Bowl LII

The Alexa Loses Her Voice commercial is a star studded event including stars like Gordon Ramsay, Rebel Wilson, Cardi B, and Sir Anthony Hopkins. This 90 second commercial depicts the many celebrities attempting to fill in for Alexa after she loses her voice.

Cardi B. featured in Amazon Alexa Commercial | Source: Amazon / NFL Super Bowl Broadcast / Youtube

This commercial became the most-viewed Super Bowl ad on YouTube in 2018. The ad was created by the London agency Lucky Generals in partnership with D1, Amazon’s in-house creative unit, and directed by Wayne McClammy.


Bud Light/HBO: Joust (2019) - Super Bowl LIII

Bud Light paired up with HBO for a great mix of Bud Light and the Game of Thrones. The infamous “The Mountain” from Game of Thrones defeats the Bud Knight, and Daenerys Targaryen’s dragon burn the ‘Dilly Dilly’ kingdom.

Source: Anheuser-Busch Bud Light / NFL Super Bowl Broadcast / Youtube

The 60-second ad was directed by filmmaker Spencer Riviera and involved more than 25 of Game of Thrones’ production staff. An extended, 90-second version of the ad was also published online.


Pepsi: Cindy Crawford (1992) - Super Bowl XXVI

Cindy Crawford was an absolute culture icon and made a splash in this Pepsi commercial. The ad has Crawford exiting a red sports car to go to a vending machine to buy a can of Pepsi, all while two boys look on in amazement. This commercial highlights two things, the can of Pepsi and Crawfords amazing looks.

Cindy Crawford in Pepsi Commercial | Source: Pepsi / NFL Super Bowl Broadcast / Youtube

The ad has been revisited and recreated several times over the years, including in a 2021 recreation to raise funds for the American Family Children’s Hospital in Madison, Wisconsin, and in a 2023 music video appearance featuring her husband’s tequila brand.


Budweiser: True (Wassap) (2000) - Super Bowl XXXIV

“Whassup” is truly one of the most iconic super bowl commercials during Super Bowl XXXIV in 2000. The commercial presents a group of friends greeting each other with the phrase “Whassup?” While drinking a Budweiser beer.

Source: Budweiser / NFL Super Bowl Broadcast / Youtube

The ad’s concept was inspired by the short film “True” written and directed by Charles Stone III, and it quickly gained popularity, leading to numerous parodies and follow-up ads.


Kia: Hero's Journey (2017) - Super Bowl LI

A Hero’s Journey was a phenomenal commercial featuring Melissa McCarthy. Melissa is portrayed as an eco-warrior who is attempting to save the planet during comedic and disastrous situations. This ad perfectly portrays the challenges of becoming an eco-warrior.

KIA commercial feat. Melissa McCarthy | Source: KIA / NFL Super Bowl Broadcast / Youtube

Despite the mishaps, the commercial ultimately promotes the 2017 Kia Niro, a fuel-efficient hybrid car, as a way to “drive like an eco-warrior” and contribute to environmental conservation.


Toyota: Jessica Long (2021) - Super Bowl LVI

Toyota decided to use Paralympic swimmer, Jessica Long, in their efforts to promote their brand. The ad was also used in an effort to share an uplifting message of hope and strength.

Toyota Commercial feat. Jessica Long | Source: Toyota / NFL Super Bowl Broadcast / Youtube

The commercial depicted Long’s journey, from being adopted by an American couple from a Russian orphanage to her remarkable achievements as a Paralympic swimmer.


Pepsico: Doritos Blaze vs. Mountain Dew Ice Battle (2018) - Super Bowl LII

This commercial features some major star power with Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman. The commercial pits Dinklage and Freeman against one another in an iconic rap battle. Dinklage was used to represent Doritos Blaze, while Freeman represented Mountain Dew Ice.

Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman in PepsiCo commercial | Source: PepsiCo / NFL Super Bowl Broadcast / Youtube

The intense and entertaining battle was well-received and became one of the most memorable Super Bowl ads of all time.


Mastercard: Errands (2004) - Super Bowl XXXVIII

The MasterCard Errands show which aired in 2004 features the infamous character Homer Simpson. During the ad, Homer uses the MasterCard to run his errands, while hilariously forgetting to remember what to do.

Source: Mastercard / NFL Super Bowl Broadcast / Youtube

The commercial was well-received and is remembered as one of the most memorable Super Bowl ads of all time, showcasing the enduring popularity of the character and the brand.


Pepsi: More Than Ok (2019) - Super Bowl LIII

It is not surprising to have another Pepsi commercial on this list, with “More Than Ok” airing during the 2019 Super Bowl. This commercial features Steve Carell.

Pepsi commercial feat. Steve Carell and Cardi B. | Source: PepsiCo / NFL Super Bowl Broadcast / Youtube

The commercial showcases a humorous exchange where customers are encouraged to proudly order a Pepsi, emphasizing that it is more than just “OK.”


Hyundai Genesis: First Date (2016) - Super Bowl 50

Kevin Hart makes the Hyundai Genesis commercial a huge hit during the Super Bowl in 2016. The ad humorously portrays an overprotective father, played by Hart, who uses the car’s Car Finder feature to keep an eye on his daughter and her date during their first date.

Source: Hyundai Genesis / NFL Super Bowl Broadcast / Youtube

The commercial perfectly highlighted the advanced technology of the Hyundai Genesis. The marketing was perfect as it was marketed towards fathers between the ages of 30 to 50, a major demographic of the Super Bowl.


Esurance: Sorta Pharmacy (2015) - Super Bowl XLIX

Bryan Cranston truly hit his stride back in 2015, and featured in this infamous Esurance “Sorta Pharmacy” commercial. The ad, Cranston humorously portrays a “sorta pharmacist” who is not quite what he seems.

Esurance commercial feat. Bryan Cranston | Source: Esurance / NFL Super Bowl Broadcast / Youtube

The commercial became extremely popular, mostly due to Cranston and its humor.


Amazon: Mind Reader (2022) - Super Bowl LVII

Infamous couple Scarlett Johanson and Colin Jost paired up to star in an Amazon Alexa commercial during Super Bowl 2022. The ad make s a joke about the concept of Alexa, the artificial intelligence, being able to read minds and the potential pitfalls that could arise from this ability.

Amazon commercial feat. Scarlett Johanson and Colin Jost | Source: Amazon / NFL Super Bowl Broadcast / Youtube

The commercial was released in the lead-up to Super Bowl LVI and was well-received for its humor and creative portrayal of the couple’s interactions with Alexa.


Pepsi: Now And Then (2002) - Super Bowl XXXVI

The Now and Then commercial from Pepsi aired during the 2002 Super Bowl. The Pepsi commercial featured Britney Spears through a split-screen format. One side of the screen had her as a young performer and the other performing as a mature artist.

Pepsi commercial feat. Britney Spears | Source: PepsiCo / NFL Super Bowl Broadcast / Youtube

The ad was part of Pepsi’s ongoing promotional campaign featuring popular music artists. The commercial was well-received and is remembered as one of the notable Super Bowl ads of that time.


Kia: Robo Dog (2022) - Super Bowl LVI

The Robo Dog Kia commercial featured the Kia EV6 with a cute Robo Dog. This commercial aired during the 2022 Super Bowl, and was used to promote the futuristic and innovative nature of the all-electric Kia EV6.

Source: Kia / NFL Super Bowl Broadcast / Youtube

The ad has garnered attention for its creative approach and the endearing portrayal of the Robo Dog.


Fedex: The Lollipop Guild (2000) - Super Bowl XLI

The Lollipop Guild commercial created by FedEx was a major ad during the 2000 Super Bowl. The ad features the Lollipop Guild from the infamous “The Wizard of Oz” losing their high voices while greeting Dorothy.

Source: FedEx / Warner Brothers / NFL Super Bowl Broadcast / Youtube

A FedEx truck then delivers three balloons to the group, helping them regain their high voices. The commercial was well-received and is remembered as one of the notable Super Bowl ads of that time.


Rocket Mortgage: Comfortable (2020) - Super Bowl LIV

One of the most popular commercials from the Super Bowl in 2020 was the “Comfortable” commercial presented by Rocket Mortgage. This commercial features Jason Momoa, which portrays his “real” self at home.

Rocket Mortgage commercial feat. Jason Momoa | Source: Rocket Mortgage / NFL Super Bowl Broadcast / Youtube

The commercial was well-received and ranked as the fifth highest-rated commercial in the Ad Meter rankings for that year. It garnered attention for its creative approach and the humorous depiction of Momoa.


Lay's: Golden Memories (2022) - Super Bowl LVI

Lays aired “Golden Memories” during the Super Bowl in 2022, and featured two high powered actors: Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen. The ad shows Paul and Seth reminiscing about their lifelong friendship and the memorable moments they’ve shared, often involving Lay’s potato chips.

Lay's commercial feat. Paul Rudd and Seth Rogan | Source: Lay's / NFL Super Bowl Broadcast / Youtube

The ad displays the two looking back on their adventures and humorously states how Lay’s chips played a role in their experiences. The commercial was well-received and marked Lay’s first Super Bowl commercial in 17 years.